30, Sep, 21

Best Budget Buys from Midnight Hunt: Part 1

Some of the cheapest Midnight Hunt cards are making some of the biggest impacts in Standard. These cards are for competitive players on a budget.
Article at a Glance

Midnight Hunt has had a massive impact on the Standard format. While some cards like Wrenn and Seven cost upwards of $30.00, there are tons of cheap Midnight Hunt cards that are seeing play. Some of them are even key players in Standard and are currently under $2.00!

Izzet Dragons

Izzet Dragons was already a top Standard contender before rotation and before Midnight Hunt was released. But because of the newest Innistrad set, the deck received some new toys that are pushing it to new power levels.

Smoldering Egg

Smoldering Dragon makes a good impression of Thing in the Ice, a Standard all-star from the last time we visited Innistrad. They are both have front sides that care about casting spells and transform into game-ending threats. Smoldering Dragon is definitely living up to the power of its predecessor as far as Standard goes.

Whereas Thing in the Ice cared about the quantity of spells cast, Smoldering Dragon cares about the mana spent to cast those spells. In the context of Standard, this means Smoldering Dragon can potentially be a lot easier to transform because we can do so in less than four spells. Expressive Iteration, Cathartic Pyre, and Saw it Coming. That’s all it takes to hatch the egg.

Smoldering Egg plays a crucial part in both the Izzet Dragon and Izzet Turn decks that have been performing well in Standard. And alongside Alrund’s Epiphany, Smoldering Egg can straight-up win games.

Malevolent Hermit

Malevolent Hermit is an AMAZING sideboard card. Its front-half can help win counter-spell wars. And its back-half gives you some insurance in casting your big noncreature spells like Alrund’s Epiphany.

You’ll want this card somewhere in your 75 if you are playing blue in Standard. I’ve even seen it in the mainboard of some decklists because of how effective Benevolent Hermit is against popular cards in the format like Wrenn and Seven, Arlinn, the Pack’s Hope, and opposing Alrund’s Epiphany’s.

Dimir Control

Dimir Control has been a good way of countering all the Izzet decks running around. Playing bigger dragons like Imyrith, Desert Doom blocks opposing Goldspan Dragon’s really well. Also, having access to unconditional removal like Infernal Grasp is important when playing against lots of creatures with four toughness in the format like Smoldering Egg and Goldspan.

Memory Deluge

Memory Deluge is one of the best draw spells Standard control decks have had access to in a long time. Casting it for four mana makes a decent impression of a Fact or Fiction and at seven mana it is the equivalent of a fully costed Dig Through Time.

Memory Deluge is being included in decks beyond just Dimir Control. It will be a staple of all blue decks while it is legal in Standard.

Siphon Insight

Siphon Insight is kind of like an interesting Think Twice. Getting cards off the top of your opponent’s library adds some unpredictability, but each time you cast Siphon Insight you get to look at two cards and pick one, giving you more options as to what card you take. This spell is integral to the Dimir strategy by adding card draw and selection to the deck.

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