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20, Jun, 22

Will Double Masters 2022 Have A Prerelease?

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It feels like one of the most hectic years in Magic: The Gathering’s history as 2022 is set to jump straight from back to back Standard and Commander sets into another brand new product release. Double Masters 2022 is a completely different beast, so will it be getting the same prerelease treatment as other sets?

Let’s take a look at what we know so far in relation to a prerelease for Double Masters 2022.

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Double Masters 2022 Prerelease

liliana the last hope double masters 2022

At present, there are no plans for a standard prerelease for Double Masters 2022. This has always been the case for compilation sets as they tend to be very limited in their appeal compared to a new Standard, Commander or Modern set.

While there are no plans for prerelease events in the traditional sense, Wizards of the Coast have announced a week of preview events that will take place in local game stores. It is expected that you can play draft events with Double Masters 2022 ahead of its release and you may even be able to take home a booster box at this time. These preview events will start on Friday, 1 July.

The full release of Double Masters 2022 however, will not take place until Friday, 8 July. So the exclusivity of these events certainly follows the path of a traditional prerelease but not in the sense that prerelease kits and certain other products being available to take home or purchase that day.

Should anything change in this regard, we will be sure to keep you updated. That news will have to come soon though as the preview season for Double Masters 2022 is already nearly upon us!

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