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Devastate Opponents With This DESTRUCTIVE Kamigawa Board Wipe Commander

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We’ve never seen a Commander quite like Hinata, Dawn-Crowned before. The legendary Kirin makes for an absolute monster of a deck, packing tons of one-sided board wipes.

The Dawn-Crowned even has a sweet combo that destroys all of your opponents’ permanents, kind of like a supercharged Armagedon.

Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty introduced us to a lot of cool Commanders. But Hinata may take the (*dawn*) crown for being the most powerful.

Hinata, Dawn-Crowned

By far, the coolest part about Hinata is their synergy with mass targetting spells. For example, Hinata allows cards such as By Force to destroy every artifact on the table for a single red mana. That is absurd!

There are a ton of crazy things you can do with Hinata’s first ability. But its second ability is just as relevant.

Hinata taxes every spell your opponent plays with a target. This includes counterspells like Negate, removal spells like Swords to Plowshares, and many more popular cards like Deflecting Swat, Bala Ged Recovery, and Time Warp.

Destroy Literally Everything

This combo will make your opponents quit.

Heliod’s Intervention is a beast in Commander as is. The format is filled with artifacts and enchantments, and Intervention can take them out en masse.

When paired with Hinata, Dawn-Crowned, Heliod’s Intervention gets crazier because it kills EVERY artifact and enchantment you want.

Throw an Enchanted Evening into the mix, which turns all permanents into enchantments, and you have a soul-crushing combo. Heliod’s Intervention can take out every opposing permanent on the field including your opponents’ lands!

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More Mass Removal Spells With Hinata

There are so many cards like By Force and Heliod’s Intervention in Magic: the Gathering. And Hinata works great with all of them, turning them into virtual one-sided board wipes.

Curse of the Swine

Curse of the Swine | Wizards of the Coast

Thanks to Hinata, Dawn-Hearted, Curse of the Swine exiles every creature your opponents control, replacing them with mere 2/2 Boars. To do this for just two blue mana is broken.

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Aurelia’s Fury

Aurelia’s Fury | Wizards of the Coast

For one red and one white mana, Aurelia’s Fury can deal one damage to every enemy creature and tap them. But you can pump more mana into the spell and Hinata will turn it into a one-sided board wipe.

You can even use Aurelia’s Fury as a Silence effect. When it deals damage to an opponent, they can’t cast noncreature spells for the rest of the turn. With their guards down, you can safely play your combos for the win.

Comet Storm

Comet Storm | Wizards of the Coast

This card was a meme. It was a bulk rare that WOTC included in countless preconstructed Commander decks. And nobody was ever truly happy when WOTC reprinted this card because not many Commander decks actually play the card. But Hinata LOVES Comet Storm. This is yet another example a one-sided board wipe thanks to Hinata.

Massive Value with Mass Target Spells

Hinata does more than just kill all of your opponents permanents. There are also a bunch of cool multi-targetting spells that Hinata can use to gain serious card advantage.

Soulfire Eruption

This card is part removal, part burn spell, and part card advantage wrapped up in one super expensive sorcery. That is, it would cost a lot a lot of mana, but Hinata, Dawn-Hearted, helps you get around that. Soulfire Eruption costs three mana when Hinata is on the field and it will draw you a hefty chunk of your deck.

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Reality Spasm

Reality Spasm | Wizards of the Coast

Hinata can even ramp when combined with Reality Spasm. You can float all of your mana. Then for a single blue, you can untap all of your permanents. This synergy close to doubles your available mana!

Hinata’s Mass Protection Spells

Vintage staple, Paradoxical Outcome, is a total bomb in this Commander deck. In combination with Hinata, you can pay a single blue mana to return any number of nonland, nontoken permanents you control and draw a card for each of them.

Both Disorder in the Court and March of Swirling Mist are super versatile in this deck. You can cast them to save your creatures in the face of opposing removal spells. But you can also use them as a form of disruption, targetting key creatures your opponents control when they are about to perform a combo or all-out attack.

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Counterspells Get Even Better with Hinata

Cancel is a pretty bad Magic card, at least in comparison to Counterspell, which does the exact same thing but costs one less mana. And there are a slew of three mana instances of countermagic in Magic: the Gathering. But with Hinata on the field, all of those spells are reduced by one generic mana, making them the equivalent of Counterspell, but often with additional upside.

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Targetting Synergies

There are other Commanders and cards that synergize with targetting your own creatures and permanents. Luckily, a lot of them fit in Hinata’s color combination and make for perfect inclusions inside this deck.

Feather, the Redeemed

Because this deck plays a lot of targeted effects, Feather is a natural fit. Whenever you cast a spell that targets one of your own creatures, Feather will return that spell to your hand in the end step.

So, if you’re casting something like an Aurelia’s Fury, you can target all of your opponents things and a single creature you control. If you do, Feather will return Aurelia’s Fury to your hand in the end step.

Mavinda, Students’ Advocate

Mavinda is like a Snapcaster Mage that works every turn, as long as you target one of your own creatures with the spell you flash back. When in comes to the giant X spells in this deck, you can use Mavinda to target one of your own creatures and all of your opponents.

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Ovar, the All-Form

With all the spells in our deck that target permanents, Orvar becomes one of the best value engines in the deck. The legendary Shapshiftercan generate a token whenever you target one of your own permanents with a spell. For example, Reality Spasm can copy the strongest permanent you control, in addition to its other effects.


Willbreaker | Wizards of the Coast

Willbreaker is back-breaking in this deck. When you’re targeting every creature your opponent controls with a Comet Storm, Willbreaker will take control of all those creatures.

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