5, Feb, 21

MTG Arena Formats: Everything You Need To Know

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Find out all about the MTG Arena formats.
Article at a Glance

MTG Arena is a great time for the most part, and if you’ve only just started it then you might be interested in knowing what formats are on MTG Arena. 

Formats, for the uninitiated, are basically different rule sets for which cards are allowed  and also the manner in which you play the games. 

There are a lot of official and unofficial formats out there to be enjoyed, but MTG Arena formats are currently somewhat thin on the ground. 

Here are what formats are on MTG Arena, as well as a few words on what we hope the future holds for the game. 

What are the MTG Arena formats?

Formats can be broadly separated into limited and constructed. 

The limited formats available in MTG Arena change from time to time, but you can generally play some version of Draft and Sealed whenever you like. It costs money to do so though, whether the free coins or paid gems, but you do unlock and keep cards by playing these modes, so it can balance out.  

Alongside that, you have three constructed formats. 

There’s Standard, which is the one that keeps gaining and losing cards with each new set, Historic, which is more or less every card on Arena, and Brawl, which is a bit more fun than the other ones, at least in our opinion.

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Will we get new MTG Arena formats? 

We’re hoping that we’ll eventually see Commander and Modern in MTG Arena, but as it stands it doesn’t look like it’ll happen any time soon. 

The main issue, aside from any potential backend stuff, is that the cards required for these formats don’t exist within the game. 

There’s also the fact that MTG Arena is only two-player, which kind of detracts from the fun that Commander offers anyway, so we’re also hoping that’ll be addressed at some point. 

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