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2, May, 23

MTG Might Finally Be Going Back To Lorwyn!

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Article at a Glance

With four premier sets being released each year, Magic: the Gathering currently covers a lot of ground. This is especially true thanks to MTG’s current four-set model, which followed the removal of blocks. While this release structure is somewhat controversial in the eyes of some players, it has nevertheless allowed Wizards incredible freedom. Introducing fantastical and intriguing new planes aplenty, MTG’s multiverse is looking healthier than ever before.

Well… In terms of diversity, at least. Following the all-out multiversal war during the Phyrexian Arc, countless planes are rather worse for wear. While this isn’t exactly good news, it has given Wizards a reason to revisit almost every plane in Magic’s history. After all, each one was touched by the Phyrexian invasion, resulting in plenty of changes that are worth seeing. 

Subsequently, now that the Phyrexian Arc has concluded, many MTG players have been fervently asking to see the war’s consequences. Requesting revisits to some of Magic’s most iconic planes, typically, these demands merely result in hopefully optimism. Recently, however, it appears MTG players have reason to be actually excited. As, at long last, it seems MTG might finally be going back to Lorwyn. 

A Long Requested Return

Ashling the Pilgrim | Lorwyn
Ashling the Pilgrim | Lorwyn

When it was first released back in 2007, Lorwyn was hardly the most popular MTG set to date. In fact, in many aspects, the set was a flop. Critiqued for its overly complex board states, especially in limited, and its cutesy themes, Lorwyn didn’t resonate with MTG fans. Even the highly anticipated launch of Planeswalkers couldn’t have the set from being a crushing disappointment. 

While Lorwyn was a failure when it first launched, fast forward over a decade, and it’s remembered surprisingly fondly. So much so, in fact, that MTG players have long been requesting a return to this time-forgotten plane. While these requests weren’t uncommon to see, recently, they got a whole lot louder thanks to YouTuber Spice8Rack. Releasing a video titled “The Forgotten BRILLIANCE of Lorwyn,” Spice8Rack whipped the MTG  community into a flurry of Lorwyn-based speculation. 

This speculation became all the more intense once MTG’s Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, got involved. Adding more fuel to the fire, Rosewater asked MTG players across social media, “What would you expect to see if we returned to Lorwyn?” Responding to this question in droves, countless MTG players were keen to share what they’d want to see. From the number of responses Rosewater received, it was safe to say MTG players were delighted by the possibility of returning to Lorwyn

Unfortunately for players, however, despite the immense amount of support, it was unclear if Magic would return to the plane anytime soon. Players, of course, hoped it would be a sure thing, however, there was no guarantee from Wizards of the Coast. While this is technically still true now, recently, a return to Lowryn has recently been made to seem all the more likely. 

Voting for the Future

Wren's Run Packmaster | Lorwyn
Wren’s Run Packmaster | Lorwyn

Following the launch of March of the Machine last month, Mark Rosewater has been polling their audience on Blogatog. Surveying players to find out which planes and Battle cards excited them most, it seemed Rosewater was letting players pick where Magic goes next. To do this, Rosewater first created a pair of polls to pick between the sixteen non-premier set planes on Battles. 

Out of all these options, which included Fiora, Belenon, and Vryn, ultimately Xerex would be the winner. Coming as quite a surprise to Rosewater, MTG players were certainly intrigued by this deeply mysterious plane. Only appearing on three cards to date, very little is known about this plane beyond its reality-bending and Phyrexian-confusing physics. Should Rosewater honor the results of this poll, however, it may not be too long before players know more.

Once Xerex had been crowned the victor, Rosewater went on to finish what they had started. Creating a pair of new polls, this time, Rosewater asked players which past premier set plane they’d wish to revisit. Despite once again having sixteen options to choose from, this time around, there were only four firm fan favorites. Leading the initial polls by quite some margin were Alara, Amonkhet, Lorwyn, and Tarkir

While each of these options commanded at least 20% of the initial poll’s votes, in the final round, it wasn’t nearly as close. Commanding a 15% majority over every other choice, players made their opinions clear. They want MTG to go back to Lowryn/Shadowmoor at some point in the future.

Lorwyn 2: Electric Boogaloo

Mirror Entity | Lorwyn
Mirror Entity | Lorwyn

Alongside just voting in the poll to hopefully get their way, many MTG players also commented across social media to plead their case. While players voiced their desire for a return to Lorwyn in various ways, typically, this pleading well in one or two camps. The first of these was practically begging Wizards while highlighting just how long it had been since the first visit. 

Employing this method were players such as u/The_sgt_angle on Reddit, who commented, “Just give me Lorwyn! I’ve been waiting 15 years to go back!” Similarly, u/DarkEff3ct requested a visit to the fondly remembered set, since, like many fans, they weren’t playing in 2007. “Went Lorwyn, I wasn’t around the first release, so would love to visit.” 

While Lorwyn may have won the vote, signifying players may get their way, not everyone was entirely thrilled by this possibility. Not just because they voted for something else, but because some players didn’t trust Wizards to do the plane justice. Reddit user u/MoxDiamondHands, for instance, suggested it could be a monkey’s paw situation rather than a dream come true. “We return to Lorwyn/Shadowmoor, but WotC fills the set with humans.” 

Thankfully for the few players who echoed this concern, Mark Rosewater, at least, knows what makes Lorwyn Lorwyn. Answering a recent question on Blogatog, Rosewater stated the lack of humans “was an important aspect of Lorwyn, but not of Shadowmoor.” From this answer, it seems that Lorwyn’s tribal antics should be part of any set that revisits the plane. That is, of course, so long as the Phyrexian invasion didn’t kill off all the Kithkin, Faerie, and Merfolk. 

The Waiting Game

Vigor | Lorwyn
Vigor | Lorwyn

At the end of the day, while this poll from Rosewater clearly indicates what players want to see, there’s no guarantee Wizards will follow the poll results. Subsequently, until we hear anything official, don’t get your hopes up too much so you’re saved from disappointment. That being said, however, MTG players have been requesting a return trip to Lorwyn for quite some time. 

With players making this desire known across social media, it really does feel like we’ll be going back there soon. Whether or not it actually happens, however, remains to be seen. At the earliest, a return trip could happen in 2024. However, we won’t know if that is the case until this year’s Wizards Presents, which should happen sometime in August.

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