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12, Mar, 24

The Top 10 Most Expensive Fallout MTG Cards

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After months of speculation and steady-growing hype, the MTG Fallout Commander decks are finally here! Released worldwide on the 8th of March, these decks contain oodles of incredibly exciting and flavorful cards. Unfortunately, following this release, value is something these decks don’t contain too much of.

Prior to release, the Fallout Commander decks appeared to be a slam dunk. With multiple cards clocking in at over $10, each deck seemed like a sure thing. Sadly for finance fans, following the official release, these prices have plummeted hard. Now, the most expensive Fallout MTG cards are a shadow of their former selves.

While prices have crashed hard now the set is out, there are still some pricy new cards to admire. This is especially true of the set’s reprints, which have retained much of their value, despite the new printing. For better or worse, these reprints are really carrying the value of the Fallout Commander decks right now.

Whether you’re pulling from Collector Boosters or just buying the decks, it’s worthwhile knowing what’s what. If you’re looking to do exactly that, we’ve got you covered with all the most expensive Fallout MTG cards! So, without any further ado, let’s dive into all the juicy details!

10 | Watchful Radstag

Watchful Radstag

Price: $2.94

So long as you can keep Watchful Ragstag evolving, it’ll build you a board all on its own. By creating a token copy of it every time Evolve triggers, you can quickly spiral into success. That being said, compared to Scute Swarm, you do need to perfectly curve out.

For better or worse, it’s unlikely that your copies of Watchful Radstag will double every single turn. Despite this, the card is nonetheless still powerful and very exciting. If you’re building a go-wide deck with a decent top end, Watchful Radstag definitely has a lot of potential.

Even if you’re not hitting the ideal curve of larger creatures each turn, Watchful Radstag is still a potent Elk generator. Thanks to the copies entering the battlefield without counters, hitting their Evolve triggers isn’t too difficult of a task. Ultimately, thanks to their potential, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see the price of Watchful Radstag slowly creep up over time.

9 | Rose, Cutthroat Raider

Rose, Cutthroat Raider

Price: $3.08

While they may not be the cheapest red creature, Rose, Cutthroat Raider puts in serious work to justify their cost. Not only can this Robot create up to four Junk Tokens through combat, but they also massive upgrade them. Providing a red mana for each Junk Token cracked, Rose, Cutthroat Raider essentially turns each one into a mono-red Treasure!

Considering that Junk Tokens are already incredibly useful since they provide Impulse Draw, this upgrade makes them insane. So much so, that Rose is practically an auto-include within any Junk-based deck. Should the mechanic ever return in the future, Rose’s price could soar. For the time being, while they’re at the bottom of this list, there’s nonetheless potential.

8 | Grim Reaper’s Sprint

Grim Reaper's Sprint

Price: $3.15

As if it wasn’t already good enough, Grim Reaper’s Sprint is yet another card from the Scrappy Survivors deck. Since it’s not one of the new ultra-powerful Auras or Equipment, this card is curiously under the radar. Well, it would be if it weren’t so insanely expensive, at least.

At its core, Grim Reaper’s Sprint is an incredibly cheap way to get an additional combat phase. When using the Madness ability, this card costs just two mana. Alongside granting this ultra-valuable extra phase, Grim Reaper’s Sprint even comes with a decent buff too!

Since Grim Reaper’s Sprint also untaps each creature you control, you need nothing else to make this card work. Provided you didn’t devastate your board with your first combat phase, you can simply do it all again for just two mana! Considering extra combat steps are usually a lot more expensive than this, it’s no wonder that Grim Reaper’s Sprint is so popular.

Prior to release, Grim Reaper’s Spring was the second most expensive Fallout MTG card on this list. Since then, the card has obviously had quite the fall from grace, with its price plummeting over $10. This decline is so steep that Grim Reaper’s Sprint seems rather underrated right now, but there’s no telling if that will last.

7 | V.A.T.S


Price: $3.27

Against the right opponent, V.A.T.S. is an absolutely absurd piece of removal. Against the right deck, this card could even be a pseudo-board wipe which is insane! Admittedly, as powerful as V.A.T.S. may be, hitting the ideal potential is somewhat likely, but that doesn’t stop the card from being stellar.

Easily one of the best cards in the Fallout Commander decks, V.A.T.S.’s killer feature is Split Second. Just like Inventory Management, this effectively prevents your opponents from interacting with this deadly card. Whether you’re killing a board full of tokens or just one massive creature, Split Second is always a massive boon.

Thanks to only costing four mana, V.A.T.S. seems destined to see a lot of Commander play. So much so, in fact, that its price seems to be rather low right now. Should the lack of supply of the Fallout decks be a real issue, V.A.T.S. could be seriously expensive. For now, V.A.T.S. is very much worth keeping an eye on.

6 | Nuclear Fallout

Nuclear Fallout

Price: $3.68

If you ask us, Nuclear Fallout is one of the best MTG cards in the entirety of the Fallout set. This is thanks to it offering the potential for immense power alongside incredible and ever-useful utility. Depending on what you’re after, Nuclear Fallout can be a Board Wipe, targeted removal, or even a mill engine!

Thanks to this utility, a lot of Commander decks are going to want to use this card. Even if you ignore the Rad Counters, Nuclear Fallout is simply good, especially in the mana-rich Commander format. Should utility not be enough, Nuclear Fallout can even be a win condition in the right deck!

Thanks to providing potentially unlimited Rad Counters, Nuclear Fallout can offer lethal levels of both damage and Mill. Admittedly, to make this happen you do need infinite mana, or 40+ at least, which isn’t easy to come by. Regardless of if you make this happen, Nuclear Fallout is a great MTG card to have in your decks as it’s rarely ever useless.

5 | Silver Shroud Costume

Silver Shroud Costume

Price: $3.80

Hailing from the Scrappy Survivors deck, Silver Shroud Costume kicks off a theme of high-priced Equipment cards. Unlike Rad Counters and Junk-themed decks, Equipment is an established and popular theme in Commander. Alongside this, colorless equipment like Silver Shroud Costume can see play pretty much everywhere, making them highly desirable.

In the case of Silver Shroud Costume, this card simply gives a creature Shroud until the end of the turn. This effectively makes Silver Shroud Costume an unusual protective spell that can protect a creature in a pinch. Since this only costs 2 mana, this card is likely to see a lot of use in various Commander decks.

Beyond just offering Shroud for a turn, Silver Shroud Costume also prevents the equipped creature from being blocked. While this is rarely going to be the main reason you’re playing this card, it’s nonetheless a welcome added bonus. Attached to a massive heavy-hitting Commander, this effect could easily guarantee the win.

4 | The Master, Transcendent

The Master, Transcendant

Price: $3.87

Thankfully, one of the most interesting and iconic characters in Fallout actually has a good MTG card. Offering a slow supply of Rad Counters and a potent reanimation engine, The Master, Transcendent is rather fantastic. While they’re typically the alternative Commander choice in the Mutant Menace deck, The Master, Transcendent can more than stand on their own.

While The Master, Transcendent isn’t as extreme as other self-mill cards like Thassa’s Oracle, they’re nonetheless loaded with potential. This is thanks to them providing constant value rather than just a massive payoff at the end of the game. By reanimating any recently milled creature by just tapping, The Master, Transcendent allows you to cheat out some seriously scary threats. 

Ultimately, thanks to being an iconic character who can actually see play, it’s no surprise that The Master, Transcendent is popular. Over time, it’ll be interesting to see if this interest is sustained or whether it wanes once hype dies down. Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens.

3 | Radstorm


Price: $4.60

With only two keywords and nothing else, Radstorm is a very simple MTG card. Thankfully, this simplicity doesn’t diminish its effectiveness once bit. Unsurprisingly, Radstorm is once again one of the cards cards from Fallout thanks to its awesome potential. With enough behind it, Radstorm can even end games on the spot alongside Nicol Bolas, Dragon-God or Rad Counters.

Beyond its game-ending potential, Radstorm’s real strength is its utility. Since Proliferate hits any type of counter, this card can go in a vast amount of decks. Some of these, such as Poison decks, won’t even need an obscene Storm count to be useful. That being said, more Storm is always better, and sadly it can be difficult to generate lethal Storm counts.

Despite some trouble with making Radstorm pop off, this card is still incredibly powerful. So much so, in fact, that it could easily become a staple within many Commander decks. As a result, it wouldn’t be surprising at all for Radstorm to steadily get more and more expensive as time goes on.

2 | Pip-Boy 3000

Pip-Boy 3000

Price: $7.54

As we near the top of this list of the most expensive Fallout MTG cards, the prices really start to jump up. When looking at Pip-Boy 3000, it’s entirely unsurprising this is happening thanks to the card’s fantastic utility. Potentially offering card draw, +1/+1 counters, or extra mana, Pip-Boy 3000 does it all!

As if all its utility wasn’t good enough, Pip-Boy 3000 is also a one mana colorless equipment. This means it can fit within any Commander deck under the sun which needs these effects. Considering practically every Commander deck will want at least one of these effects, it’s no wonder there is high demand.

While Pip-Boy 3000 is undeniably a bomb, there is a catch to its utility. Not only does it have to be equipped to a creature, but that creature also needs to attack. As always, this requirement introduces some risk, however, the low cost of Pip-Boy 3000 means you don’t have to risk the world. Thanks to this, Pip-Boy 3000 should still see a great deal of play in Commander.

1 | Nuka-Cola Vending Machine

Nuka-Cola Vending Machine

Price: $13.34

Arguably the strongest card within the entire Fallou set, it’s really no surprise that Nuka-Cola Vending Machine is expensive. If you’re building a Food-Typal Commander deck, this card is an instant and disgusting upgrade. Not only can it create Food itself, but it replaces each cracked Food Token with a Treasure.

Beyond just being good on its own, Nuka-Cola Vending Machine gets even better alongside Commander staples. With Academy Manufactor for instance, the card creates an insane number of tokens. Should Amulet of Vigor be in play, these tokens will all be untapped, allowing for infinite combos galore!

Thanks to recent sets, Tales of Middle-earth and Wilds of Eldraine especially, Food is everywhere right now. Unsurprisingly, this means there’s a lot of demand for upgrades such as Nuka-Cola Vending Machine. While this card is already expensive, there’s a good chance its price will climb higher as the Food archetype improves. 

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