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Expensive Game-Breaking Card Headlines Additional Commander Spoilers

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Commander Masters spoilers are underway, and we have of exciting reprints on the way. While the set is certainly expensive, there are a high volume of expensive and much-needed reprints to look forward to. From an exciting cycle of unique mana rocks that debuted over 25 years ago to a big chunk of powerful mythic rares of all shapes and sizes, these reprints should provide a fun draft environment and help make some staples more affordable. With a ton of spoilers already under our belt, let’s take a look at what Commander Masters has in store.

Massive Creatures

Godo, Bandit Warlord

A Commander set would not be complete without some massive legends and enormous haymakers, and Commander Masters is no exception. First up, we have a bunch of legendary Creatures to take a look at. Godo, Bandit Warlord is a cool Commander option that allows you to search your library for powerful Equipment. It also serves as a great leader for a Samurai deck, letting your Samurai get into the red zone an additional time.

Ghalta, Primal Hunger is a massive body that can be cast on the cheap as long as you have a lot of other big Creatures in your deck. Experiment Kraj is an interesting legend that distributes counters among your other Creatures and then gains their activated abilities.

Heartless Hidetsugu can reduce everyone’s life totals in short order. Of course, the card gets significantly scarier when paired with any card that doubles damage to your opponents, such as Dictate of the Twin Gods, which can outright kill all of your opponents (so long as they have an even-numbered life total).

Another scary Commander, and a popular one too, is Nekusar, the Mindrazer. Nekusar punishes your opponents for drawing extra cards. When paired with “wheel” effects such Wheel of Fortune or Windfall, you can deal a lot of damage to your opponents in swift fashion.

Another enormous legend spoiled is Lorthos, the Tidemaker. Lorthos is expensive to use, but if you get to attack with it and pay eight mana, you can tap and stun eight different permanents that your opponents control, which can be a huge swing.

Avatar of Slaughter and Archfiend of Despair, while not legends themselves, can definitely end games quickly. For anyone who doesn’t like Commander games taking hours to finish and enjoys Creature combat, these cards are for you. This set does come with a lot of beefy Creatures, but it also is jam packed with some game-altering spells.

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Game-Breaking Instants and Sorceries

Cyclonic Rift

While many Commander games are centered around legends and enormous haymakers, Instants and Sorceries can have a massive effect on how games play out. One of the biggest groan tests in Commander is getting a reprint in Commander Masters, and that is none other than Cyclonic Rift. Cyclonic Rift was ironically also spoiled in Explorer Anthology Three but is much more suited for Commander than anywhere else. The card can be absolutely devastating in many games, given how far players will go to develop their boards. After playing Cyclonic Rift for its Overload cost, the coast is clear for you to make any big attacks, and you likely have a lot more time to develop your board. Given that the card also sits at $32, this will certainly be one of the cards players will hope to open from packs.

Cyclonic Rift isn’t the only splashy spell in the set. Another card capable of turning the tides on your opponents is Savage Beating. Like the name implies, this card can be a major problem for your opponents when Entwined, producing a ton of damage out of nowhere.

Aminatou’s Augury is another huge spell that, while it costs eight mana, certainly impacts the game in a big way. As long as you diversify your card types, this card can let you cast a lot of cards for free.

While not quite as flashy, Heroic Intervention is another spell that can be backbreaking. Casting it in response to a board wipe can often put your opponents so far behind. Combine the card with mass Land Destruction like Armageddon, and winning the game becomes trivial.

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Expensive Reprints

Grand Abolisher

Beyond Cyclonic Rift and Savage Beating, there are plenty more pricey cards that have been spoiled. First, we have Grand Abolisher, which currently costs $22. Grand Abolisher helps any deck that wants to make big plays without getting disrupted.

Ohran Frostfang functions a lot like Edric, Spymaster of Trest by letting you draw cards when you connect with Creatures. The difference is that Ohran Frostfang gives your attacking Creatures Deathtouch, which really puts each of your opponents in a bind. The card is currently sitting at $14 and is a great addition to any green deck with lots of Creatures.

Next up we have Champion’s Helm. Outside of a Masterpiece printing, this card has only been printed in original Commander, and will be receiving its first foil treatment. Champion’s Helm does a great job protecting your Commander from opposing interaction, and only costs one mana to Equip. This card is reminiscent of Swiftfoot Boots, but your Commander gets a buff instead of Haste. The card is $24 right now, but likely will start to fall in price given its lack of reprints.

Another card that is likely to fall in price some is Extraplanar Lens. Extraplanar Lens lets you exile a Land card you control, and then doubles all mana produced by Lands with the same name. This obviously works best with basic Lands, but given that it helps your opponents, it might be wise to play snow-covered basic Lands to try to keep the benefit as one-sided as possible. This is yet another card that only saw one printing, this time in Mirrodin, outside of a Masterpiece feature. It has a price tag of $26 right now, but could definitely go down in the coming weeks.

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Mediocre Cycles

Mystic Confluence

Of course, not all spoilers are going to be as exciting as these. Both a Land cycle and spell cycle have been spoiled, and neither are very exciting. The Lands are a group of “Thriving” Lands. Each Land, such as Thriving Isle and Thriving Moor, enter tapped, and produce one color automatically or another color of your choice (you choose when the Land enters the battlefield). While they are generally upgrades over lands like the Guildgates, they’re nothing fancy.

The spell cycle featured stings a bit more, given that each card takes up a rare slot. This is the cycle of “Confluences.” Each Confluence, such as Fiery Confluence or Mystic Confluence, have three modes, and you can choose any combination of modes three times. This does let you choose each mode more than once, which is a bit different than how typical modal cards work. These are flexible, but are all pretty cheap, which is unfortunate given how expensive Commander Masters product is currently going for. There seems to be a mix of pricey cards, bulk rares, and common and uncommon filler so far, but definitely keep an eye out for more spoilers in the coming days.

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