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23, Jan, 24

Final MTG Clue Spoilers Debut Cracked New Food Support

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To put it lightly, Murders at Karlov Manor has an awful lot going on. Between all the murders, constructed bombs, and new products, there is almost too much to keep up with. As if it wasn’t hard enough already, there’s even a brand-new Universes Beyond crossover. Boasting 51 new MTG cards and a new way to play, Ravnica: Clue Edition is a lot in itself!

Throughout much of Murders at Karlov Manor’s spoiler season, Wizards has been surprisingly tight-lipped about this new product. Thankfully, this all came to an end recently, when Wizards told us how to actually play with this new product. Following this, IGN has picked up the duty as the spoiler tsar to reveal every new MTG card in Ravnica: Clue Edition. 

With 51 brand-new cards in total, there’s an awful lot to go over, to say the least. Thankfully, however, to stop us from going on and on for eons, a lot of the set’s cards are rather naff. Destined to only see play within the Ravnica: Clue Edition game mode itself, the majority of MTG cards are effectively Draft-chaff. Thankfully, while there are a lot of meh cards, there are also a few diamonds in the rough. 

Killer New Commanders

Headliner Scarlett

To kick off this round-up of the interesting Ravnica: Clue Edition spoilers, we have the remaining Killer cards. Each offering a Universes Beyond spin on the revitalized Clue cast, these MTG cards are all potential Commander options. Unfortunately, as Commanders, the majority of these cards aren’t that stellar, however, some are absolutely cracked within the 99.

Out of the final three Killer cards that have been revealed, we’re least enthralled by Headliner Scarlett. Offering a playable exiled card each turn, technically they are a bit of a value engine, however, that’s all they’ve got. Unlike Breeches, Eager Pillager there’s no potential for Treasures or reliable extra value. Despite hitting all an opponent’s creatures, Scarlett’s evasion ability is hardly the most repeatable.

Emissary Green

Moving on up, Emmisary Green is the latest voting-based Commander in MTG. Even without any vote-modifying shenanigans, this mono-Green option boasts insane value, provided you can get them to attack. Once that happens, you’re either getting Treasure Tokens galore or a major board buff before damage is dealt. Regardless of how votes are cast, Emmisary Green is a deadly force, however, they are rather weak. As a result, triggering those all-important attacks may be easier said than done.

Apothecary White

Last but not least, Apothecary White is a great addition to a growing archetype. Since Throne of Eldraine, Food decks have been getting steadily more popular and powerful, however, they’re rarely mono-white. Despite this damning detail, however, Apothecary White has a lot of potential. Capable of not only generating Food Tokens, but creating an army from them, this go-wide Commander is a serious threat. Whether or not they can best Brenard, Ginger Sculptor as the top chef, however, remains to be seen.

Myriad Myriad Bombs

Corporeal Projection

Within Commander, Myriad is routinely an incredibly powerful and often devastating mechanic. Most of the time, it’s ideal for putting pressure on the entire table, as no one gets spared during combat. While this is already effective enough, being able to give creatures Myriad can cause all manner of shenanigans. Just image an Agent of Treachery with Myriad… Spooky.

To make these ETB effect-centric dreams come true, Ravnica: Clue Edition has a new Myriad engine. Costing just two mana, Corporeal Projection can cause some absolute havoc. Even if this only happens once, a single Myriad trigger can easily turn the tide of a game. Should you be looking for more, however, Corporeal Projection has that too.

Just like Cyclonic Rift, Corporeal Projection can be turned up to the extreme through Overload. By paying the admittedly rather steep cost of seven mana, you can give each creature you control Myriad for the turn. If you’ve got a big enough board, this may well end the game in an instant.

Conclave Evangelist

If one Myriad fuelled swing isn’t your thing, Ravnica: Clue Edition also has you covered with Conclave Evangelist. As a 4/4 for 5, this new Elephant doesn’t excel immediately, however, it can quickly get out of hand. Beyond just having Myriad, each time Conclave Evangelist deals combat damage to a play, a copy of it is made.

As you can imagine, even if just one or two Conclave Evangelists connect, things can quickly spiral out of control. To a slightly lesser degree, the same is true of Sumala Rumblers. While their copies won’t stick around, having Myriad on a creature with power that scales off the number of creatures you control is nonetheless a very deadly combination. 

Board Wipe Bombs

Afterlife Insurance

Much like Myriad, board wipes are a true staple within Commander. Capable of resetting the entire board in an instant, it’s rare to see a game of Commander without these cards. For some decks, this is a dreaded occurrence, as building up a board can take an awfully long time. Thankfully, in Ravnica: Clue Edition, there’s now a new way to skip going back to square one.

Classically, against a board wipe, your best bet is usually Teferi’s Protection. Offering full protection against total annihilation, this Instant is an absolute godsend. As just one card within the 99, however, having it at all times is rather unlikely. Thankfully, there are other options to help increase your chances of survival.

While it won’t keep all your creatures alive Afterlife Insurance allows you to bounce back. Simply giving all your creatures Afterlife 1 until the end of turn, Afterlife Insurance keeps you in the game. For go-wide and token-based strategies, this spell will likely be an absolute godsend. If you need extra convincing, however, this cheap card also replaces itself!

Covetous Elegy

On the other end of the spectrum, Ravnica: Clue Edition also includes a brand-new board wipe. Costing six mana, Covetous Elegy doesn’t come cheap and has some rather fierce competition. Up against Farewell, Covetous Elegy is somewhat lacking, however, it does still have some utility.

Capable of creating six treasure tokens, Covetous Elegy can effectively pay for itself. While this seems stellar for a board wipe, unfortunately, it doesn’t kill absolutely everything. Instead, opponents choose up to two creatures to keep around before sacrificing everything else. In theory, this is a major blow to the effectiveness of this board wipe, however, opponents sacrificing everything is a plus.

Ravnican Reprints Too!

Ravnica: Clue Edition Key Art

At the end of the day, as much as new Commander cards are nice, Ravnica: Clue Edition has one killer feature. Appearing as box toppers within every box, Wizards has reprinted Ravnica’s Shock Lands once again. Having recently seen a major reprint, these cards aren’t quite the cash cows they used to be, however, they’re still valuable.

Since these cards are only found once per box, it’s unlikely they’re going to make Clue Edition fly off the shelves. That being said, however, this product does appear to have some great cards and decent value to boot. Depending on how well it sells, the new cards inside could even become quite valuable themselves, but we’ll have to wait and see for that.

If nothing else, Ravnica: Clue Edition should be a great new MTG experience to play when it launches in early February.

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