consecrated sphinx
17, Jun, 22

More Commander Staple Reprints Announced!

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Article at a Glance

Double Masters 2022 is hitting hard with the spoiled reprints! The price for this set may be the highest of any premium set due to other price increases, but the reprints make it a worthwhile consideration. While price impacts on some of these reprints won’t be huge, we should still see a temporary drop for these on the secondary market. As a result, this could be the best chance that you have to pick up these reprinted Commander staples! We’re already seeing this in effect, with Dockside Extortionist taking a hit on the secondary market.

Mana Vault

mana vault

Starting us off is a new printing for Mana Vault! The featured art above is for the new full-art treatment of Mana Vault from Steve Prescott. Otherwise, an etched and a standard variant of Mana Vault will be present in Double Masters 2022. These will use the same art as what was featured in the release of Ultimate Masters. This artifact is used rampantly in CEDH decks. Therefore, it is one of the most potent ramp tools in Commander.

Mana Vault had a secondary market median price of $65 (for its cheapest variant) on the secondary market as this reprint was announced.

Sensei’s Divining Top

sensei's divining top

Even after its appearance on the New Capenna List, Sensei’s Divining Top still holds a very high price on the secondary market. This full-art treatment being featured in Double Masters 2022 is stunning! Sensei’s Divining Top will also be featured in etched and normal variants using its original art from its time as an Uncommon in Champions of Kamigawa. It’s a shame that we can’t get a return of the Top in its original rarity, but this is a welcome reprint nonetheless.

Sensei’s Divining Top currently has a secondary market price of approximately $40 for its cheapest version, but is currently being offered for preorder on TCGPlayer for $35.

Cavern of Souls

cavern of souls

This one may be more exciting for constructed players, but Cavern of Souls is always a welcome reprint. This card has been exclusively reprinted at a Mythic Rare rarity, so another reprinting may not affect its value much. That being said, if you have a tribal deck that you want resistant to counter magic, whether in Commander or otherwise, this may be the best opportunity to pick one up.

The new full-art treatment for Cavern of Souls is showcased above. The other artwork being used premiered in Modern Masters 2017 and will be getting regular and etched treatments. Cavern of Souls is available for preorder at $65.

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Phyrexian Altar

phyrexian altar

I’m surprised that Phyrexian Altar hasn’t been getting more reprints. This artifact is infamous in Commander for being involved in more infinite combos than I can count. Phyrexian Altar is one of the best sacrifice outlets in the history of MTG. As a hard rule, keep your eyes on any player trying to resolve this card at your table nonchalantly.

With an average median price of about $72, TCGPlayer has the Altar for preorder at $55.


Maybe I can finally get this Morningtide reprint for a reasonable price to put in my Alara Commander deck? Bitterblossom has a rich competitive history throughout MTG, making waves at various high-profile events in the game’s history. This card isn’t as much of a Commander mainstay compared to the other cards listed.

Alternate arts for Bitterblossom have not yet been spoiled, but the card is currently retailing for about $41 on average.

Consecrated Sphinx

consecrated sphinx

Now, THIS is an excellent reprint! Consecrated Sphinx has been featured in more Command Zone videos than I can count. Since three different players draw a card at their draw step per table rotation in Commander, netting six cards with Consecrated Sphinx is the simplest thing it can do.

This card has only four printings, two of which are widely unavailable (a Secret Lair feature and an Amonkhet Invocation). We currently have etched treatment confirmed for the sphinx, so you can expect some premium variants to bling up your EDH deck!

Consecrated Sphinx is available for about $50 on the secondary market, but expect this card to see a massive price drop.

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More Portal Reprints!?

imperial seal

In an incredible shock, Wizards featured a reprint of Imperial Seal during the official Double Masters 2022 release. While no other Portal cards have yet to be spoiled, Wizards has announced that more are coming.
Portal Cards currently fetch absurdly high prices on the secondary market, and this is purely because of how scarce these cards are worldwide (with some powerful effects being nested in Portal). Expect Portal cards to see massive drops in price as a result of these reprints. I’m with you for those excited to get their hands on an Imperial Seal! For those who already owned them… my condolences.

Imperial Seal is available for preorder at around $300-$400. Want my advice? Wait. This is going to plummet. You can find some more insane Double Masters 2022 reprints here.

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