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29, Aug, 22

Dominaria United Opening Reveals Major Card Misconception!

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Article at a Glance

We’re a week away from Dominaria United paper Prereleases, and the entire set has recently been spoiled. Now that we know what will be available in the set, some Youtubers who have early access to Dominaria United packs are starting to show off what to find inside. The contents of Draft Booster packs are pretty easy to predict, but MTG’s more premium product is a bit of a rollercoaster. Fortunately, we now have higher-quality access to examples of what Dominaria’s long-heralded Collector Booster packs will look like! One major misconception has been discovered from these openings – the ‘textured foils’ that we were expecting in these Dominaria United Collector Boxes aren’t textured foils at all!

Dominaria’s Major Misconception

The return of Textured Foil MTG cards was not something that saw a lot of positive reception by the community. These were supposed to be the apex of chase cards in MTG’s most premium set to date: Double Masters 2022. These are available in every single Collector Booster pack, effectively ruining the uniqueness and desirability of Textured Foils… or do they?

Recent videos of Collector Booster Box openings from Youtuber Askrias suggest this may not be the case. While Textured Foils from Double Masters 2022 are incredibly intricate embellishments to the card’s art, Dominaria United’s ‘Textured Foils’ are entirely different.

As quoted by Askrias: “in every pack, it seems like you will get one textured legendary.” He then references the picture on these ‘Textured Foil’ cards, outlining the glossy finish on the artwork. This is already one significant difference between these foils and Double Masters 2022’s. There is no texturing to the art of the card, only the name, and the text boxes.

“I’ll be honest with you, this isn’t really textured” ” it’s the text box and the name box with a bit of texture.” “The whole art is actually just glossed foiled.”

Askrias states that the new foil treatment has grown on him as he’s opened the boxes but was startled at how different Dominaria United’s Textured Foils are from Double Masters 2022’s. He specifically referenced the new Gloss finish on the art to replicate a ‘stained glass’ feel for the artwork. For those who were worried that their Double Masters 2022 costly chase cards would lose value, fear not, for this treatment, although similar in name, is entirely different.

Dominaria United Collector Booster Contents

It can be a little hard to predict what one finds in these Collector Booster products. Not only do we have a fantastic example of what you can expect, but we also have an example of what a pack with a Legends card looks like! It was just a common, but here are some of the aggregate takeaways from this opening:

  • There are a LOT of Commander cards in this product. Between normal and Etched Foil versions of Legends Retold Box-Toppers, and premium exclusives of Commander cards, expect significantly more Commander cards in your Collector Boosters than before. Stained-glass Mythics still seem a little uncommon (but you can still get a ton of the same card).
  • There are many unique variants and treatments available in these boxes.
  • Stained Glass foil cards are very common. Expect multiple premium stained glass duplicates in your box. That being said, there are different treatments between these cards, so there’s a good chance you could get a playset of something in four different treatments.
  • There are some slight printing issues. Factory lines and off-centering seem somewhat common
  • Expect about 10 Mythic Rares per box, but numbers vary heavily.

In terms of the contents of a Dominaria United Collector Booster pack, here is what to expect:

  • Four Foil Commons
  • Two Foil Uncommons
  • One Full Art Foil Stained Glass Land (Huge reactions from the community! These are very popular)
  • One ‘Textured Foil’
  • One Foil Rare
  • One Full Art Rare
  • One Foil Stained Glass Card (not a Rare necessarily)
  • Two Etched Rares
  • One Nonfoil Stained Glass Rare (can also be a Planeswalker)
  • One Full art Foil Rare OR Stained Glass Rare (or a Planeswalker)
  • In the video, the Legends card replaced a Common, but I am not sure if this will be consistent

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There is a lot more to see here. Askrias has a whole case of Collector Booster Boxes for Dominaria United uploaded on his Youtube. If you are interested in collecting even more detailed statistics to inform you of your potential purchases, you can look there.

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