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Best Budget Buys from Midnight Hunt: Part 2

There are a bunch of Midnight Hunt cards currently under $2.00 that are seeing tons of play in Standard. There are some great budget buys!
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There are always flashy, expensive mythic rares in each set that cost an arm and a leg to buy, and Innistrad: Midnight Hunt is no exception. But there are tons of budget options in Midnight Hunt too! Some cards costing less than $2.00 are seeing tons of play in Standard right now.

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Gruul in Standard 2022

The consensus is still out on which variant of Gruul is the best in Standard right now. In the first weeks of the newly rotated Standard format, there have been werewolf versions, Magda, Brazen Outlaw/Jaspera Sentinel versions, and more midrange variants focused on Wrenn and Seven. Regardless of which variant of Grull you want to play, several Midnight Hunt cards are prevalent in each of them, including several budget all-stars.

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Reckless Stormseeker

Reckless Stormseeker extends beyond just Gruul decks. This card will see play in all kinds of red aggressive decks during its stay in Standard. In Gruul werewolf decks in particular, though, Stormseeker can apply massive amounts of pressure in combination with Tovolar, Dire Overlord. Despite its strong presence in Standard right now, Reckless Stormseeker is about $1.00 at the time of writing.

Tovolar’s Huntmaster

Does anyone else get Grave Titan-vibes from this card? It’s six mana and makes ten power worth of bodies when it comes into play. Its attack trigger is more conditional, but it does come with the upside of letting your wolves and werewolves fight creatures at instant speed. Tovolar’s Huntmaster is a great way for Gruul decks to apply late-game pressure and it is only around $1.00 at the moment.

Briarbridge Tracker

While this card may not be as powerful as Tireless Tracker, it still has a lot going for it. Getting a Clue token immediately can be really important, and the added Vigilance is an important keyword in midrange slugfests. Briarbridge Tracker is a popular inclusion in midrange Gruul decks and both versions of it are currently under $1.00.

Outland Liberator

Qasali Pridemage was originally a common from Alara and at one point was almost $3.00. While Outland Liberator lacks Exalted, it has the benefit of flipping into Frenzied Trapbreaker, which can destroy artifacts and enchantments every time it attacks. This is a huge upside! Outland Liberator will likely be a popular sideboard inclusion during its time in Standard, which is a good reason to buy them now while they are only $0.25!

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