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22, Nov, 22

MTG Jumpstart 2022 Reprint Causes $50 EDH Card to Crash!

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Among the new Jumpstart 2022 cards coming in December was a reprint that Commander players sorely needed. This is another card that saw a massive spike due to its scarcity once cards from Dominaria United were printed in order to support it. As part of the Demon theme, the card was spoiled yesterday as one of the Rare cards you can get. Let’s take a look at Seizan, Perverter of Truths, once more!

Seizan, Perverter of Truths

seizan, perverter of truths

Seizan was originally printed in Champions of Kamigawa, which has been out of print for a long time. Up to this point, this is the only printing of Seizan that existed. For a long time, Seizan wasn’t really worth much, but that changed with the release of Dominaria United.

sheoldred the apocalypse

If one were to ask what Dominaria United card was the breakout card of the set, it would be hard to argue against Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. This four-mana Praetor has been dominating Standard and Pioneer, and its reign looks nowhere near being over. The ability to drain your opponent for drawing cards is absolutely unprecedented. Between Commander, Standard, and Pioneer (even some fringe Modern play), demand drove the price of Sheoldred to $50 and up, depending on the variant.

Seizan is a fantastic card to have in Sheoldred EDH decks. As is normal with cards like this that offer an advantage to everyone, if you manage to find a way to break parity between players, the card becomes incredibly powerful. This is effectively achieved with Sheoldred. While you get to draw three cards and gain four life per turn, your opponents will lose six life instead. Sheoldred punishes annoying format staples like Rhystic Study as well.

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Market Movements

At the height of Seizan’s popularity, the card exceeded a $50 price tag. After its initial spike, supply and demand started to settle, dropping the card’s price down to $40. Considering Seizan’s price was around $8 before the spikes, this is an incredible movement. Seizan’s reprinting was only announced yesterday, and the card is down to about $23. This is pretty standard for a reprint that had a high price based off of scarcity. As has been mentioned on this site repetitively, these are precisely the type of reprints that Wizards of the Coast should be pushing. It allows for easier accessibility to game pieces that their players are interested in using. Note that only one day has passed, so Seizan is likely to drop in price even more. For that reason, I would wait a bit before purchasing this card. There is a chance that it rebounds, however.

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Rhystic Study

rhystic study

Rhystic Study is another insane EDH staple being reprinted in Jumpstart 2022. This is complete with a new artwork from some Strixhaven characters that will have fans of the plane fiending for this card! Anyone who’s played a normal amount of Commander has probably run into this before. Constantly asking players to ‘pay the one’ can get real annoying really fast. When players get greedy, you get to draw cards and win the game. Ironically, the Sheoldred deck that catapulted Seizan to popularity is one of the better things you can do to compete with this.

Rhystic Study was just announced, so its unlikely to have shown significant impact on the secondary market. It should cause a slight dip on the price of Rhystic Study, but as has been proven by Rhystic Study reprints of the past, the card rebound extraordinarily quickly. That said, the card has seen a massive dip since October and currently sits around $35 for its cheapest variant.

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Keep an Eye on Upcoming Spoilers!

Jumpstart 2022 spoiler season is just starting, so it’s unlikely that these will be the end of insane Commander reprints. That said, these are both huge for the format and should allow players who want these cards to get them for a better price. While I would not expect Rhystic Study to drop in price too much, Seizan should see a sizeable drop, as is already suggested by its early market movements. Hopefully, Wizards of the Coast will reprint more cards to make them more accessible. Personally, I’m hoping for some of the free Ikoria Commander cards, like Deadly Rollick and Fierce Guardianship, but do not expect to find them in this product.

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