15, Mar, 21

Someone Opened A Beta Pack And Lucked Out With A Black Lotus

We've all had the dream of opening a Black Lotus, but not many people manage to make that a reality.
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Now, we all know that cracking packs is a bit of a risk because until you open it, it could be any card you want, or specifically the ones you don’t.

It’s one of the reasons that people prefer to play drafts with packs, or do pack wars, or basically anything other than opening them.

That’s not because opening packs isn’t fun, of course, but it doesn’t often lead to the cards you want.

Well, one man bought a pack of Beta and managed to get a Black Lotus, and the story is quite entertaining.

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We could do with X-Ray vision

The whole story, including an interview, is over on PC Gamer, but here’s the short of it.

A man called Michael, who is a partner at a New York law firm, decided to splash out a little bit and buy a Beta pack. This comes about after a chat with a friend where he and his friend were talking about the absurdity of the stock market, while discussing that MTG cards only seem to go up in value.

Well, the pack arrives a few days later and, frankly, looks a lot like an MTG pack that has seen better days. He told PC Gamer that “On Sunday when I woke up I started to reallllllly question my investment.” That’s completely understandable; buying a pack isn’t really an investment; it’s a hypothetical and a bit of a gamble. We’ve all opened plenty of packs where the value of the cards is substantially lower than the value of the pack.

Because of this, Michael took to Reddit to try and find out how to search it without opening it. The post ended up with a few people concluding it had probably already been searched, and also that he probably shouldn’t open it because it almost definitely wouldn’t be worth it.

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Beta pack equals Black Lotus?

Well, in the process of searching the pack, albeit rather unsuccessfully, Michael accidentally cracked it. “I took one last-ditch effort to search and accidentally broke the seal at the back of the pack at the seam, which left me no choice but to open it.”

Naturally, this was a pretty terrifying moment as the pack was suddenly only worth what was inside of it, and not what was potentially there.

Well, he went through the pack card by card until the final card was there in his hand, and it was a Black Lotus. “I literally blank stared at it for a few seconds. My brain was full-on loading screen,” he assumed it was a fake somehow.

He then shouted for his partner to stay away from the table and tried to find his card bag so he could put the card in a case to protect it. He once again headed to Reddit to share the good news.

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Don’t try this at home

Now, not everyone believes this to be true on Reddit, with some people claiming that it’s a ploy to boost the cost of Beta packs. On top of this, the posts have both been removed by the moderators of r/magicTCG too.

However, there’s no denying that this would be an incredibly cool thing to happen, but that doesn’t mean you should do the same.

Statistically speaking, the chances of this happening are so minute that you’d be better off playing the lottery, so don’t try and reenact this little saga yourself, as it’ll cost a pretty penny for a Beta pack.

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