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Best Strixhaven: School of Mages Cards for Modern

Strixhaven: School of Mages brought plenty of tools for Modern and here's the best of the class.
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The best Strixhaven: School of Mages cards for Modern can help you cast a spell on your opponents that will have them struggling to come back again. The set is filled with fun and powerful cards, and while not all of them are competitive, the ones that are can be a blast to use.

One of the things about the best Strixhaven: School of Mages cards for Modern is that they can be hard to pick out. After all, so many cards come out now, so you might not even remember that this set came out at all. With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and picked out the best Strixhaven: School of Mages cards for Modern and listed them here.

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Best Strixhaven: School of Mages Cards for Modern

Each of these cards is mana-efficient and potent. There are a lot of different ways to make choices when it comes to building a deck, but we’re confident that you’ll have a good time with these.

Silverquill Silencer


Silverquill Silencer is an interesting card that is expected to see some fringe play in Modern since it has that all-important typing– Human.

It’s not quite on the same level as Meddling Mage, since Silverquill Silencer does not prevent the named nonland card from being cast. But, it does offer you leverage in resources since you draw a card out of the deal instead. Expect to see the Human Cleric feature in creature-focused sideboards such as Death & Taxes, and maybe Modern Humans as a sideboard. It’s hard to tell if it’ll replace Sin Collector in that slot, but it’s never bad to have too many options, right?

Admittedly, Silverquill Silencer does generate tension with Kitesail Freebooter in Modern Humans as flex slots are tough to come by. However, there could be an option to create Esper Humans instead with Meddling Mage, Silverquill Silencer, and Kitesail Freebooter at the helm. Maybe even falling into a soft Death & Taxes approach with the use of Aether Vial to provide extra disruption.

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Elite Spellbinder


Not only is Elite Spellbinder being talked about as it features the likeness of current Magic: The Gathering World Champion Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa, but the Human Cleric is bound to make an impact in various constructed formats– including Modern.

Notably, Elite Spellbinder is expected to see play in Death & Taxes archetypes since it can disrupt the opponent’s hand. Often you’d have to fall into a second color to gain access to such an ability. However, Elite Spellbinder ensures you can stay in White which is one of the biggest draws to playing Death & Taxes at present. Even then, the evasiveness is sure to present a clock alongside creatures such as Flickerwisp, complimenting the Death & Taxes theme even further.

Granted, it’s not quite Vendillion Clique but it’s certainly a modest impression in a color that rarely is gifted with this kind of effect. It’s also worth noting that Elite Spellbinder makes for an interesting target with Soulherder and Ephemerate which sees regular play in the format.

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First Day of Class


One of the earlier Strixhaven: School of Mages previews, First Day of Class has plenty of Modern Dredge potential. The instant makes use of Learn’s ability to rummage in order to discard a Dredge card, and then immediately Dredge with that card. With the first ability, any creatures you are then able to put onto the battlefield that turn will enter with a +1/+1 counter. More important, they enter the battlefield with haste, too.

Having a Bloodghast come in as a 3/2, or a Narcomaeba come in as a 2/2 with guaranteed haste may be enough for First Day of Class to feature in Dredge builds going forward. First Day of Class seems pretty niche but it may provide some absurd turns in Dredge or spell-dense aggressive builds.

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Vanishing Verse


Although it does blank against Eldrazi and artifacts, Vanishing Verse still answers a fair share of the high impact threats of the format. Since Vanishing Verse is an instant, it provides a clear answer to Heliod, Sun-Crowned which is seeing extensive Modern play in the form of Heliod Company. With the rise of Heliod Company, Vanishing Verse could see Modern play in Esper Control, Orzhov Death & Taxes, or maybe Niv-to-Light strategies as a flexible answer to the troublesome God.

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Rip Apart and Fracture


Cheating a little here with the next one, but both Fracture and Rip Apart will feature heavily in Modern sideboards going forward. Having broad answers to the various threats of Modern is a solid foundation for any sideboard, and both of these uncommons offer that in abundance.

While Rip Apart is more versatile, Fracture will see play since it offers clean planeswalker removal which is ideal at a lower mana value. Rip Apart will likely replace Smash to Smithereens in Boros Burn since it offers a wider range of targets, despite the first mode unable to target the opponent.

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Clever Lumimancer and Leonin Lightscribe


Again, cheating once more but both Clever Lumimancer and Leonin Lightscribe could give birth to a new Modern strategy– Boros Prowess.

In a format filled with cheap (and free) spells, both of these creatures can get out of control very quickly. Coupled with threats such as Monastery Swiftspear and even Seeker of the Way, there is an opportunity to make a blisteringly quick aggressive Modern strategy.

Pack a bunch of Lightning Bolts and Lava Darts, and you’re good to go. Expect to see players toy around with the concept in the first few weeks of Strixhaven: School of Mages release since Prowess archetypes are already making the rounds in the format.

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Sedgemoor Witch


Sedgemoor Witch is an interesting option when discussing Modern. It offers a soft reminder on Young Pyromancer since it can create tokens due to its Magecraft ability. Admittedly, it is slightly weaker despite the number of upgrades you get for one additional mana. It can attack favorably thanks to menace, and it has a small amount of protection due to Ward. Even then, the tokens created by Sedgemoor Witch are sure to offer better upside than Elemental tokens from a Young Pyromancer, even with the extra mana cost taken into consideration.

Maybe Golgari Rock could be interested in a threat such as Sedgemoor Witch, or, it could provide the tools for Mardu Pyromancer to come back in an impactful way. Unsure where the Human Warlock will land in Modern, but there’s enough going on that it’s sure to find a home somewhere.

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Baleful Mastery


Strixhaven: School of Mages introduces an exciting new cycle called the mastery cycle. This group of cards offers an upside for your opponent if you paid less mana into the spell. Granted, letting your opponent draw a card may feel bad, but if you have a Narset, Parter of Veils on the table it starts to look more lucrative. To that end, expect to see Baleful Mastery feature in Dimir Control shells since it can exile planeswalkers and creatures cleanly.

Often you have issues when it comes to Fatal Push, as it’s unable to remove some of the higher mana value creatures such as Primeval Titan. You’ll probably want a handful of these alongside all the other impressive removal spells such as Bloodchief’s Thirst or Eliminate, giving you a wide berth of removal options for your midrange or control build.

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