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19, Jun, 23

Beloved MTG Creature Type Could Be Getting Replaced!

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Article at a Glance

In Magic: the Gathering, there are a lot of specific creature types that players absolutely adore. Whether it’s because they’re strong or deeply flavorful, themed tribal decks are a much-beloved staple in Commander. Despite how much players enjoy these decks, however, often creature types can go a long time without love. 

Some MTG creature types, such as Elves, are incredibly lucky in the creature type lottery. Often appearing multiple times a year, this tribe has countless powerful cards to build around and enjoy. Other tribes such as Spiders, however, are often left out in the cold. Only receiving support once in a blue moon, several undersupported creature types don’t even have Commanders.

Unfortunately for many tribal fans in MTG, there are a lot more cases of the latter, rather than the former. This is thanks to many creature types only existing on a specific plane. Jackals, for instance, are predominantly only found on Amonkhet, which has only been explored throughout a single block. 

Thankfully for creature types such as Jackal, it’s possible to incorporate them into larger canine themes. Unfortunately, however, this approach isn’t always viable, especially for creature types such as Kithkin. Sporting a unique look and home, these adorable tiny humanoids are beloved thanks to their uniqueness. 

Due to this uniqueness, supporting this archetype can be incredibly difficult for Wizards to do. Thankfully, however, MTG players are on the case to solve this problem once and for all. The solution? Removing Kithkin from MTG entirely!

O Kithkin, Kithkin, Wherefore Art Thou Kithkin?

Gaddock Teeg | Judge Gift Cards 2017
Gaddock Teeg | Judge Gift Cards 2017

Appearing as part of the Lorwyn block, it’s no surprise that Kithkin are remembered incredibly fondly by many MTG players. After all, this set is widely regarded as being one of the best of all time. Sure, it might not have sold well, but, Lorwyn was a wonderfully crafted and deeply flavorful set. So much of one, in fact, that many players have been hankering for a return for years. 

Unfortunately for hopeful fans, due to the disappointing sales, a return to Lorwyn has always seemed unlikely. As a result of this, many players have resorted to requesting that only specific mechanics should return instead. Once again, however, this turned out to be a bust. Subsequently, players turned their attention toward a hopeful Kithkin revival. 

Thankfully, after 15 long years, Wizards of the Coast recently answered this plea. In the multiverse spanning March of the Machine, Wizards printed two brand new Kithkin cards! While this was incredibly exciting news, unfortunately, neither of these cards was very good and did little to sate demand. If anything, the recent cards just made matters worse as they briefly reignited Kithkin fever. 

As quickly as it sparked into life, however, this contagious fever has already been put on the back burner. For better or worse, there’s a new beloved pint-sized humanoid race in town.  First appearing in Adventures in the Forgotten Realms, Halflings recently returned to MTG in a big way. Replacing Hobbits in The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth, this once underserved creature type now has oodles of support. 

On the surface, this is far from a bad thing, as extensive tribal support is typically all upside. There is a chance, however, that this new surge in popularity could wipe out Kithkins altogether. 

Kithkin B’ Gone

Prosperous Innkeeper | Adventures in the Forgotten Realms
Prosperous Innkeeper | Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

Rather than Kithkins simply being outnumbered and forgotten naturally over time, their potential expedited demise stems from Blogatog. Here, MTG’s Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, was directly asked if Wizards would “ever consider Errating Kithkins to be Halflings.” 

On the surface, this may seem like a needlessly cruel suggestion from asker Sadnessoverwhelmingmykithkinfrie. After all, this move would essentially eradicate all the unique charms of the tribe. While this may be an unfortunate consequence, this question wasn’t from a place of hate. Far from it, in fact, as Sadnessoverwhelmingmykithkinfrie wanted more Kithkin support, not less

At the end of the day, due to its sales performance, MTG players haven’t returned to Lorywn in 15 years. As a result, we’ve seen incredibly few new Kithkin MTG cards since then, as they’re unique to that Plane. Technically, it is possible Magic will return to this beloved plane soon, however, this hasn’t been confirmed.

Unlike the region-locked Kithkin, Halflings do not have the same problematic constraint. Instead, these nondescript humanoids can be found on countless different planes as and when they’re required. This allows them to receive support much more easily, which is a great boon to Commander players.

While this potential errata would allow for greatly increased support, understandably, not every MTG player was happy about this suggestion. The main reason for this is that Kithkins have their own identity, even if it’s not often seen. Highlighting this was users such as Mirronx who noted how Kithkin aren’t the only Halfling-esque race.

“I prefer Kithkin as their own thing. While they’re both short races they have notable differences beyond that. It would be like combining Dwarves and Halflings under one umbrella.”


No Cause for Concern

Kinsbaile Courier | Commander Legends
Kinsbaile Courier | Commander Legends

Ultimately, while both sides of this argument have merit, Kithkin-loving MTG players needn’t be worried. As, when responding to this suggestion, Mark Rosewater didn’t provide a concrete answer. Instead, Rosewater simply turned the question around on the Tumblr community. Asking “Would people like that?” it seemed it was up to players to decide MTG’s future and decide they did.

While it’s no official poll with thousands of votes, the majority of Blogatog users wanted to keep Kithkin around. In theory, this should be the end of it, however, there’s no predicting the future. Due to the current popularity of Halflings, it’s entirely possible Wizards may want to pursue this errata. Subsequently, while unlikely and unpopular, it’s theoretically possible this errata could still happen.

Should the errata not happen, it would definitely be good news for fans of the uniqueness of Kithkins. Unfortunately, however, it does leave support somewhat lacking. This, however, doesn’t always need to be the case, as Wizards has recently opened up the multiverse with Omenpaths. Thanks to these new planar portals, it’s theoretically possible for Kithkin, or any tribe for that matter, to appear anywhere. Subsequently, going forward, players may have much more of the support they’ve long desired. 

Even if this compelling future prospect doesn’t yield results, the initial question poses its own parallel solution. Rather than Wizards enforcing the errata to Halfling, MTG players can simply make their own minds up. Should they want to, players are free to construct a Kithkin and Halfling tribal deck. This is ultimately one of the greatest strengths of MTG which doesn’t partially need to be interfered with. 

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