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MTG EDH Spoilers Showcase Multiple Expensive Haymakers!

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Commander Masters spoilers are now underway, and there have already been lots of reasonably expensive reprints showcased. Yesterday, we saw cards like Spellseeker and Land Tax highlight the initial group of spoilers. Since then, there have been a bunch more pricey reprints to go over. Given that Commander Masters is a set focused on reprinting popular cards with hefty price tags, it’s nice to see some of these spoilers delivering in this regard. Let’s take a look at some of the more expensive reprints in Commander Masters thus far.

Massive Win Conditions

Finale of Devastation

First up, we have multiple cards that are fully capable of winning a game of Commander on their own. Of these cards, the biggest reprint is certainly Finale of Devastation. Finale of Devastation sees a small amount of Constructed play with Green Sun’s Zenith banned in Modern. Still, the big part of this card is the bonus you get if you can cast the card with a value of 10 or greater for x. Not only do you get to search for a Creature to put into play, but you also give your entire board a massive power boost as well as Haste. In Commander, when cards like Craterhoof Behemoth often outright win the game with a big board of Creatures, it’s easy to see why Finale is a great addition to any deck with lots of Creatures and lots of mana.

Finale of Devastation was previously only printed in War of the Spark, and currently holds a $38 price tag. As such, this is an excellent reprint for the set.

Another solid reprint from Commander Masters that fits the category of big, flashy win conditions is Insurrection. This card can easily steal games from your opponents that no other card could. If you are very behind on board and have the requisite mana to cast the card, being able to steal all your opponents’ Creatures and attack with them could easily turn the tables. Insurrection currently sits at $11, so while it’s not the most expensive reprint, it’s still a solid option.

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Elite Legends

Morophon, the Boundless

Of course, no Commander Masters set would be complete without a group of Commander-defining legendary Creatures to choose from. Starting off with an expensive Commander reprint, we have Morophon, the Boundless. Morophon is an excellent option for any five-color deck focused on casting multi-color spells of a specific Creature type. This Commander may cost seven mana, but it has the potential to give you an enormous mana rebate. Getting to cast cards like Sliver Hivelord in a Sliver-centric deck for free is huge deal. Morophon is a card that was originally printed in Modern Horizons, and whose only reprint until now was as a List card. It currently sits at $25, and is a great reprint to see.

Another solid Legend reprint is Urza, Lord High Artificer. Urza was also printed in Modern Horizons but saw a reprint in Dominaria Remastered too. Urza is a fantastic Commander. Allowing all your Artifacts to generate mana is excellent alongside various Stax pieces. This is especially true with Winter Orb. Winter Orb typically only allows each player to untap one land. However, Winter Orb has a strange line of text that states that this effect only occurs if it’s untapped. So, on your last opponent’s end step before your turn, you can use Urza’s ability to tap Winter Orb and unlock your mana for the turn, while still keeping your opponents in a jam. Urza is a $15 card right now, and definitely deserves a slot in Commander Masters.

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Excellent Interaction

Kindred Dominance

In addition to these powerful legendary Creatures and win conditions, we have some fantastic interactive reprints that have hefty price tags. First up, we have a Commander card that is great for any deck built around Creatures of a specific type. Kindred Dominance is no ordinary board wipe. If your deck is built around one type of Creature, Kindred Dominance can function a lot closer to Plague Wind than Wrath of God. Kindred Dominance was only ever printed in Commander 2017, and holds a $33 price tag, even just as a rare. Not only does that make this reprint very appealing, but it will also be available in foil for the first time. So if you like to make your Commander decks extra fancy, now is your chance!

Another great piece of Interaction is Commandeer. Commandeer is an interesting card. Although it technically costs seven mana, you can exile two blue cards from your hand to gain control of a non-Creature spell for zero mana instead. While this is a steep cost to pay, blue has a lot of card advantage and can often afford these types of transactions. Not only that, but many spells are so powerful that being able to gain control of them and reap the rewards yourself is absolutely worth it. Commandeer dipped some in price since being featured in the List, but still comes in at $13.

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More Heavy Hitters

The Immortal Sun

There are still a few more cool reprints that are worth mentioning. This includes we an Artifact that does a lot of different things, including shutting off Planeswalkers, which is great for addressing the Superfriends player at the table. The Immortal Sun has a lot going for it. At minimum, it’s a source of card advantage every turn cycle. It also acts as a Glorious Anthem for your team and makes all your future spells cheaper. If that wasn’t enough, it completely blanks the abilities of Planeswalkers, which can be devastating for the opponents, especially those trying to abuse them with something like Doubling Season. The Immortal Sun has only seen a non-promo printing in Rivals of Ixalan and currently costs $21. A reprint should definitely help make this card a bit more affordable.

Finally, we have another card that will see a foil printing for the first time. Stormsurge Kraken is a neat card that acts as an enormous beater when you control your Commander. When you do, you are rewarded with a seven-power Hexproof Creature that opposing players don’t want to block. The damage adds up quickly though, and at some point, they may be forced to block and let you draw cards. Stormsurge Kraken has only been printed in Commander 2014 and sits at $14, so seeing its first reprint in nearly a decade is good news. All of these cards showcased are reasonably expensive, and while not every reprint will be appealing to everyone, these are a few of the best heavy hitters thus far.

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