8, Feb, 22

Challenger Decks 2022 Filled With Fantastic Reprint VALUE! Plus Deck Upgrades

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Article at a Glance

Wizards of the Coast revealed the 2022 Challenger Decks. These decks are based on some of the most successful decks in Standard and are designed to be playable directly out of the box. Most importantly, there are a TON of great reprints!

While these preconstructed decks are a great way to get into the Standard format, I’m including a few card suggestions to upgrade each Challenger Deck further.

Mono White Aggro

*This deck contains the recently banned Faceless Haven. Wizards of the Coast put out a statement in regards to the banned card:

“This deck will still be legal for tournament play in tabletop¬†Magic: The Gathering¬†formats, but only as is. Specifically, the 60-card deck and 15-card sideboard will be legal as long as no changes are made to it.”

Best Reprints From Mono White Aggro

Mono White Aggro has many of the reprints you need to play the top-tier Standard deck. Prior to the release of the Challenger Deck, these cards hold solid financial value. Notable reprints include:

  • Two copies of Skyclave Apparition (currently $6.00)
  • A full playset of Luminarch Aspirant (currenlty $4.00)
  • A single copy of Intrepid Adversary (currently $7.00)

Other notable reprints include Elite Spellbinder and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

How to Upgrade Mono White Aggro

Brutal Cathar offers the deck a source of removal while still being an aggressive creature. Adeline, Resplendant Cathar, pumps out tokens and attacks for large chunks of damage. And Cave of the Frost Dragon is a land that can turn into an evasive creature.

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Dimir Control

Best Reprints from Dimir Control

Dimir Control is packed with value. Prior to the release of the Challenger Deck, these cards hold high monetary value. Notable reprints include:

  • Four copies of Memory Delluge (currently $5.00)
  • A single copy of Hullbreaker Horror (currently $7.00)
  • Four copies of Shipwreck Marsh (currently $8.00)

Other notable reprints include Iymrith, Desert Doom, and Hall of Storm Giants.

How to Upgrade Dimir Control

Lier provides great card advantage by allowing you to recast all of your instant and sorceries. Sedgemoor Witch can make an army of tokens to pressure your opponent. And The Meathook Massacre is one of the best board wipes currently in Standard.

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Gruul Stompy

Best Reprints from Gruul Stompy

Gruul Stompy has some up the best reprints from all the Challenger Decks. Prior to the release of the Challenger Deck, notable reprints include:

  • Four copies of Ranger Class (currently $7.00)
  • A single copy of Goldspan Dragon (currently $32.00)
  • Four copies of Rockfall Vale (currently $4.00)

Other notable reprints include Tovolar, Dire Overlord, and Lair of the Hydra.

How to Upgrade Gruul Stompy

Esika’s Chariot provides immense pressure on your opponent with a constant stream of tokens. Shatterskull Smashing can be played as either a land or a removal spell. And Reckless Stormseeker can consistently give haste to creatures you play.

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Rakdos Vampires

Best Reprints from Rakdos Vampires

Rakdos Vampires does not have as much reprint value as the other Challenger Decks. But it does have some notable reprints including:

  • Two copies of Blightstep Pathway (currently $6.00)
  • Two copies of Den of the Bugbear (currently $8.00)

How to Upgrade Rakdos Vampires

Bloodthirsty Adversary is an aggressive Vampire with haste that can also replay an instant or sorcery from your graveyard. Cemetery Gatekeeper can punish your opponent for playing too many of the same card type. And Goldspan Dragon is one of the best aggressive creatures currently in Standard.

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