15, Aug, 23

Wilds of Eldraine Boasts Full-Art and Confetti Foil Cards!

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Wilds of Eldraine is coming soon, and with it, there’s a lot of cool content to keep our eyes out for. Various spoilers, more information about the Enchanting Tales bonus sheet, and more await us. As we brace ourselves for this fairy tale-focused set, there’s a lot to unpack. One of the more unique characteristics of this set is the numerous different card styles that will be available.

Wilds of Eldraine is jam-packed with interesting card styles and artwork, designed to show off the scenic plane of Eldraine and beyond. Some of these card variants are reminiscent of those introduced in Throne of Eldraine, while others feature relatively new concepts. For anyone who enjoys opening collector booster packs and collecting lots of different card treatments, you’re in luck. Today, we are focusing on all of these cool card treatments and where you can expect to find them, starting off with a booster fun treatment that may be nostalgic for those who enjoyed the Throne of Eldraine aesthetics.

Storybook Adventures

Cruel Somnophage

Storybook cards are an example of Showcase cards that are designed to do just that: show off the set’s design in a way that embodies the spirit of the set. From Dominaria’s stained glass artwork to Theros Beyond Death’s starry Constellation cards, Showcase cards really capture the vibe of each set they appear in. In the case of Wilds of Eldraine, we are getting a group of Adventure cards with unique Storybook treatment. This style is a direct throwback to Throne of Eldraine, which not only introduced Storybook card treatment, but also introduced Showcase cards in general.

Wilds of Eldraine is set to feature seven mythic rare and 13 rare Adventure cards with Storybook artwork. These cards in particular have pretty entwining vines along the border, and the edges of the textboxes make it feel like the card is getting its own story. These cards can be found in draft, set, and collector booster packs alike. If you’re a fan of these Adventure cards with Storybook booster fun treatment, the next group of cards should be right up your alley as well.

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Full-Art Storybook Basic Lands


If the world of Zendikar was any indication, many players love full-art Lands. If you love them too, you’re in luck. Wilds of Eldraine draft, set, and collector boosters can all feature these beautiful full-art Lands. Collector booster packs in particular are also guaranteed to have one foil full-art basic Land. These Lands each utilize a relatively dark background with artwork specific to each basic Land type, such as a vast meandering waterway to represent the basic Island.

There are a lot of black and brown shades used throughout all five basic Lands. Whether showing off numerous tree roots on the basic Plains or unstable bridges on the basic Mountain, all of these dark colors add to the creepy aesthetic of the wilderness, perfectly distinguishing Wilds of Eldraine from various other sets. While these full-art Lands do look very pretty, they have nothing on the next group of cards.

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Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet

Prismatic Omen

The Enchanting Tales bonus sheet is a cool edition to Wilds of Eldraine booster packs. There are a total of 63 Enchanting Tales cards to look forward to, and as the name suggests, every card in this bonus sheet is an Enchantment. For those unfamiliar with bonus sheets, they provide players with a collection of reprints that are meant to highlight certain features of the set they are in. The Borthers’ War, for example, a set heavily focused around conflict between Urza and Mishra that was previously portrayed in Antiquities, shows off retro Artifacts in its bonus sheet. For a set like Wilds of Eldraine that hones in on a fairy-tale subtheme, especially within its various Sagas, the use of exclusive Enchantments for the bonus sheet fits nicely.

Importantly, just like with the Multiverse Legends featured in March of the Machine’s bonus sheet, these Enchanting Tales cards appear in every single booster pack, including draft and set boosters. Draft and set booster packs each contain one Enchanting Tales card slot. Each Enchantment evokes the aesthetics of Eldraine with Storybook artwork, and tons of cool Enchantments throughout Magic’s past are used. This even includes some expensive Commander staples, such as Doubling Season and Smothering Tithe, though beware, prices of bonus sheet cards tend to plummet rather quickly.

Of note, these reprints do not affect the card’s legality. Even though Wilds of Eldraine is a Standard set, these Enchanting Tales cards are not Standard legal. They are, however, totally fine to play in Limited, and just like the Ikoria Companions featured in March of the Machine’s Multiverse Legends bonus sheet, these cards can drastically alter the draft environment. They are confirmed to appear in every draft pack and set booster, and collector boosters will each have three or four of them. These cards are gorgeous, and some of them have the potential for even more unique treatment.

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Anime Artwork

Rhystic Study

Of the 63 Enchanting Tales cards, 20 of them have the opportunity to showcase anime artwork, exclusively from Japanese artists. While bonus sheet cards do tend to drop in price a fair bit, anime cards are often in quite high demand. Again, these special Enchanting Tales versions can be found in draft, set, and collector boosters. Everyone who opens packs has a chance to get in on the fun.

That being said, there is one more type of Enchanting Tales treatment that is exclusive to the cards with anime artwork. Found only in a subset of collector booster packs, some of these Enchanting Tales anime cards boast confetti foil treatment. It’s unclear exactly how rare these confetti foil cards will be compared to their traditional anime counterparts, but they definitely could end up being rather expensive. Wizards of the Coast clearly decided to go all out with the booster fun treatment of cards in this set, so if you are looking for some extra bling for your Commander decks, this set could be exactly what you’re looking for.

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