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MTG Fallout Win Condition Causes 769% Price Increase!

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One thing MTG players go crazy for is an alternate win condition. It doesn’t matter how outlandish the win condition is – if it can be achieved in the Commander format, players are going to try for it.

Gallifrey Stands is an excellent example of this from a recent Universes Beyond set. Getting 13 Doctors into play and having all of those, including your enchantment, survive until your next upkeep is incredibly difficult. While doable, there are much easier ways to win the game… like playing Magic as Richard Garfield intended.

That, however, does not stop Commander players from trying to do the impossible. The freedom to pursue these crazy win conditions in a realistic way is a small part of what makes the casual format so popular.

This also means that, should the win condition be popular, a lot of players are going to want to get their hands on it.

That definitely appears to be the case for the Fallout bobbleheads. They have absolutely skyrocketed in price this week.

Let’s take a look!

MTG Bobblehead

The MTG Bobbleheads are a series of cards found in the MTG Fallout Universes Beyond Commander decks. Seven different bobbleheads are split up into four different Commander decks. While each bobblehead is more tailored to its individual deck’s strategy, these cards are best used together.

Named after the Fallout collectibles, with each representing a different in-game stat, MTG bobbleheads are all three-mana mana rocks with an additional ability. The secondary ability scales with the number of bobbleheads you have in play. The more bobbleheads you have, the stronger the payoff offered from the secondary ability.

Luck Bobblehead has the strongest payoff of them all: just straight up winning the game. The downside is that this task is incredibly difficult to pull off. Fortunately, even though only seven bobbleheads exist in MTG at the moment, nowhere on any of the bobblehead cards does it say that your bobbleheads need to have different names. This allows you to copy your bobbleheads to scale your effects.

Here are all seven MTG bobblehead cards:

  • Strength Bobblehead
  • Persistence Bobblehead
  • Endurance Bobblehead
  • Charisma Bobblehead
  • Intelligence Bobblehead
  • Agility Bobblehead
  • Luck Bobblehead

Bizarre Spikes

It appears that utilizing these MTG bobblehead cards as a core strategy in Commander has become surprisingly popular. At least, that is what the spiking prices of these cards would suggest.

Each bobblehead, according to TCGplayer, appears to have three different rarities primarily: normal, Surge and serialized. We will not be talking about serialized cards in this article, but I will quickly say that they are going for far more than $100.

In terms of the cards’ cheapest variants, Strength Bobblehead appears to be spiking the most. This bobblehead offers players an opportunity to dump a bunch of +1/+1 counters onto a creature. Honestly, the cost to do this is rather expensive, but considering that this ability is stapled onto a mana rock, it definitely passes the bar on a lot of mid-power Commander decks that have counter synergies.

Strength Bobblehead’s cheapest variant has spiked from 92 cents to $8 in about nine days’ time. Traditional foil and non-foil bobbleheads seem to be going for about the same price. Surge foils, on the other hand, are going for quite a bit more across all bobbleheads. Strength Bobblehead in this variant was consistently going for $20, but is starting to spike towards $25.

We talked about Luck Bobblehead already. The win condition of the cycle, while an unlikely one, is the biggest draw to play the bobblehead strategy. The normal variant of this card has seen a smaller spike, jumping to just under $3 for its normal variant from about $1.30. The traditional foil variant is worth about $4.50 right now, and is stabilizing after a massive price drop.

The surge foil variant, however, has seen a massive spike. This variant has risen from $21 to $50 in just nine days! If you’re opening Collector Boosters for MTG Fallout, keep an eye out for this card!

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Intelligence Bobblehead

While the craziest spikes have already been listed, other bobbleheads are also rising in price. Intelligence Bobblehead, capable of drawing some cards at instant speed, has risen from $2 to $5 in its nonfoil variant during the same timeframe as the other spikes. Traditional Foils are about the same price. Surge Foils hold a premium of $29, but are only beginning to stabilize after a massive price drop.

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Perception Bobblehead

Perception Bobblehead offers an intriguing secondary ability that warrants the price spike seen for its cheapest variant. Able to find a spell with mana value three or less in the top few cards of your library at instant speed, Perception Bobblehead is a consistent mana sink that can constantly pump out value, but the card’s consistency varies depending on how many bobbleheads are in play and how many smaller spells are in your library.

Thanks to Perception Bobblehead being a reliable sink stamped on a mana rock, the card has spiked from 95 cents to about $3 in the same time period as the other spikes. Traditional foil variants of this card are about $4.

Interestingly, Perception Bobblehead’s surge foil variant is worth a lot less than others we’ve seen thus far. Hanging around $12, this bobblehead does look to be spiking, so it could be an opportunity to get in on the Surge Foil bobbleheads before they spike.

Agility Bobblehead

Agility Bobblehead is a lot of the same. The combination of granting creatures Haste alongside a mana rock for three mana is a bit weird, so I’m unsure of how popular this particular bobblehead will be outside of dedicated bobblehead decks.

Regardless, Agility Bobblehead has seen a similar spike to many of the other bobbleheads. The normal variant spiked from 85 cents to about $2.75 on average. Traditional Foil variants go for about $5. Surge foil variants are quite literally all over the place, with sales between $12 and $50 being made in the past two days.

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Endurance Bobblehead

Endurance Bobblehead can be an interesting way to make your board difficult to deal with. The buff, as far as attacking goes, honestly does not feel very useful. What this can do, however, is allow your mana rock to protect your Commander from your own board wipes. Past that, though, the sorcery speed restriction on Endurance Bobblehead’s ability really holds it back.

As far as prices go, Endurance Bobblehead increased from 40 cents to about $1.80. There’s quite a difference between normal and traditional foil variants of this card. The foil variant currently goes for about $5. Surge foil variants are in a really weird spot at the moment. The variant sells for about $10, but there are no listed prices below $50.

Charisma Bobblehead

Finally, Charisma Bobblehead, a godsend for archetypes that are interested in Soldiers, has once again seen similar price spikes to the other bobbleheads. The normal variant goes for about $2 at the moment, while Traditional Foils go for about $3.30. Surge foils for Charisma Bobblehead share a similar pattern to Endurance Bobblehead.

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