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22, Dec, 21

Chile's President-Elect knows his MTG!

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Article at a Glance

In a week where some serious firepower was added to the Magic: The Gathering partner program in the form of Post Malone, the game also recently got a signal boost from another high profile personality.

Chile’s President-Elect Gabriel Boric was barely old enough to run for Presidency at 35 years old but stormed the polls to earn his victory. He will be officially sworn in on 11 March 2022 and a recent tweet caught the eye of the gaming and geek community.

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Chile’s President-Elect plays MTG!

Photo from Reuters

There has been a recent surge in celebrities investing in valuable trading cards as a sort of investment portfolio. However, it’s those who know what they’re doing when the cards are on the table that have our respect. Post Malone has been a long time Magic: The Gathering fan and player. His involvement has undoubtedly boosted the popularity of the game and he was recently made an MTG Partner.

It turns out that Chile’s President-Elect, Gabriel Boric, also knows his ways around the Planes according to a recent tweet. In response to a question aimed at him and another politician, Gonzalo Winter, Boric was more than happy to discuss an old deck composition he once ran. The below quote is the translated text of the tweet.

I don’t know [about] Gonzalo but I had an epic landbreaker deck (black / red) and two beautiful collections of non-basic lands and goblins.

He didn’t go into any further detail about whether or not he’s still an active collector or player. It seems clear to us from his response that the passion and love for the game still remain. Like many possibly-lapsed MTG fans, he may have discovered the game in college before losing touch while retaining fond memories of his time spent with the game. We doubt there are too many more politicians in the world who can also claim to know their way around a Magic: The Gathering deck.

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