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MTG Brothers' War Previews Reveal Insane New Prices!

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Dominaria United hasn’t even hit shelves yet, and some MTG players are already looking at spoilers for MTG’s next core set scheduled to release in November! The Brothers’ War is an ambitious retelling of one of MTG’s most significant events in its history. This window back in time will also allow players to learn about the origin of some of MTG’s biggest questions. With so much at stake, this is a set that players have been excited about since its announcement last year! Finally, we are getting our first look at The Brothers’ War product.

Amazon Preorders Strike Again

As has become standard for Amazon, preorders for MTG products go up incredibly early. Because these preorders are incredibly early, as is traditional, this is the first look we are getting at The Brothers’ War product. Prices for these are pretty reasonable! These boxes are currently being sold at competitive prices, with Draft Booster Boxes going for $111 and Set Booster Boxes going for $120. Prerelease prices are generally a little hiked up compared to the final price of a box. Still, considering the recent price spike issued by Wizards in response to supply issues, these prices are actually incredibly reasonable and even compete with the Dominaria United product coming out this weekend!

Notably, you can get as many as five Rare or higher rarity cards in each of these Brothers’ War Set Booster packs. While some of the product doesn’t give too much detail, there are some interesting new items that we can pick up from these early listings:

Choose Your Side

The prerelease Product will feature two different styles that you can play. This isn’t exactly new news, as it was released quickly after the Wizards Presents on August 18. That being said, Amazon’s reveal of the new Brothers’ War product is an excellent reminder to review what we already know. Ironically, the only difference between the contents of these prerelease kits is the art on the box. Considering that players have been able to play as their preferred clan in multicolored sets in the past, most recent Streets of New Capenna, this is somewhat confusing.

Collector Boosters

Here is a quick snapshot of packaging for The Brothers’ War Collector Boosters! As is traditional at this point, these are going for a premium price of $217. Considering that Dominaria United Collector Booster boxes have eclipsed this price at $250 currently on TCGplayer, it’s safe to say that the current prices for The Brothers’ War Collector Booster packs are surprisingly good. We may not know what exactly is in these boosters, but considering that Legends cards are likely not to be present, it is not difficult to see these going for slightly less than the Dominaria United Boxes. That being said, should a premium version of Urza’s Saga or Urza, Lord High Artificer be available in these, they could end up being more expensive than we imagine.

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Jumpstart is SUPER Cheap

Brothers’ War Jumpstart boxes may be one of the most valuable sealed products for your money in MTG right now! These boxes are available for only $80 on Amazon! If you’re looking to experience MTG’s newest set for cheap or introduce new friends to the game for the first time, this may be the most financially friendly opportunity to do so! While there are only 18 packs of Jumpstart in a box, you are guaranteed 2 Rares per pack, which meets the same amount of rares that one would get in a Draft Box of 36 packs (excluding bonus foil Rare cards).

Bundles and Gift Editions

Should you want an even smaller piece of The Brothers’ War to experience, these bundles have historically been a great way to get a taste of MTG’s newest set without breaking the bank. These are priced at an affordable $37 and $45, respectively. While the Gift edition is worth a bit more, it may be the most financially savvy item on the entire list. For just an extra $8, you get an additional Collector Booster pack with your bundle! Considering these are going for $21 each on Amazon right now, the value is definitely there.

The Prices Probably Won’t Stay Forever

Preorder prices for an MTG product are rarely this generous. Considering the recent price hike established by Wizards of the Coast, it is very likely that, as soon as preview season starts for The Brothers’ War, these preorder prices will go up. If you have your heart set on taking home some sealed product for this set, this may be the best time to act. While we have far too few details to go on about the quality of this set, The Brothers’ War is a set that MTG players have been looking forward to for a long time. Having this set be a flop would be very surprising.

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