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16, Jan, 23

Future MTG Set Could Take Magic Underwater

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Thanks to the ongoing Phyrexian Arc, MTG is arguably more exciting than it’s been in years right now. With Compleated Planeswalkers and monumental changes in the works, it’s certainly hard to downplay the importance of the Phyrexian Arc. Despite this, however, questions about where MTG might be going in the future are always a hotly debated topic. In the past, for instance, we’ve seen discussions about MTG going into space, as well as who the next villain might be. More recently, however, MTG players have been looking towards the deep blue sea as a source of inspiration. Thanks to comments from MTG’s Lead Designer, this new set suggestion doesn’t appear to be entirely unlikely. 

Under the Sea

Alandra, Sky Dreamer
Alandra, Sky Dreamer | Jumpstart 2022

As usual, this latest suggestion about where MTG might be headed next comes courtesy of Mark Rosewater, MTG’s Lead Designer. Speaking on their ever-insightful blog, Blogatog, Mark Rosewater recently fielded a question from “a deep ocean researcher,” aptly named MrTitanic. In their question, MrTitanic pitched an oceanic plane that’d be the perfect place for more marine environments and creature types that are often underrepresented. Additionally, MrTitanic tossed a handful of interesting lands to really sell the idea to MTG’s head honcho of vision design. “Cold seeps, brine pools, reefs, hydrothermal vents, etc. A Water World plane is a dream come true for me.” 

Responding to this educated suggestion, Mark Rosewater confirmed some good news for aquatic fans. Revealing the idea is already “on the shortlist,” it’s perhaps only a matter of time before Magic ventures under the sea. Alongside confirming the concept is on the shortlist for the future, Rosewater turned MrTitanic’s question back on the MTG community to gauge public opinion. As usual, after asking, “who would like a water world, and if yes, what would you like to see it contain,” Rosewater was quickly inundated with a range of responses from the community. 

It’s Better Down Where It’s Wetter

Homarid Explorer
Homarid Explorer | Dominaria

Somewhat remarkably, unlike past plane suggestions, much of the MTG community was rather supportive of the prospective future water world plane. So much so that instead of debating whether or not the idea was too far-fetched, players discussed how deep they should go across social media. On Tumblr, for instance, Wynnecluster commented that Wizards shouldn’t hold back when it comes to ditching dry land. 

“If a Water World happened I’d definitely want to see very little if any dry land. Preferably none! A world that’s completely on or under the water feels like it could lead to some very unique interpretations of the colors of Magic.”


As Drecon84 pointed out on Tumblr, while a water world seems enjoyable, it would be very blue. This, in turn, could potentially cause some serious problems for the flavor of Magic’s color pie. Despite this cause for concern, however, many players reiterated Wynnecluster’s desire to go all in on the watery world. On Reddit, u/Derpyologist1, for instance, stated they too want “no land at all. Entirely underwater.” Beyond just making these declarative statements, however, u/Derpyologist1 pointed out that the concept could really work, as “I’ve seen excellent custom sets do the idea perfectly.” Proving this point, u/Derpyologist1 linked to a PlaneSculptors post from FearGralex, who created the underwater plane of Elmare. 

“Elmare is a plane that is entirely underwater. A once-peaceful kingdom of fish and Merfolk is besieged from above by terrifying divers from the mysterious ‘surface’ world, as well as horrifying monsters rising up from the bottomless Cuxuri trench. “


Alongside debating the plane’s depth, many players voiced their support for returning creature types such as Merfolk. Admittedly both Reddit and Tumblr users pointed out this was an obvious choice, but nevertheless a needed addition. As well as highlighting the obvious, several players campaigned for the return of underrepresented creatures types like Cephalids and Homarids. Last seen in Streets of New Capenna and Dominaria, respectively, fans of these creature types have certainly been left wanting. 

“Just because we’re all spitballing here: Homarids return. They exist at all depths why not, and maybe with Temur colors? Cuz they live in kelp forests and near hydrothermal vents. Maybe they are the sea monster cultists. Who knows. The more I think about this the more I demand MORE HOMARIDS!!!”


Fishing for Ideas

Jace's Mindseeker
Jace’s Mindseeker | Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska

Ultimately, while the MTG community seems enamored with the water world plane suggestion, there’s no guarantee it’ll ever get made. It’s far from the only suggestion on the shortlist of possible planes, after all. Also included within this list are suggestions for a Pirate World, Sky World, Indian World, and a Wild West-Inspired World. Thankfully, despite how weird some suggestions might be, planes don’t just go onto the shortlist to die. Instead, several planes suggested by MTG players have gone on to become a reality! These include the Egyptian World (Amonkhet), Fairy Tale World (Eldraine), and Prehistoric World (Ixalan). 

Subsequently, thanks to these successful MTG player suggestions paving the way, it may only be a matter of time until a water world plane becomes a reality in the future. Unfortunately for players excited by this possibility, however, realizing this underwater plane may take some time. Typically, Magic: the Gathering sets take at least two and a half years to complete. This means that even if Wizards started now, we wouldn’t see this new plane until 2025. Since Mark Rosewater answers their question with no knowledge of what’s coming, it’s entirely possible this plane could arrive sooner. Reddit user u/Thousandshadowninja, for instance, suggests a set on this plane is already in the works. “AKA, in two years, you’re getting world water and we are doing final tweaks now.” 

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