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The Best Games Like Magic: Legends

While we're all waiting for Magic: Legends to make its appearance, here are some games you can play to whet your appetite.
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While we’re still waiting for Magic: Legends to come out (which has a beta you can sign up to), lots of people will be wanting to sharpen up their ARPG skills in similar games.

While there aren’t many games like Magic: Legends because of its rather unique blend of card mechanics and action, there are always loads of good games that should scratch a similar itch.

Some of these games are like Magic: Legends in that they’re the best ARPGs around, while others fit in because they use cards to fight things.

Here are the best games like Magic: Legends to help you get through the dark days before it releases.

The Best Games Like Magic: Legends

The only game that really feels as though it fits the bill perfectly is Lost Kingdoms, and we’ll get to that. However, there are a bunch of games that are similar in different ways.

Something like Slay the Spire is similar in that it has card-based combat, and there are a lot of deckbuilding games around if that’s what you’re after.

However, for this list we’ve stuck to games that are ARPGs, because they encompass more of the same game style as Magic: Legends.

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Path of Exile


We like things to be accessible here at MTG Rocks, and that means we’ve got no choice but to mention Path of Exile. Now, we know this is dangerously close to being Path to Exile, and honestly, we’ve all made the mistake of referring to one or the other as the wrong thing here. Anyway, Path of Exile is a free-to-play ARPG that has become so monstrously large that you basically need an encyclopedia to play it at this point.

That sounds daunting, but if you’re an MTG player, then you’re obviously very smart, attractive, kind, generous, and more than capable of pushing through complex systems in order to enjoy something. Path of Exile continuously gets updates with huge new additions, and it’s all really high quality. You can definitely get through most of it without ever spending any money either, which is always a nice bonus. It’s also multiplayer, and playing through the game with some friends is definitely the best way to experience it.

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Diablo 3


Diablo 3 is the benchmark for ARPG games. It released back in 2012, and while it might not have been the best ARPG ever then, it’s definitely become what could arguably be called the pinnacle of the genre now. There are, of course, two games preceding it, and also, we’re getting a remaster of the second one in the future, but if you want a Diablo game, you should be playing 3.

It’s even on Switch, and no matter where you play, it has multiplayer, an infinite endgame, and plenty of fun classes to mess around with. There are plenty of people out there with thousands of hours in Diablo 3, so if you’re purely looking for something to pass the time, then this is a hard game to beat. It’s a little more polished than most, too, thanks to being made by a small company called Blizzard.

Titan Quest


The final option for those who aren’t as bothered about the inclusion of cards is Titan Quest. The best version of this is the Anniversary Edition, but you can still play the original and have a lot of fun. What’s cool about Titan Quest is that it takes you though Greece, Egypt, and Asia, and you can journey around with your friends trying to take down these mighty foes.

It’s also recently released on mobile phones, which is a very good way to lose both your battery power and your life to an ARPG that has stood the test of time better than the vast majority of games. As with the above games, this one is multiplayer too, so it’s a great chance to work on your co-op strategies ahead of Magic: Legends being released.

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Book of Demons


Our last two choices for the best games like Magic: Legends both involve cards as well as roaming around. This is definitely the more accessible of the two games, too, as it’s available on modern hardware. Released back in 2018, Book of Demons has you crawling your way through dungeons to fight off classic evil monsters, but it’s all done with an adorable pop-up book style.

What makes Book of Demons really like Magic: Legends, though, is that you actually have to use cards to dictate a lot of what you do, and you get the joy of using those cards to obliterate your foes. Alongside the classic mode, there’s even a roguelike mode, which means you can really double down on the gameplay if you find yourself enjoying it. Plus, on top of all of that, it’s even got a demo, which means you can try it out before deciding if it’s for you or not.

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Hand of Fate 2


Finally, we have Hand of Fate 2. Hand of Fate 2 is a sequel, obviously, but it’s better than the original game in nearly every possible way. While the cards in the game will impact how you fight, you’ll be using more traditional things like axes to slay the various enemies that’ll be coming at you. You get to draw cards to decide the things that you’ll be facing as you try and make your way to the end of each challenge, and your experience will be wildly different depending on your luck in the draws.

It’s a nice mix of both deck-building and more traditional combat, and the way you’ll feel pushed by the Dealer deciding your fate makes for an incredibly intense and satisfying experience. There are no games that fit into a perfect comparison with Magic: Legends, but Hand of Fate 2 is one of the best games like Magic: Legends when it comes to being a fusion of both cards and combat. If you’re still hankering for more Magic: Legends, then why not check out the trailer and maybe even have a look at the equipment system.

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