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The 10 Best Group Hug Cards In Commander

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Sometimes it's about pretending to be friends with everyone. So, here are the best group hug cards for Commander to do just that.
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It’s not always about the combat or the violence in MTG, especially when it comes to Commander.

Instead, and this is incredibly true of multiplayer games, sometimes it’s about the experience.

There are plenty of ways to mess around in multiplayer Commander games, but one of the most entertaining is the group hug strategy, which is where you basically try and win the game via friendship.

Here are our picks for the best group hug cards for Commander.

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The 10 best group hug cards for Commander

There are so many good cards for this kind of strategy, if you can call it that. With cards like Font of Mythos, all of the Tempt cycle, and of course, Kynaiohs and Tiro of Meletis.

The greek boys used to stand at the top of group hug commanders, and they’re still a very good choice if you don’t mind missing out on Black cards. However, we think another card is better now, and they’re on this very list of best group hug cards for Commander.

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10 – Humble Defector


Humble Defector is very much a humble card, but it’s one with so much potential for playing kingmaker and getting people onside that you absolutely need to have it in your deck. For two mana, you get a Red 2/1 with no special combat abilities, just the ability to tap and draw two cards.

When you do this though, you then have to give an opponent control of Humble Defector. This lets you pick and choose who you want to keep close, and who you want to give extra resources too. Just be careful it doesn’t come back to haunt you.

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9 – Folio of Fancies


There are a lot of good options for Artifact-based card draw, a couple of which we’ve already mentioned, but Folio of Fancies does a little bit of everything, and we think that the versatility of the card really boosts its overall power level.

For two mana, you get a blue Artifact that makes it so that all players have no maximum hand size. Not only that, but you can pay XX and tap it to have everyone draw that many cards. Its final ability is what makes it a little scary, though, which is that for three mana, one of which is Blue, you tap it and each opponent mills a number of cards equal to their hand size.

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8 – Heartbeat of Spring


Our first Enchantment on the list is a beastly one. Sometimes the simplest way to help everyone out is to give them more mana, and while there are lots of ways to do this, Heartbeat of Spring is one of the best, especially at three mana.

For three mana you get a Green Enchantment that makes it so that whenever someone taps a Land for mana, they get to produce an additional mana of any type that Land could produce. It’s simple, but it’s great for making sure people keep you alive.

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7 – Hypergenesis


Sometimes the easiest way to make people happy is to let them play everything in their hand for free. Thankfully, that’s exactly what Hypergenesis does, and it does it very well.

The card costs three Mana to suspend for three turns, and then comes in and reads, “Starting with you, each player may put an Artifact, Creature, Enchantment, or Land card from their hand onto the battlefield. Repeat this process until no one puts a card onto the battlefield.” This allows everyone to put most of the cards in their hand into play for free, and we think that’s beautiful.

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6 – Tempt with Discovery


The Tempt cycle is all fun, but Tempt with Discovery is probably the best one, because it’s still good even if nobody else gets involves. For four mana, you get a Green Sorcery that lets you search your library for a Land card, any Land card, and then put it into play.

What’s cool about this, other than that, is that everyone other player can do the same, and for every other player that does it, you get to do it again. This can often end up with you assembling Land combos and synergies with ease, and even if only one other person gets involved, it’s more than worth the cost.

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5 – Horn of Greed


Horn of Greed sort of sounds like a Yu-Gi-Oh card, but we don’t hold that against it. Instead, we thoroughly recommend that you stick this three mana Artifact in every group hug you have, but also any decks where you’re confident you’ll be playing more land than anyone else.

When Horn of Greed is in play, every time a player plays a Land, they get to draw a card. Everyone loves drawing cards, and everyone loves playing Land cards, so this is a win-win.

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4 – Rites of Flourishing


You can do a lot with three mana when you’ve got access to nearly every card in MTG, but there aren’t many cards that do quite as much as Rites of Flourishing in a group hug setting.

Rites of Flourishing is a Green Enchantment that lets every player draw an extra card in their draw step. That’s not all though; it also allows every player to play one additional land per turn too. These two abilities synergize nicely, especially if you happen to have something like Horn of Greed out.

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3 – Braids, Conjurer Adept


Braids, Conjurer Adept, is a four mana Blue Legendary Creature. She has two power, two toughness, and is pretty terrible in a fight. Thankfully, she’s not meant to throw down; she’s meant to just chill out while everyone gets to do stuff for free.

You see, At the beginning of each player’s upkeep, that player can put an Artifact, Creature, or Land card from their hand into play. It basically means that everyone can put their biggest thing into play for free, and while there’s always a chance that she’ll die before you get to take advantage of that ability, it’ll definitely earn you some favor.

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2 – Abyssal Persecutor


It takes a lot for a Black card to be one of the best group hug cards in Commander, but Abyssal Persecutor is one hell of a card. For four mana, you get a 6/6 with flying and trample. Naturally, that amount of power has a downside, but that’s not a downside when you just want everyone to be friends.

You see, Abyssal Persecutor has text that says that your opponents can’t lose the game, and you can’t win. It’s an odd ability, but if your aim is to make everyone else happy, then this is definitely a card you want in your deck. Of course, you’ll need a commander that gives access to all of the colors to use it well…

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1 – Kenrith, the Returned King


Our final card is probably the best group hug card around because it’s the best group hug Commander, and it’s Kenrith, the Returned King. For five mana, you get a White 5/5 with five abilities. Each ability is linked to a mana color and has a different cost.

You can give all Creatures haste until end of turn, put a +1/+1 counter on a Creature, make someone gain five life, make a player draw a card, or put a Creature back into play from a graveyard under its owner’s control. It’s not just the abilities that make Kenrith good though, having access to every color means you can build in a huge amount of options in both group hug cards and also sneaky win conditions. Sure, you want everyone to have a good time, but only until you decide to end the game.

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