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Its Price Crashed! Was It Just a Flavor of the Week?

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The jury is still out on the role of Hidetsugu Consumes All? Upon initial evaluation, most players wrote it off as a sideboard card. But then, about a month ago, players started playing Hidetsugu in Modern and even using it in the main deck. However, that spike in popularity has begun to fade. Now, Hidetsugu Consumes All is almost at the same price where it started.

Hidetsugu Consumes All

The price history for Hidetsugu Consumes All is a bit of a rollercoaster as you can see from the graph below. It started out at about $2.00, spiked to $13.00, and it’s already back down to around $2.50.

Normally, if a card spikes the way Hidetsugu did, you’d expect its price to settle around $9.00 by the next week when the hype dies down a bit. But Hidetsugu fluctuated abnormally and drastically.

Price history for Hidetsugu Consumes All | TCGPlayer

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Why Did It Initially Spike?

Hidetsugu Consumes All got a lot of attention when players started main-boarding it in Modern. The Saga’s first chapter answers many of the format’s most popular threats like Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Death’s Shadow, and Dragon’s Rage Channeler. Plus, it takes care of pesky cards such as Chalice of the Void and Pithing Needle. And it can even stop certain decks in their tracks, like Affinity, which plays tons of low-cost permanents.

The second chapter of the saga is also relevant as it can shut down graveyard decks like Reanimator and Dredge.

And finally, Hidetsugu transforms into a very scary creature that, if left unchecked, will kill your opponent.

For all these reasons, Hidetsugu moved from the sideboard to the mainboard. But it’s started to move back again.

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Is Hidetsugu Still a Good Card?

Yes, Hidetsugu Consumes All is still a good card, but it’s a bit niche. You can play it in your main deck still. But for it to be good in a Modern deck’s mainboard depends heavily on the metagame.

Since its original spike, Modern’s metagame shifted substantially as both Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and Streets of New Capenna had substantial impacts on the format. As new decks rise to prominence, Hidetsugu went from being an all-star to a meta-dependent call. Because of this, it is generally safer to play it in the sideboard. It is, however, a rather popular, and certainly still powerful sideboard option.

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