Bennie Bracks, Zoologist
14, Mar, 24

The Most Expensive Set Booster Exclusive MTG Cards

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For better or for worse, Set Boosters are dead. Following the release of Muders at Karlov Manor, these once-popular products have been replaced by Play Boosters. Fusing both Set Boosters and Draft Boosters together, Play Boosters are theoretically the best of both worlds. Unfortunately, there is one important Set Booster feature that the new packs are missing; exclusive cards.

Back in the good ol’ days, Set Boosters contained a handful of unique and exclusive Commander cards. Offering a little more flavor and support for the new decks or existing archetypes, these exclusive cards were deeply enjoyed. Sadly, thanks to the Draftable-nature of Play Boosters, these cards had to be cut, so we don’t expect any more going forward.

Since the inception of these exclusive cards in 2022, Wizards of the Coast has printed over 120 unique Set Booster exclusive cards. Unsurprisingly, thanks to their exclusivity, many of these cards are rather expensive. Due to these high prices, it’s well worth keeping these pricy cards in mind when going back to crack some old packs.

Whether you’re just curious or you’re hunting for value, here are the most expensive Set Booster exclusive MTG cards!

Bennie Bracks, Zoologist

Bennie Bracks, Zoologist

Price: $12.20 | From: Streets of New Capenna

To kick this list off we have a bit of a cheeky inclusion. Technically, Bennie Bracks, Zoologist is no longer a Set Booster exclusive card. In Murders at Karlov Manor Commander, this card has been reprinted, which is great news. Providing vastly more supply than previously available, the price of Bennie Bracks, Zoologist has dropped significantly.

Throughout the past few months, the price of Bennie Bracks has dropped from around $19 to just $12. As if that wasn’t good enough, the new Murders at Karlov Manor variant is just $4. Considering that Bennie Bracks, Zoologist is a fantastic card and staple in many archetypes, this is great to see.

To speak about their strength for a moment, Bennie Bracks, Zoologist is a fantastic card draw engine. So long as you’re creating tokens each turn, you’ll get a steady stream of card draw, which White usually lacks. If they’re your Commander, Bennie Bracks is surprisingly cheap too since they have Convoke which synergizes with a token horde.

While Bennie Bracks, Zoologist isn’t a bad Commander, typically you’ll find them within the 99. Here, there’s a useful staple within any go-wide strategy, so it’s no wonder they’re fairly expensive. 

Titania, Nature’s Force

Titania, Nature's Force

Price: $14.51 | From: The Brothers’ War

While Titania, Nature’s Force may not be the most popular Elemental or Landfall Commander in MTG, they’re nonetheless fantastic. Offering the best of both worlds, Titania helps mitigate land destruction while building you a board of Elementals. On top of this, Titania, Nature’s Force can also offer some self-mill with works wonders with Titania, Protector of Argoth.

Once again, while they have potential, Titania, Nature’s Force doesn’t helm many Commander decks. Instead, they’re typically used within Land-focused Commander decks, such as those led by Titania, Voice of Gaea. Here, you’re mostly playing Titania, Nature’s Force for their token generating that allows you to build a board while ramping.

Having never been reprinted, scarcity is definitely the cause of Titania’s price since they’re by no means a staple. For better or worse, this could mean a reprint would decimate their price, similarly to Bennie Bracks, Zoologist. Until this happens, Titania, Nature’s Force remains as one of the best pulls from a Set Booster.

Hollowhenge Overlord

Hollowhenge Overlord

Price: $17.49 | From: Innistrad: Crimson Vow

Previously, Hollowhenge Overlord wasn’t that much to write home about. Typically selling for around $3, this Wolf-Typal support card was powerful, but the archetype was practically non-existent. Most of the time if you were building a Canine-themed MTG deck, Dogs were the go-to, not Wolves.

Now, thanks to Murders at Karlov Manor and Voja, Jaws of the Conclave Wolves are a big deal in Commander. Due to this, the price of Hollowhenge Overlord has absolutely skyrocketed in recent weeks up to over $17! Should Wolves get even more support in Bloomburrow, this price could skyrocket even more!

To justify this price point, within a Wolf-Typal deck, Hollowhenge Overlord can double your board every single turn. Since Hollowhenge Overlord doesn’t care about whether creatures are tokens, this doubling gets exponentially more powerful each turn. Sadly, most of the time these doubling antics will be stopped by removal or a board wipe, but Hollowhenge Overlord is nonetheless powerful.

Court of Garenbrig

Court of Garenbrig

Price: $20.79 | From: Wilds of Eldraine

Considering Court of Garenbrig costs just three mana, this card is absolutely insane within any green Commander deck. So long as you’re the Monarch, this card is essentially Hydra’s Growth on steroids. Already being played in over 24,000 Commander decks, it’s no wonder Court of Garenbrig is so expensive.

Capable of doubling the number of +1/+1 counters on all your creatures, Court of Garenbrig offers insane value. While you do need to be the Monarch to get this effect, thankfully, Court of Garenbrig handles that too. As if that wasn’t enough, this card also supplies up to two creatures with +1/+1 tokens each turn to kickstart the process!

Regardless of what type of green deck you’re playing, this card is exceptional. Even if you don’t give it extra support or counters to work with, Court of Garenbrig does it all itself. Thanks to this, Court of Garenbrig is an auto-include within a great many decks that want to pack some extra punch.

Since its release, the price of Court of Garenbrig has only been on the up and up. Unless it’s reprinted this trend is likely going to continue due to the card’s scarcity. As Benni Bracks, Zoologist proved, Wizards is willing to do this when the time is right, so prices should come down eventually. When that eventually will be, however, remains to be seen.

Throne of Eldraine

Throne of Eldraine

Price: $21.44 | From: Wilds of Eldraine

Last but not least, the most expensive Set Booster exclusive MTG card is Throne of Eldraine. Essentially, this card is a massive mono-colored mana rock with a few extra tricks up its sleeves. Not only do you get to pick which color Throne of Eldraine uses, but it also offers a compelling card draw option.

As a mana rock that can fit into any deck, there’s unsurprising a lot of natural demand for Throne of Eldraine. Beyond this, there’s also plenty of easy combo potential thanks to Throne of Eldraine generating four mana of one color. Paired up with a card likeFiligree Sages, this allows you to easily create infinite mana. 

Beyond just creating infinite mana, Throne of Eldraine also enables you to draw infinite cards as well. Unless there’s something wrong with your deck, this should guarantee you the win. Since Throne of Eldraine only needs one other card to make this happen, it’s no wonder this mana rock is popular.

Thanks to being a Set Booster exclusive card, the price tag of Throne of Eldraine has fluctuated a good deal since its release. While it has almost continually climbed, currently Throne of Eldraine is a few dollars short of its $25 peak price. Over time, it seems Throne of Eldraine will eventually climb to new heights thanks to its utility within so many decks.

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