Sliver Hive | Magic 2015
18, Jul, 23

Multiple Missing MTG Reprints Surge to $50!

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For better or worse, the secondary market for MTG has been looking rather bleak over the past week. This is thanks to the somewhat short-lived spoiler season for Commander Masters. Revealing reprints aplenty, these stunning MTG spoilers are already helping to reduce the prices of Commander staples and scarce fan favorites. Thankfully, while this is good news for many MTG players, this isn’t all Commander Masters has up its sleeves. 

Yesterday, Commander At Home had the pleasure of revealing the first of Commander Masters’ preconstructed decks. Built around the beloved and iconic theme of Slivers, the Sliver Swarm deck included 10 brand-new MTG cards. As expected, this has catapulted the interest in this beloved typal archetype. So much so, in fact, that the prices of some cards have spiked hard! For better or worse, there’s a strong chance this is a trend for the rest of the week! 

Sliver Hive

Sliver Hive | Magic 2015

In an unusual twist of fate for a Masters product, Sliver Hive has just seen a huge increase in price. Miraculously, this comes following the recent reveal of the preconstructed Sliver Swarm deck. In theory, this preconstructed deck should have had the opposite effect by providing easy access to the best Slivers around. Unfortunately, however, the reality of the situation is bafflingly different.

Despite Sliver Hive being an auto-include in any Sliver Typal deck, this rare M15 land wasn’t included in Sliver Swarm. Instead, the deck only contained nine rare two-color lands, none of which are particularly expensive. As you might imagine, this almost inexcusable decision didn’t go down well in the MTG community. 

Following the reveal of Sliver Swarm’s decklist, many MTG players across social media have been raving about this contentious exclusion. Whether on Reddit or Twitter, MTG players couldn’t under why this iconic auto-include land wouldn’t make the cut. Sure, Reprint Equity is one explanation, one deck can only be so good after all, but to exclusive the best Sliver land? Really!

“Sliver Hive is the most baffling exclusion. I don’t care about reprint equity later, the only set that’s getting printed on is one with 20+ slivers, and that won’t be happening any time soon.”


“It’s pretty disappointing for something that’s touting itself to be “Powerful right out of the box” to be almost exactly the same mana base as the Painbow precon. Except this one is worse because at least the DMU precon had ways to un-tap the tapped lands.”


Unfortunately, while it may be an absolutely bizarre exclusion, what’s done is done. Sliver Hive isn’t being reprinted in Commander Masters. As you might expect, this has skyrocketed the demand for this card, since it’s an incredibly easy upgrade for the set. Or, at least, it was. Now, thanks to all the demand, getting your hands on Sliver Hive is easier said than done. 

Previously, copies of Sliver Hive would sell for around $11 on TCGplayer, with the price only fluctuating by a few dollars. Now, however, the price has soared all the way up to $46 for recently sold cards. Alongside this, foil copies, even lightly played versions, are selling for a cent under $50! 

A Swarm of Expensive Slivers

The First Sliver & Sliver Legion

While Sliver Hive has seen one of the most dramatic spikes, it’s far from the only card increasing in value. As you might now expect, this is thanks to them not being reprinted in the Sliver Swarm preconstructed deck. Unfortunately, as we covered recently, there are an unusually large number of cards that didn’t make the cut such as The First Sliver.

By giving all your Sliver spells you cast Cascade, The First Sliver is an absolute powerhouse of a card. Subsequently, this is another auto-include whenever you’re building a Sliver Typal deck. For Wizards, however, apparently, this card, which was arguably due a reprint, wasn’t needed in the deck. Similarly to what we’ve seen with Sliver Hive this has caused the price to absolutely explode.

Previously valued at around $23, The First Sliver has jumped in price up to $50 now. With very few copies available left on the market, it’s possible this price may climb even higher before too long. After all, anyone upgrading the Sliver Swarm deck will undoubtedly want this card. 

For better or worse, the same is true Sliver Legion. As another WUBRG mythic Sliver, Sliver Legion isn’t exactly easy to cast, however, they’re absolutely worth it. Capable of expertly buffing your board, Sliver Legion is another auto-include that any Sliver deck can use. Once again, this has caused demand to skyrocket. 

Currently, prices of Sliver Legion still appear to be surprisingly tame, with copies selling for around $27. While this is only a $10 increase the price hike may not end there, as stock is running out, and many sellers are capitalizing on the demand. Ultimately, we’re seeing this trend with most of the unreprinted mythic Slivers right now. 

This Will Happen Again. Probably…

The Chain Veil & Eye of Ugin

Currently, only one of the four preconstructed Commander Masters decks has been revealed. As a result, it may be a little early to start making presumptions about what the other decks will include. That being said, however, we can’t shake the feeling that this price spike following missing MTG reprints will happen again.

Since each preconstructed Commander Masters deck is built around a beloved Typal theme, MTG players already know what’s good. The Planeswalker Party deck, for instance, should definitely include a copy of The Chain Veil since it’s an auto-include. Currently costing around $25, it’s definitely in need of a reprint too. Unfortunately, however, following the Sliver Swarm deck, there’s no guarantee, these high price much-needed MTG reprints will be included.

Ultimately, we’re just going to have to wait and see what happens, as there’s no point getting panicked just yet. After all, the other MTG decks could theoretically include all the expensive and needed reprints to make their typal theme work. Admittedly, due to the expected balancing of these decks, that does feel unlikely, however, it’s nevertheless a possibility. 

Thankfully, regardless of what reprints Wizards has in store, it won’t be long before we find out. Later today, during the Weekly MTG livestream, Wizards will officially reveal the Planeswalker Party deck. Following this, it will only be another day’s wait until we see the Enduring Enchantments Deck before Eldrazi Unbound completes the quartet on Thursday. 

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