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2, Feb, 24

Best MTG Arena Timeless Decks - February 2024

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Article at a Glance

In late December 2023, Wizards of the Coast launched a brand new format on MTG Arena: Timeless. With no ban list, this format allows access to the strongest cards and decks that Arena has to offer. As you can imagine, this has made the launch of the format an incredibly exciting time for MTG Arena.

If you’re looking to play some Timeless, you’re in luck, as it’s a permanent new format with ranked and unranked queues. So, whether you’re looking to just have some fun or climb the ranked ladder, there’s only one thing you need first; a deck! Thankfully, we’re here to help with exactly that, as we’ve got all the best Timeless decks on MTG Arena!

10 | Belcher

Goblin Charbelcher

Infamous for once being a dominant Legacy deck, Belcher is a combo strategy capable of turn-one kills. Revolving around the namesake card Goblin Charbelcher, this unique Artifact can deal upwards of 53 damage almost immediately. While it is a bit of a glass cannon, this is obviously quite an effective and potentially devastating strategy.

Taking a look at the decklist below, you might notice something rather important is missing. Bizarrely, Belcher doesn’t run any lands. Initially, you might think this is a massive meme, however, this quirk is required for the deck to function. Without any lands, Goblin Charbelcher can reveal your entire library, allowing it to kill instantly.

Since the deck has no lands, you may well be wondering how on earth you get the seven mana required for Goblin Charbelcher. To kickstart this process, the deck uses Zendikar Rising’s modal double-faced lands. Ideally, you’ll start with Agadeem’s Awakening in your hand, since this can be played untapped. From here, copies of Dark Ritual ideally give you all the mana you need.

Unlike Legacy variants, in Timeless, you’re usually only fighting for a turn-two win at best. While this isn’t the deck’s optimal peak, it’s still more than good enough to get the job done. Unless your opponent has some early removal, they’re toast if you get this combo off. Unfortunately, in Timeless, removal isn’t too hard to come by, especially if you’re on a slower strategy.

Due to this combo’s unique strategy and vulnerable early game, it may be best to stick to Best-of-One Timeless. Here, you can avoid much of the counterplay that sideboards allow for in high-tier matches. Even there, however, Belcher can still go off, and even perform admirably in tournaments. 

9 | Izzet Pheonix

Arclight Pheonix

Despite being one of the most powerful decks in the early days of Timeless, Izzet has fallen off sharply. Losing iconic cards such as Delver of Secrets this list has been refined time and time again. Currently, this list, as it stands, isn’t too dissimilar to the Pioneer deck of the same name.

Revolving around Arclight Pheonix and Ledger Shredder this deck excels at casting cheap spells every turn. Between draw, counters, and burn, there are a plethora of cheap spells to choose from and each offers exceptional utility. Ideally, this should have you prepared for every situation in the early game.

Unfortunately, while Timeless is a rather fast format, Izzet Phoenix can fall apart quite quickly once games get going. As a result, if you’re not in the lead and winning after the first few turns, you’re in for a world of hurt. Thankfully, in best-of-three, this problem can be mitigated somewhat by the ever-resourceful Sideboard full of more controlling options.

8 | Rakdos Burn

Bump in the Night

Following swiftly on from Izzet Pheonix, Rakdos Burn is also performing well as a devastating Tier 1 deck in Timeless. Similarly utilizing an incredibly aggressive strategy, Rakdos Burn is all about whittling, or rather blitzing down opponents. To do this, as the name suggests, the deck employs an assortment of the most powerful burn spells.

Most interesting among this list and my personal favorite choice is Bump in the Night. Doubling up the amount of Lightning Bolts, this card keeps the damage flowing. Speaking of keeping the damage flowing, Light up the Stage is this deck’s main tool for exactly that.

Alongside all the damaging instants and sorceries, Rakdos Burn also has a fair few creatures. Each piling on additional damage, apart from Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer this deck really doesn’t stop. Thanks to Lurrus of the Dream-Den being this deck’s Companion, calling this deck nonstop is putting it lightly.

7 | Red Deck Wins

Lightning Bolt

As usual, by the numbers, Red Deck Wins is one of the most popular archetypes on MTG Arena. This is largely due to the game’s efficiency and speed, alongside its surprising affordability. Not breaking the Wildcard bank, this deck is a great option if you want to dive into Timeless quickly.

Speaking of quickly, like many mono-red decks, this one wins by steamrolling opponents with constant value and damage. While this is always an effective strategy, it’s even more potent in Timeless due to the lack of a banlist. With Lightning Bolt and Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer being playable, this Timeless deck is no slouch.

This is further bolstered by the popularity of Fetch Lands in the format. Between Fetches and Shocks, many Timeless players may be doing the work of the Burn player for them, sacrificing oodles of life for their mana selection.

While Red Deck Wins is a fantastic strategy for blitzing through games in a flash, it’s definitely beatable. So much so, in fact, that you rarely see mono-red decks while playing Timeless Best of Three. Here, the aggressive strategies of this deck can be counted or downright hosed. As a result, if you want to play with this deck, you’re best sticking to Best-of-One and hoping you get favorable matchups. 

6 | 4 Color Omnath

Omnath, Locus of Creation

While it’s far from the most popular deck in Timeless right now, it is definitely one of the best on MTG Arena. Boasting incredible win rates in the format’s early days, 4 Color Omnath is full of devastating heavy hitters. You could just as easily call this deck 4 Color Banned Stuff and it would work just as well.

As the name suggests, the core of the deck revolves around Omnath, Locus of Creation. Thanks to Fetch Lands being a part of Timeless, this already iconic card has reached new heights on MTG Arena. Capable of easily triggering their mana ramping Landfall ability, Omnath provides gas to play all the best spells available. 

Speaking of those best spells, this deck uses all the iconic spells that Historic wishes it had. We’ve got all the classic Instants like Brainstorm, Lightning Bolt, and Swords to Plowshares. As if that wasn’t enough, Oko, Thief of Crowns and Teferi, Time Raveler are also here.

To round out this controlling list, we also have the companion Jegantha, the Wellspring. For better or worse, this Companion is unlikely to determine the fate of a lot of games, but they’re nevertheless a nice free addition.

5 | Jund

Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes

Within recent years, it seems that red and black players have been eating incredibly well. Between Sheoldred, the Apocalypse, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Orcish Bowmasters, and more, Rakdos players have had no end of options. As if these weren’t good enough already, rolling the clocks back a few years and adding an extra color provides even more spice.

With an immense assortment of powerful spells at the deck’s disposal, it’s safe to say Jund is a powerful archetype. If decision-making and fair games won on a edge of a knife are your cup of tea, it’s time to Jund’em out! Despite this moniker and assortment of the best creatures, Jund typically requires a lot of thought and skill to pilot properly.

To make matters more confusing, the sideboard that Jund has at its disposal is absolutely fantastic. While this is definitely a good thing, it means you always need to make the right decisions when playing best-of-three. For that first game, however, typically you can rely on immense power to overwhelm your opponent.

Want removal? Orcish Bowmasters has you covered. How about some aggro? Look no further than Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer and Dragon’s Rage Channeler. Something to cast your green mana on? Minsc & Boo, Timeless Heroes is here for Hamster based shenanigans.

4 | Rakdos Bombardment

Goblin Bombardment

Today, we’re going to play a deck that’s as old as pain itself; Bombardment. As you might expect from the name, this deck revolves around Goblin Bombardment. Used to ping your opponent to death, this strategy utilizes countless creatures that just won’t quit. If that wasn’t enough having Lurrus of the Dream-Den as your Companion keeps the graveyard open.

Outside of Goblin Bombardment chipping in for extra damage or removal, Rakdos Bombardment is an aggro deck at its core. That being said, only one card in the deck, Bloodghast, has Haste, and that effect is conditional! Despite this Rakdos Bombardment still piles on the pressure through aggressive threats like nti, Seneschal of the Sun and Orcish Bowmasters.

Alongside these aggressive staples, Rakdos Bombardment also has some growing major threats. Scaling off this deck’s graveyard-filling antics, Stalactite Stalker gets huge incredibly quickly. With cards coming in and out of the graveyard like no tomorrow, Stalactite Stalker can quickly threaten massive damage.

At the end of the day, while it is still an aggro strategy, this deck is incredibly reliable. But having the graveyard available as a resource, Rakdos Bombardment isn’t as easily plagued by removal. Ultimately, even with this deck’s compelling sideboard, you’ll likely find the most luck in Best-of-One matches.

3 | Domain Zoo

Territorial Kavu

If you’re after a varied smorgasbord of creatures in your Timeless deck, Domain Zoo has you covered. Offering a Monkey, Cats, Orcs, a Werewolf, and even Kavu, this deck has it all. Put all these creatures together into a monster mash, and you actually have an incredibly compelling deck. Built around the surprisingly easy-to-activate Domain ability thanks to the introduction of Fetch Lands, this deck offers exceptional value and variety.

Beyond having plenty of variety, the Domain archetype of this deck is also seriously strong. Providing buffs to almost every creature, the Cats and Kavu in this deck all punch above their weight. Alongside that, there’s also devastating Domain removal like Tribal Flames and Leyline Binding.

As fun and interesting as Domain Zoo can be, unfortunately, it can be completely hosed by Blood Moon. Thankfully, to counteract this, a sideboard with added removal and enchantment denial should do the trick. 

2 | Titan Field

Primeval Titan

Surprisingly, Titan Field is another deck surprisingly similar to one of the best decks in Pioneer. Well, they share half a name and a theme, at least. Revolving around Primeval Titan this deck is all about ramp and playing massive creatures. As the name suggests Field of the Dead is also a massive source of land-based value.

Setting itself apart from Amulet Titan in Pioneer, Titan Field in Historic has some classic and rather unusual cards. On the top end Craterhoof Behemoth offers game-ending damage in an instant. Alongside this classic MTG favorite, Titan Field also uses an Alchemy card; Kami of Bamboo Groves.

Providing this deck with additional ramp or Forests to play, this unique spirit is surprisingly great in Timeless. The deck’s real killer card, however, is unsurprisingly Natural Order. Allowing players to cast this deck’s best and most expensive cards for cheap, this tutor is vital to winning games. Should you not be able to find a copy, however, Fierce Empath can work in a pinch.

In best-of-one, Titan Field is more than capable of rolling an unprepared opponent who can’t keep up with constant bombs. In Best-of-Three matchups, however, the deck still holds its own thanks to a sideboard splash of white. Adding in its own removal, denial, and uncounterable creatures, this deck is prepared for most situations.

1 | Mono Black Necro


Last but not least, nothing is beating Necropotence in Timeless right now. It’s so strong that we wrote an entire article about it, this deck is currently many players’ go-to in Timeless.

Effectively an offshoot of the Storm deck from earlier, Mono Black Necro doesn’t pin its win on a combo. Instead, the deadly duo of Necropotence and Bolas’s Citadel are used to play major threats. Speaking of threats, Orcish Bowmasters and Sheoldred, the Apocalypse are usually the main choices.

Alongside the mono-black staple threats, the main Mono Black Necro shell also boasts plenty of removal. Between Fatal Push and The Meathook Massacre this allows the deck to effectively deny aggressive decks. Thanks to the near-endless draw from Necropotence, a lack of removal is never something you have to worry about.

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