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17, Apr, 23

MTG Surprises Players With Good News About Bonus Sheets

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Article at a Glance

First introduced all the way back in 2006, technically, Bonus Sheets have a long history within MTG. Admittedly, however, saying that is rather generous, as Bonus Sheets haven’t been a regular feature of MTG sets since their first appearance. Instead, after debuting in Time Spiral, Bonus Sheets would go into hibernation for 15 long years before reappearing once again.

Fittingly returning for 2021’s Time Spiral Remastered, it seemed Wizards and players alike would quickly become fans of Bonus Sheets. As, throughout the past few years, we’ve seen this once-one-off feature returning with surprising regularity. So much so, in fact, that many players are now questioning the future of Bonus Sheets within MTG’s future. 

Thankfully for these curious players, it seems Bonus Sheets may be here to stay following their reception by MTG players. 

Beloved Bonus Sheets

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer
Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer | March of the Machine

Since Bonus Sheets returned in Strixhaven: School of Mages, these supplemental sets have been beloved by many players. This isn’t all too surprising, considering that Bonus Sheets provide remarkably easy access to what many players love most: reprints. Offering a chance to obtain powerful and iconic cards from throughout Magic’s history in every pack, it’s easy to see why Bonus Sheets are so beloved. Especially when you add serialized cards into the mix. 

While the reappearance of Bonus Sheets has absolutely delighted fans throughout recent years, their future has been somewhat nebulous. All the more so recently, as players have seen almost back-to-back bonus sheets. With the Retro Artifacts and Multiverse Legends bonus sheets only being separated by Phyrexia: All Will Be One’s launch, many MTG players have been wondering what’s going on. In order to try and answer that question, some MTG players have been reaching out to MTG’s designers for information. 

Doing just that, Tumblr user Jonpaulcardenas recently asked MTG’s Lead Designer, Mark Rosewater, about the future of Bonus Sheets. After noting “2 of the 4 premiere sets this year had bonus sheets,” Jonpaulcardenas went on to ask, “Is this going to be about the norm going forward, or will it vary more?” 

For better or worse, in responding to this question, Mark Rosewater didn’t give a firm answer about Wizards’ current plans. Instead, Rosewater turned the question back on the community, asking, “How often would you all like to see Bonus Sheets?” Technically, this inquisitive answer doesn’t give any information about what the future may hold. Saying that, however, from this statement, it appears Wizards may still be assessing their options and surveying player opinion. Subsequently, the future of Bonus Sheets may depend on the answers to Rosewater’s question. 

A Firm Fan Favorite

Fan Favorite
Fan Favorite | Battlebond

In responding to Mark Rosewater’s turned-around question, MTG players across social media quickly shared their love for Bonus Sheets. Reddit user u/Lancaster2124, for instance, lauded every single detail about them while hoping to see more in the future. “From a limited gameplay perspective, I love them. Also from an availability and reprint perspective, I love them. I say keep them coming.” Alongside this blanket support, several players, such as u/Hairy_Dirt3361, offered more specific praise for the effects of Bonus Sheets. 

“As a limited player, I love them, as they add a lot of interesting new angles to the format and give you lots of little unexpected moments. Usually, the bombs from the main set are even more dominant than the bombs from the bonus sheet, so I don’t think it hurts a format too much even though you can have two rares in one pack.” 


While we’ve only highlighted a few here, from the majority of responses across social media, it’s clear Bonus Sheets have been an incredibly welcome addition to sets. So much so that many players hope they’ll continue to be a recurring feature. Some players, such as u/gereffi even wanted Bonus Sheets to appear “As often as possible. Reprints are great for the game.” Similarly, Tumblr user Istarkano proposed Bonus Sheets be used “All the time. At least in Set/Collector’s Boosters.”

While Bonus Sheets did receive plenty of support, not every MTG player wanted to see them appearing in every set. Instead, users such as Thea-inanimate on Tumblr proposed Bonus Sheets appear “once a year to keep them fresh and exciting.” Similarly, several MTG players, such as Reddit user u/GarySmith2021, stated Wizards should only implement them “if it fits. I don’t like the idea of trying to play a limited format and have a match dominated by a modern all-star, not from that world.” 

Only Time Will Tell

Stitch in Time | Secret Lair Heads I Win, Tails You Lose
Stitch in Time | Heads I Win, Tails You Lose

Across social media, while some players did get exceptionally excited, it seems most favor Bonus Sheets being at least a yearly occurrence. Unfortunately for these hopeful players, however, there’s currently no telling what’s in store. After all, when directly asked about this, Mark Rosewater didn’t provide any concrete details about what we can expect. Subsequently, for the time being, at least, players are just left waiting on each set’s First Look Livestream for details.

While this wait-and-see philosophy may not be what many players were hoping for, there is a silver lining. As even without direct confirmation, it seems almost certain we’ll see more bonus sheets in the future. They have been an incredibly celebrated addition to recent sets, after all, one which has likely boosted overall sales. Should this be the case, it seems highly likely it’ll only be a matter of time before the next reprinted filled Bonus Sheet is announced.

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