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New Commander Masters Card Can Stop Players from Attacking!

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Article at a Glance

One of the most unique things about Magic is the unique combinations the game offers. Each game piece can be combined with a limitless number of other cards to create situations that players have never seen before.

Some of these combinations, like Karn, the Great Creator, and Mycosynth Lattice, become extremely problematic and are banned after becoming incredibly popular. Others may be a bit less powerful, but end up creating cool situations that players may not have known were possible.

Sometimes, these combinations can be built into a deck without players knowing it. Did you know that the Planeswalker Party preconstructed deck can actually completely stop players from being able to attack? Its not a permanent effect, but even being able to do this is surprising. The new Teyo, Geometric Tactician is incredibly unique and, when combined with the right pieces, can be come a pillow fort nightmare.

Teyo, Geometric Tactician

Teyo, at first glance, is an interesting Planeswalker, especially for three mana. The ability to create a flying 0/4 blocker on entry makes the card rather difficult to remove, and Teyo’s +1 not only grants card advantage, but discourages opponents from dealing with Teyo since it can also allow opponents to draw cards. the political potential to this card is rather suprising. This creates some serious potential for Teyo, Geometric Tactician to see play in Flicker-based decks.

Teyo, however, does go a little further. His -2 ability can control the flow of combat for a turn, only allowing players to attack in one direction. In the Planeswalker Party deck, this combination allows for some needed reprieve if one player has a massive board presence that threatens to take out all of your Planeswalkers.

What if I told you that there is a combo in the deck that can actually prevent the entire table from attacking for a turn? This synergy can go much deeper too, creating an entire Commander deck in the process.

Copying Teyo

One of the better reprints in the Planeswalker Party preconstructed deck is Spark Double. Able to enter the battlefield as a copy of a Planeswalker or creature, Spark Double can ignore the Legendary Rule, allowing it to enter as a copy of a Planeswalker without any issues. Even though Spark Double costs more mana than Teyo itself, creating a copy of Teyo, Geometric Tactician can be incredibly valuable.

Not only will you get another blocker, but if Spark Double and Teyo both use its -2 ability while choosing different directions, players simply will not be able to attack. This, combined with the ability to draw a ton of cards makes two Teyos, especially when their Loyalty counters can be reset with Flicker abilities, really scary. You can even Phase both of these Planeswalkers out with Vronos, making them almost impossible to remove.

Pramikon, Sky Rampart

Interestingly, as unique as Teyo’s -2 ability is, this is not the first time we’ve seen the restrictive left or right ability in Magic. Pramikon, Sky Rampart has a more permanent version of this that persists as long as the card is on the battlefield. If you want to stop being able to attack in one direction, the only thing you can do is kill Pramikon, or otherwise somehow turn its ability off.

As you may imagine, this can lead to some interesting circumstances when Pramikon is copied. Since Pramikon chooses its direction upon entry, cards that enter the battlefield as a copy of Pramikon can choose the other direction, which will lock the board from attacking.

Combining Pramikon with Teyo will create a similar effect, but can become a bit more layered. Since Teyo’s ability only lasts one turn cycle and can be activated after your combat, you’re free to attack in the direction that Pramikon has designated. After that, turn on Teyo to prevent yourself from being attacked, or from opponents attacking anyone. If you can Flicker Teyo, this becomes a repeatable action.

Of course, the alternative is to win without attacking. There are multiple ways to do this with cards like Thassa’s Oracle or Approach of the Second Sun. Taking to EDHREC, it seems that the most popular deck type with Pramikon is Superfriends. If Guff isn’t to your liking, you could simply grab a Pramikon as an upgrade for less than a dollar to slow the game down even further.

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Other Cards

Surprisingly, there is a third card that can shut down attacks alongside Pramikon. Mystic Barrier also allows you to choose left or right and have players only attack left or right. This, once again, can stop players from attacking when combined with Pramikon or Teyo, Geometric Tactician.

When directing where your opponents can attack, Goad effects can take on an entirely different flavor. Instead of just forcing an opponent to attack someone other than you, you can now direct where that opponent is attacking. Taunt from the Rampart can become rather chaotic as a result, forcing all of your opponents to attack a particular player without them being able to block.

In this specific situation, someone is going to be forced to attack you since Pramikon or Teyo will only leave you as a legal target. This can be solved by using an instant speed effect to Flicker Pramikon or Mystic Barrier and change directions before their combat. Displacer Kitten is a powerful example of a card that could work. This, sadly, will not work for Teyo at instant speed.

Alternatively, since you can block with your creatures, Taunt from the Rampart can turn into a removal piece by forcing one player’s creatures to march to their doom.

Becoming difficult to attack can make give the Monarch mechanic a very different flavor. Court of Cunning can easily become a Pramikon deck’s win condition by drawing you extra cards while milling your opponents out. The other Courts in Pramikon’s colors, like Court of Ire and Court of Grace, can also become powerful tools when usurping your position as the Monarch becomes difficult.

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This also applies to The Initiative. This mechanic isn’t quite as powerful in Commander as it is in Pauper or Legacy, but restricting who can attack you can make The Initiative more representative of how strong it was. Due to other contexts in Commander, like life total and turn cycle, it’s never going to be quite the same, but the final mode on The Undercity can help to find a creature to copy Pramikon or Teyo and stop players from attacking, if that is your ultimate goal.

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A Different Way to Attack the Format

Sadly, Teyo cannot be your Commander, so the applications of the card are limited to it being a part of your 99, but it can, nontheless, be a blessing in many different archetypes. A Pramikon deck is definitely the more flavorful place where Teyo can find a home but, honestly, any sort of group hug, Superfriends or Flicker strategy may be interested in Teyo, Geometric Tactician.

that said, if trying to restrict players from attacking sounds like something you want to do, and it might not be, experimenting with Pramikon and some of the newer cards Magic has to offer could create something very distinct from the other casual Commander decks in your collection.

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