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1, Sep, 23

MTG Arena Is Finally Getting Two Hugely Requested Features

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Since first launching all the way back in 2018, MTG Arena has come an awful long way. It’s received new formats, countless new features, and obviously thousands of new cards. While these additions have pushed the game from strength to strength, unfortunately, it’s not perfect. Thankfully, however, Wizards of the Coast is far from done with the digital client and that’s no more evident than it is today. 

Responding to the constant cries of miffed MTG Arena players, Wizards is finally adding a pair of hugely requested features. Arriving alongside the launch of Wilds of Eldraine, these features offer a marked improvement for power players. Providing new ways to ways to gain XP and improvements to the card-collecting process, MTG Arena is looking better than ever! As if that wasn’t enough, luckily, this is only the beginning. 

Better Duplicate Protection Is Here! 

Omniscience | Enchanting Tales

At long last and after countless fervent requests from players, Wizards is finally improving MTG Arena’s duplication protection system. Previously, this system has been bafflingly lackluster, thanks to that reprints have been defined. Contrary to the wants of players, if a card had new art in a set, it was effectively considered to be a brand-new card.

Thanks to this rather unusual distinction, MTG players could often find their rare slot being wasted when opening packs. This was especially concerning whenever a set with a  reprint-filled Bonus Sheet was released. Thankfully, however, that is now changing with the release of Wilds of Eldraine

Now, on MTG Arena, the game’s definition of a reprint finally aligns with what players expect. Regardless of if there’s new art or not, if it’s the same as a preexisting card, it’s a reprint. Through this new designation, MTG Arena players now have duplicate protection against these reprints. Provided, that is, that you already own four copies of the reprinted card.

Considering WIlds of Eldraine features the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet, this change couldn’t have arrived at a better time. As a result of this, many MTG players are unsurprisingly happy about this change. Not everyone, however, is completely appeased. Some Reddit users such as u/BlueNux, for instance, noted this is only a small set in the right direction. 

Rather than offering protection against all reprints, this change sadly only covers rare and mythic cards within packs. While this is better than nothing, it still obviously misses common and uncommon cards. Alongside this, Individual Card Rewards also still lack duplicate protection under this new policy. 

Hopefully, the duplicate protection system will be continually improved in the future. For now, however, the recent changes are still better than nothing at least.

Get XP for Going Outside

MTG Arena XP

Alongside the improved duplicate protection coming to MTG Arena, this month, players finally have new ways to earn XP. Considering the grind it takes to fully complete a Mastery Pass in time, this is certainly a welcome new change. Unfortunately, however, it does mean leaving the house.

Throughout September, Wizards of the Coast is offering XP in MTG Arena whenever you play in a WPN Store event. Each time you get out of the house and do this, you’re able to earn 1000 Mastery Pass XP. That’s a whole level, all for just going out and playing some MTG in the real world. 

Unfortunately, while this change does provide some decent XP, it’s not perfect for MTG Arena players. This is thanks to there being a surprisingly low cap on just how much XP you earn. No matter how many WPN Store events you participate in throughout September, you can only earn 4,000 XP. While this is four Mastery Pass levels, it is only four levels out of 70 for Wilds of Eldraine.

While the surprisingly low XP cap may disappoint some players, this change is nonetheless a positive. After all, not only is it a new way to earn XP, but it may also help reinvigorate paper play. Specifically, this change could be a great boon for Standard, which has been suffering on paper recently. Considering the format is thriving on MTG Arena, tempting players to paper could hugely benefit WIzards. 

Ultimately, just like with the duplicate protection, while good, there’s room for improvement with this new feature. After all, there’s no incentive to play in any more than four events thanks to the XP cap. Should this be improved in the future, however, MTG Arena may finally become more of a path to paper play.

The Future Is Looking Bright

Priest of Possibility
Priest of Possibility | Alchemy: Dominaria

As if those two new features weren’t enough already, MTG Arena is also getting a great quality-of-life update. Launching with Wilds of Eldraine, MTG players will now be able to open all their packs at once. Not only does this new option save players time, compared to opening them in batches of 10, but it also has a flashy new animation! 

Compared to the other features being added, this is hardly the most groundbreaking change. Still, it shows that Wizards is nonetheless committed to improving MTG Arena, which is always nice to see. Thankfully, it seems this commitment is going to continue into the future, as there are a lot of big plans in the works.

During Gen Con 2023, Wizards delighted MTG Arena players with a slew of interesting announcements. This included the implantation of a tournament-playable Pioneer, Khans of Tarkir, and potentially even Commander! Unfortunately, some of these features are still literally years away, however, it’s nevertheless great to hear that so much is planned for Arena. 

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