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15, Sep, 23

Top 11 Most Expensive Enchanting Tales Reprints in Wilds of Eldraine

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After plenty of anticipation and speculation, Wilds of Eldraine has finally launched. As usual, following the set’s Prerelease weekend, MTG players have been cracking packs like mad. Hunting for Limited bombs and high-value staples, Wilds of Eldraine certainly has a lot to offer players. This is more true than usual for a premier MTG set thanks to the Enchanting Tales reprints.

As the Bonus Sheet for Wilds of Eldraine, Enchanting Tales offers an incredible assortment of reprints to players. In total, 63 iconic and powerful enchantments are being reprinted for Enchanting Tales, much to many players’ delight. Following in the footsteps of every past Bonus Sheet, at least one Enchanting Tales card can be found in every pack. 

Thanks to this guaranteed appearance in packs, it’s no wonder that many MTG players have been cracking packs like mad. After all, many Enchanting Tales are seriously expensive and add incredible value to packs. The question remains, however, which of the reprints within Enchanting Tales is the most expensive? Thankfully, we’re here to answer that very question.

To do that, throughout this article, we’ll be assessing card prices based on TCGplayer’s Market Price. Additionally, we’ll predominantly be looking at the cheapest variant of each card right now. As usual, we’ll also be updating this list over the coming weeks and months following any price fluctuations. 

With all the preamble now out of the way, it’s time to jump into the list properly. So, without any further ado, here are the most expensive reprints within Wilds of Eldraine’s Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet! 

11 | Omniscience

Omniscience | Enchanting Tales

Price: $6.87

First printed in Magic 2013, Omniscience is undoubtedly a classic and deeply beloved MTG card. Since it allows you to play your spells for free, it would be hard to not love this incredible Enchantment. Well… The ten mana cost is obviously a downside, however, that’s nothing a little ramp can’t solve. 

Seeing its fourth reprint in the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet, there’s still a lot of demand for Omniscience. In a change from what’ll become the norm of this list, some of this demand comes from competitive formats. Played within Lotus Field Combo in Pioneer and Show and Tell decks in Legacy, Omniscience has appeal all over. 

Thanks to this niche, yet beloved appeal, there’s been a huge demand for unique art printings of Omniscience. As a result, the Anime Confetti Foil version of this card is insanely expensive, selling for around $140! Thankfully, the normal Enchanting Tales version of Omniscience isn’t nearly as expensive, only costing $6, this card is now more affordable than ever before. 

10 | Kindred Discovery

Kindred Discovery | Enchanting Tales

Price: $19.42

After taking a quick gander at Kindred Discovery, it’s no wonder they’re one of the best Tribal/Typal cards in all MTG. After all, in a themed deck, they offer constant card draw, so long as you keep playing them. Unless you get landlocked, this creates an amazing loop that quickly fills your board!

Thanks to this powerful ability, Kindred Discovery is, unsurprisingly, a very in-demand card. Played in almost 85,000 decks, the price of this enchantment shouldn’t soo too much more fluctuation. Initially released at a pre-sale price of $15, Kindred Discovery’s value has technically been cut in half. Now that the set is actually out, however, it’s unlikely this dramatic drop will happen again.

9 | Grave Pact

Grave Pact | Enchanting Tales

Price: $7.73

As we mentioned earlier, most of the cards on this list, and from Enchanting Tales for that matter, are Commander staples. This is certainly the case for Grave Pact. Capable of being an oppressive force or decimating your opponent’s boards, Grave Pact works wonders in Commander games. 

Due to this strength as both a defensive and potentially offensive threat, Grave Pact is unsurprisingly popular. This has led to rather high prices over the years. Copies of the card from Stronghold, for instance, typically sell for around $22. Thankfully, Wizard has recently combatted this price with not one, but two reprints.

Getting reprinted in both Commander Masters and Enchanting Tales, the price of Grave Pact has hit new lows. Able to be yours for as low as $7, the demand for this card has definitely been satiated. While this might be bad news for value enthusiasts eager for good pack pulls, it’s definitely a treat for players looking to actually use this card.

8 | Greater Auramancy

Greater Auramancy

Price: $8.81

Similarly to Repercussion from earlier in this list, Greater Auramancy has practically not been reprinted. Technically, since its debut in Shadowmoor, it has been reprinted, but only as a Judge Gift Card in 2022. Since these are so limited edition, we can hardly call them a true reprint, especially since these Judge Gift Cards are significantly more expensive. 

Now, after 15 years, Greater Auramancy is finally being properly reprinted and it couldn’t have come at a better time. After all, one of the new Wilds of Eldraine Commander Decks, Virtue and Valor, is all about enchantments. These enchantments, obviously, would heavily benefit from being played alongside Greater Auramancy, since it provides excellent protection. 

While the new Commander deck has caused interest in this card to spike, ultimately, the Enchanting Tales reprint has done work. Dropping prices from $25 to just $9 now, this card has reached a new low in terms of value. For players looking to spruce up their rather disappointing Commander deck, this is undoubtedly great news.

7 | Land Tax

Land Tax

Price: $13.28

Costing just a single white mana to case, Land Tax is the perfect answer to being mana screwed. Beyond being a saving grace, however, Land Tax allows you to get aggressive with your deck construction. As if that wasn’t enough, also provides fixing, so long as you’ve got enough basic lands in your deck.

Even though Land Tax is meant to function as a way to never miss your land drops, the card is used most efficiently as card advantage. The deadly combination of Land Tax and Scroll Rack got the card banned out of Premodern due to the ability to turn Land Tax into something that draws three cards instead of three lands.

Thanks to these powerful strengths, Land Tax is, unsurprisingly, a very popular card in Commander. So much so, that to try and sate demand, Wizards has been reprinting it a lot recently. Between The List, Double Masters, and Commander Masters, there should be no shortage of copies floating around.

In theory, these reprints should have brought the price down considerably over the past few years. While this has happened somewhat, Land Tax obviously still isn’t cheap since it’s incredibly popular in Commander. Thankfully, the new reprint from Enchanting Tales has finally managed to bring down this Commander juggernaut. Lowering prices by at least $5, Land Tax is now cheaper than ever before.

6 | Necropotence 


Price: $13.55

To set up the trend for this entire list, Necropotence is another card that is absolutely excellent in Commander. Synergizing with the high life total, Necropotence effectively replaces your draw step. While this does force you to wait a little while longer to draw, it’s nonetheless effective. After all, it does allow you to fill your hand for a minimal cost.

Beyond being a popular choice in Commander, Necropotence also sees some play in Vintage. Within these Doomsday decks, Necropotence allows players to keep their hands stocked with cheap counterspells Power Nine pieces. When used in this way, Necropotence excels even more than usual, as the wait until your end step is barely a factor. 

Between Secret Lair releases, Masters Sets, and the card’s age, Necropotence has already been reprinted a number of times. Despite this, however, the card is still fairly expensive, clocking in at around $13. While this is a notable drop from the initial $20 pre-order prices, it’s nevertheless still a great find in packs.

5 | Bitterblossom


Price: $15.67

Like many cards seen within Bonus Sheets, Bitterblossom is undoubtedly iconic. Offering a steady stream of tokens, Bitterblossom was once a staple within casual and competitive formats alike. More recently, however, the strength and appeal of this card have somewhat faded into obscurity. 

Despite no longer being a powerhouse in competitive formats in Modern and Legacy, Bitterblossom still sees some play in Commander. Here, the card is typically found within Faerie Typal decks, thanks to being a Tribal Enchantment, and, obviously, the Faerie tokens. While this Typal archetype has always been fairly beloved, recently, this often UB deck has gotten a lot of upgrades.

Alongside the new cards within the main Wilds of Eldarine set Wizards is also releasing the Fae Dominion Commander deck. Filled full of Faerie’s and interesting support cards, this deck will likely invigorate interest in Faerie Typal. For better or worse, however, thanks to the new reprint within Enchanting Tales, Bitterblossom should not increase in price. Instead, even with a surge in demand, the new reprints have more than accounted for that. 

4 | Smothering Tithe 

Smothering Tithe

Price: $16.62

First released in Ravnica Allegiance, Smothering Tithe has quickly become iconic for all the wrong reasons. Lamented for being a break in white, unfun to play against, and just generally too good, it’s easy to hate Smothering Tithe. This, however, doesn’t stop the card from being expensive, currently sitting at around $18 on TCGplayer. 

Despite being the favorite card of few players, Smothering Tithe is still worth including in many Commander decks. After all, it does offer a surplus of Treasure Tokens to fuel your antics, regardless of what deck you’re playing. Used within over 350,000 decks, Smothering Tithe is actually quite cheap right now considering how much it’s played. This is all thanks to reprints.

Since being first printed in Ravnica Allegiance, Smothering Tithe has already been reprinted four times. Five now when including the new reprints from Enchanting Tales. Most recently reprinted in Commander Masters, the price of this card has steadily been dwindling down. As expected, the Enchanting Tales reprint has pushed the price a little, although not too much, lower.

3 | Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives

Price: $22.90

While they’re not the focus of every MTG deck, tokens can be an incredibly valuable resource in Commander. With this in mind, having more tokens is obviously a good thing. This is where Parallel Lives comes in, as it simply doubles all the tokens that you create. Whether you’re building a horde of Treasure Tokens or a creature token army Parallel Lives has you covered.

Thanks to this strength, Parallel Lives is a fairly popular addition to plenty of Commander decks. This, however, is not the main reason the card is so expensive. Instead, that is thanks to its rarity and lack of prior reprints. Just like Greater Auramancy has only technically been reprinted as a Judge Gift card before. Having only been printed in Innistrad before this, copies of Parallel Lives are fairly scarce. 

Luckily for fans of token doubling effects, this should all be about to change thanks to Enchanting Tales. By fixing the supply issue, the cost of Parallel Lives should soon come down significantly. So much so, in fact, that it may even fall off this list entirely in favor of more popular, yet more reprinted, cards. 

2 | Rhystic Study

Rhystic Study

Price: $32.07

Out of all the cards on this list, Rhystic Study is by far the most popular and it’s not even close. According to EDHREC, Rhystic Study is played within 400,000 and it’s not hard to figure out why. Unless it’s removed quickly, this card provides an insane amount of card draw or saps your opponent’s mana. 

Considering having a hand filled with cards is almost always useful, it’s entirely unsurprising that Rhystic Study is so popular. The only surprise, really, is that this card isn’t the most expensive on this list. To explain this oddity, Rhystic Study has been reprinted a large amount, most recently in Jumpstart, a Secret Lair drop, and Jumpstart 2022.

While these reprints have helped to keep the price of Rhystic Study in check, it’s evidently always in demand. Thanks to this, the new reprint in Enchanting Tales hasn’t caused the price to completely plummet. This, however, is good news for players who love the idea of finding a $30 card within a booster pack. 

1 | Doubling Season

Doubling Season

Price: $40.29

Last but certainly no means least, we have Doubling Season to close out this list. Offering a similar effect to Parallel Lives, Doubling Season is just better. This is thanks to it doubling all counters, as well as the tokens that you create. While this added ability does cost one extra mana, it’s phenomenally powerful and useful in myriad decks. 

Thanks to this added utility and strength, it should come as no surprise that Doubling Season is more popular and expensive than Parallel Lives. This is despite it having a whole lot more reprints. Seen time and time again in Modern Masters, Double Masters, and Commander Masters, these reprints have done little to shake the card’s price. Hopefully, however, Enchanting Tales can change that. 

Following on from Commander Masters, Doubling Season is getting a back-to-back reprint. In theory, this should cause an influx of supply that will completely overwhelm the market, causing prices to drop. In reality, however, this card is so powerful and popular, that it hasn’t dropped down as low as many players hope. Instead, Doubling Season may be destined to always be an expensive Commander card.

These Prices May Fall Further

Atraxa's Fall
Atraxa’s Fall | March of the Machine

Since the release of Wilds of Eldraine, we’ve already seen the price of many Enchanting Tales plummet to the floor. Primal Vigor, for instance, used to be on this list with a value of $25. Now, however, this card is only worth around $4! Thankfully for players on a budget, this is far from the only example of this steep price decline. 

Due to being included within every single Wilds of Eldraine pack, the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet reprints are absolutely everywhere. As more and more packs get opened following release, this is only becoming more true, driving prices down more and more. Saying that, however, I wouldn’t expect prices to fall by $20 again.

Now that the set has been released and initial demand has been satiated, the prices of cards should stabilize a little. Don’t be surprised, however, if prices continue to slowly creep down as time goes on. If, or rather when, this happens, we’ll be sure to update this list with all the latest trends and movements to keep you informed. 

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