11, Jul, 23

Foil Premier MTG 25-Year Old Cycle Reprint Confirmed in Commander Masters!

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Article at a Glance

Commander Masters, set to release on August 4, 2023, is designed to bring the world of Commander into a Limited environment. There are four featured Commander decks in Commander Masters as a whole. One of them is centered around colorless Eldrazi, while another is focused on Slivers, utilizing all five colors. Finally, we have two tricolor decks: Jeskai and Abzan. Today, we had a number of cool reprints previewed that are welcome for Limited players and Commander players alike. From massive Legends to spectacular mana rocks, these reprints are sure to excite any Commander fan. Without further ado, let’s dive right into these reprints.

A Long Awaited Cycle

Right off the bat, we get an exciting set of reprints: The Medallions. Each Medallion serves as a great way to get a repeated discount on cards of a specific color. These cards are especially useful for mono-colored decks that don’t have a ton of ramp options. What’s cool about each Medallion, however, is that, because they discount each spell of their appropriate color that you cast, they make casting multiple spells on the same turn significantly easier. While a card like Marble Diamond produces only one mana each turn, the discount from Pearl Medallion applies to each white spell cast, even on the same turn.

Another cool thing about the printings of each Medallion is that they are now available in Foil Etched versions. Each Medallion originally premiered in Tempest, getting a second printing in Commander 2014. While Emerald Medallion and Ruby Medallion were available in the Commander Anthology, and Jet Medallion and Sapphire Medallion were available as cards on the List, these are welcome additions to Commander Masters that are getting much-needed reprints. Outside of the Secret Lair drop featuring Jet Medallion, these cards are now available in Foil for the first time. Given that Sapphire Medallion is currently sitting at $23 at its cheapest, these reprints are great to see for Commander fans.

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Massive Legends

For anyone who loves enormous, colorless Eldrazi, one of the biggest and baddest Eldrazi is getting a nice reprint. Kozilek, the Great Distortion has a very expensive mana value, and the colorless mana required is certainly restrictive but, if you can cast it, you can reap the rewards.

First off, just by casting the card, you get to draw up to seven cards. Then, now that your hand is chock full of new cards, you can discard any card that matches the mana value of a spell an opponent cast to counter their spell. Kozilek is super cool, but it should be noted that unlike normal basic Lands, Wastes will not be provided in Commander Masters Limited. Still, cards like Sol Ring are available to draft, which can make your ability of casting this big Eldrazi a reality.

Up next, we have Chainer, Dementia Master. Chainer isn’t quite as devastating for your opponents as Kozilek when you cast it, but at half the cost, still provides a decent effect. Chainer allows you to pay three life and three black mana to return any Creature from any graveyard to play under your control as a black Nightmare Creature. As long as you can reliably pay this cost, the ability is very strong, and black has a lot of ways to make sure Creatures end up in the graveyard.

Another big monster you could potentially use as your Commander is Maelstrom Wanderer. Maelstrom Wanderer has a unique ability: Cascade. Cascade allows you to reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a card with lesser mana value than Wanderer and cast it for free. Wanderer doesn’t Cascade just once, though. Instead, it does it twice! Wanderer not only provides a ton of extra value this way, but by granting all of your Creatures Haste, you can attack right away with Creatures you Cascade into and deal a ton of damage out of nowhere.

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Even More Commander Options

These are not the only Commander options spoiled so far. While these options aren’t quite as flashy, they certainly get the job done nonetheless. First, we have a nice reprint in Azusa, Lost but Seeking. Azusa is pretty simple. It’s a cheap Commander that allows you to play multiple extra Lands on each of your turns. Given the volume of high mana value cards in the set, getting ahead on mana can be a big deal.

Another great Commander option that is getting reprinted is Krenko, Mob Boss. On its own, Krenko can continuously make more and more Goblin tokens each turn, given that it itself is a Goblin. Pair Krenko with any other Goblins or ways to abuse tokens, such as sacrifice effects, and you can really get your engine going. Krenko is an army in a can, and if you get to keep untapping with it, the world is your oyster.

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Excellent Reprints Beyond Legends

Perhaps the most notable of all the reprints shown today is Spellseeker. Spellseeker was originally printed in Battlebond, and has only seen reprints as a Judge promo and Secret Lair option. Given the card’s $23 price tag, this reprint is a big deal. Spellseeker is a great card in its own right too, allowing you to search your library for any number of powerful Instants and Sorceries. For Commander, this includes cards like Demonic Tutor and plenty of other combo-centric options.

Another expensive card getting reprinted is Land Tax. Land Tax helps make sure you hit your land drops each turn, which is a very valuable tool to have. The card is a Commander staple over $30, so its a great reprint to see. Commander Masters provides a great way to both obtain some necessary reprints as well as draft in a unique environment. This set should be a lot of fun for drafters and Commander players alike.

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