12, Feb, 21

Will MTG Arena Have Two-Headed Giant

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Will we ever see the glory of Two-Headed Giant in MTG Arena?
Article at a Glance

MTG Arena is a lot of fun, and we’re finally at a point where we have features like a friends list and the ability to play it together with people we know we can put on tilt (be nice to randoms, crush your friends).

It’s gotten to a point now where people are looking ahead and wondering about other features that they’d love to see.

It’s natural that people are, therefore, wondering about things like multiplayer. We’re not talking about 1v1s here, but games with four players.

How likely is it that we ever see a game mode like Two-Headed Giant in MTG Arena?

What is Two-Headed Giant?

Two-Headed Giant is a style of game that pits two players against two other players.

From a judge’s perspective, it’s its own beast. It comes with special rules and interactions to learn that can make it a bit of a pain to judge, but a lot of fun to play.

It’s a really popular way of doing pre-releases, and it’s just a good way to enjoy the fun of a multiplayer game but without less mathematical computations than something like a full four-player free for all.

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Will we ever get Two-Headed Giant in MTG Arena?

The crux of this issue is that MTG Arena is clearly not designed to have more than two players in a game at any given time.

There’s no way to scroll around the battlefield, only one life counter on either side, only room for one hand, and a plethora of other problems.

It means that this isn’t just a simple matter of hitting a button, but likely a massive job involving a complete upheaval of MTG Arena. That means we’re probably a long way away from ever seeing it happen.

The problem here is that with limiting factors like this, it’s very hard to see how MTG Arena can ever really stand atop the other ways of playing MTG digitally. It can be as clean and fancy-looking as it wants, but without the functionality that a lot of players want, it simply won’t cut the cheese, or float the boat, or whatever else you want to do.

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