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20, Jul, 23

Disappointing New MTG Deck Shamed During Its Reveal

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Article at a Glance

In case you haven’t noticed, this week, Commander Masters has entered into the second phase of its spoiler season. Following on from the main set spoilers, each day has debuted a new preconstructed Commander deck. Each including ten brand-new cards, these decks theoretically had a lot for MTG players to get excited about.

Unfortunately, despite initial high expectations, once the new decks started to get revealed, many MTG players were left rather disappointed. Thankfully, many of the new cards were interesting typal additions, however, this ultimately didn’t redeem the deck’s fatal flaw. Priced at around $80 each, these decks needed to contain some absolutely stellar reprints to appease players. Problematically, however, the reprint value has been much lower than expected.

Damning Disappointments

Damn | Modern Horizons 2
Damn | Modern Horizons 2

Shortly after the first Commander Masters deck, Sliver Swarm, was revealed many MTG players were taken aback. As we alluded to before, this was partly thanks to the awesome new Sliver cards that players had been clamoring for. Alongside this, however, there was a lot of befuddlement, as the Sliver Swarm deck was missing some startlingly obvious reprints

In a Sliver-themed MTG deck, the aptly named Sliver Hive land is almost certainly an auto-include. The only thing that would prevent it from being that is the $10 price tag. Having never been reprinted outside of a Secret Lair drop’s bonus card, Sliver Hive was certainly due a reprint. Unfortunately, however, this card was bafflingly excluded from the Sliver Swarm deck, causing its price to skyrocket

Alongside the notable and obvious exclusions, such as Ichormoon Gauntlet from the Planeswalker Party deck, unfortunately, there was a more prevalent problem. Namely, the mana bases for the decks were surprisingly bad, especially considering the $80 price tag. Comprised of slow tap lands and heavily reprinted precon staples, the lack of good lands resulted in undeniably disappointing value. 

Sadly, following the reveal of the latest deck, Enduring Enchantments, it appears this problem has persisted. Once again, this deck’s mana base is tremendously disappointing as there are only two cards worth a dollar. Frustratingly, this means, once again, the most useful Enchantment-focused land, Hall of Heliod’s Generosity has been needlessly excluded. 

As you might expect, the latest round of disappointing reprints has once again angered many MTG players across social media. More than just that, however, the disappointing value of the Enduring Enchantment deck has disgruntled content creators speaking out. Even those who spoiled the deck at the behest of Wizards! 

Vacant Value

Yesterday, beloved MTG content creators The Command Zone had the honor of debuting the Enduring Enchantments in its entirety. Through an hour-long video, which you can see above, hosts Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong discussed every facet of the deck. From the new cards to the reprints, as well as a general overview, this lengthy video had it all. 

Somewhat unexpectedly, alongside a thorough breakdown of the deck, Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong also offered a damning critique. Highlighting the reprint value of the deck, supposedly around $130, Enduring Enchantments was put in comparison to past preconstructed Commander decks. Unfortunately for Wizards, this comparison was not favorable in the slightest.

In theory, considering Commander Masters’ Commander decks only cost around $80, getting $130 of value is not too bad. In reality, however, past preconstructed decks typically offer around $100 of pure reprint value. This was the case for Phyrexia: All Will Be One’s two Commander decks, which were worth $101 on average. 

Considering most past preconstructed Commander decks cost around $40, there’s clearly a major value discrepancy here. After all, if past value trends continued, the Commander Masters decks should be worth around $200 in reprints alone. After identifying this discrepancy, The Commander Zone’s hosts didn’t sugarcoat the issue. Josh Lee Kwai, for instance, straight-up called the value bad and disappointing. 

“Right now, I don’t love that reprint value, it looks bad. […] There’s no way to cut it, $130 worth of reprints is disappointing.”

Josh Lee Kwai | The Command Zone

From these statements, it’s easy to see Enduring Enchantments in a negative light, however, it may be even worse than expected. According to Reddit user u/sk0lopandre, who did their own calculations, the reprint value of Enduring Enchantments is only $51.12. While this is only looking at rare and mythic reprints, it’s understandable why players are saying “This is fucked up.”

New Cards, New Value

Anikthea, Hand of Erebos | Commander Masters
Anikthea, Hand of Erebos | Commander Masters

Thankfully, while the pure reprint value of the Commander Masters decks is rather disappointing, there is a silver lining. That being the new cards that are included within these decks. Each supporting fairly popular Commander archetypes, in theory, there should be decent demand for these cards. 

As a result of this demand, the new cards should theoretically provide some decent value. At the moment, however, there’s simply no telling how expensive these cards will end up being. Currently, on TCGplayer, each card is worth around $30, however, it’s highly likely that the presale price won’t stick.

For better or worse, it’s highly likely that the new Commander Masters cards will also appear in Set Boosters. This is thanks to Set Boosters’ two Wildcard slots which offer a chance at Jumpstart and Commander cards. Ultimately, this may cause the price of the new cards to be even lower than expected! 

At the end of the day, it seems the deck’s value isn’t going to be their main selling point. Thankfully, however, these decks should at least be fun to play with against one another. Subsequently, they could be a great entry point into MTG for new players looking to enjoy some established archetypes… Could be, at least, as the price is going to be a major sticking point in that regard…

Ultimately, there’s technically still a smidgen of hope for the future, as there’s still one Commander Masters Commander deck yet to be seen. Scheduled to be revealed today, theoretically the Eldrazi Unbound deck could be loaded with reprints to justify the price tag. For better or worse, however, we’ll just have to wait and see whether or not that happens.

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