18, Sep, 23

Wilds of Eldraine Causes Food Sleeper to Increase 2180% in Price!

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Article at a Glance

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell some trending cards for the week, it feels like tradition at this point that we glance at MTG finance to start the week. Notably, we already took a look at some Commander cards that have become incredibly easy-to-access thanks to the Enchanted Tales Bonus Sheet. If you’re looking for a deal, I would consider reading that article.

While we recently covered some Commander upgrades concerning Wilds of Eldraine, there are a few more shifts to discuss. Most regard recent changes to Wilds of Eldraine cards thanks to competitive formats. Let’s take a look!

Agatha’s Soul Cauldron

Agatha’s Soul Cauldron is now the most expensive card in Wilds of Eldraine. It has completely left Beseech the Mirror in the dust.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Beseech the Mirror didn’t meet its expectations. Agatha’s Soul Cauldron just smashed its expectations and is currently performing better than Beseech the Mirror in formats that players care about.

That format, by the way, is primarily Modern. While Beseech the Mirror is seeing some play in Mono Black decks, Agatha’s Soul Cauldron has become ‘stock’ in two of Modern’s most powerful archetypes: Yawgmoth combo and Hardened Scales.

Thanks to the Soul Cauldron’s ability to grant +1/+1 counters and enable a ludicrous amount of infinite combos, it has heavily overperformed expectations. While Beseech the Mirror was an easy card to look at and see where it could fit in older formats like Legacy, players needed to test out the Cauldron before we could see just how effective it is. Now that we know that Agatha’s Soul Cauldron is one of the best things to be doing, its price has gone up appropriately.

Since the beginning of September, Agatha’s Soul Cauldron started spiking from $15 to $45 at its most basic variant according to TCGplayer prices. Agatha’s Soul Cauldron’s most premium variant (Extended art foil) is currently going for $70.

Virtue of Persistence

In terms of constructed play, of the new cycle of Adventure enchantment cards, Virtue of Persistence seems to be the clear winner. The enchantment is seeing heavy competitive play in multiple Standard archetypes, and some fringe play in Pioneer. The card is also, obviously, quite capable in Commander.

For slower formats where turn seven is easily achievable, Virtue of Persistence has everything. You can kill a creature and gain some life in the early/mid game, and Virtue of Persistence becomes a win condition in the lategame. Sure, the card doesn’t do anything on the turn it resolves, but it is very difficult to play an attrition game against a resolved Virtue of Persistence.

Thanks to an increase in interest, Virtue of Persistence has increased in price from $5.70 to $9, but is selling for $12 at the higher end of things. This is a rather recent spike, so do expect future developments.

Questing Druid

Questing Druid’s impact on multiple competitive MTG formats continues to cause price increases, and it’s not surprising to see why. Regardless of whether its Legacy, Pioneer, Standard or Modern, Questing Druid is seeing play everywhere to varying degrees of success.

The big reason for this card’s success is its ability to accumulate card advantage and offer a growing threat. Other creatures capable of doing this in different ways have also proven popular. Ledger Shredder is an example of this.

Some examples of how Questing Druid is making an impact on various metagames can be found in our breakdown of the card here.

Financially, Questing Druid’s cheapest variant has seen a price increase from 50 cents at the beginning of the month to approaching $3 on average. That said, Questing Druid’s normal variant has sold for as much as $5 in recent days.

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Uptick in Food Synergies?

Alongside the new Faerie Typal and Aura-focused synergies present in Wilds of Eldraine’s Commander preconstructed offerings, some food cards from the Lord of the Rings Food and Fellowship Commander deck are also seeing some financial upticks. This is likely thanks to Food being a core mechanic for the past two set releases.

Feasting Hobbit

Feasting Hobbit is a massive potential threat for Food-based Commander decks. For just two mana and three food tokens, you get access to an 11/11 beater that can’t be blocked by most creatures. That’s incredibly scary, and should be an auto-include in any food-based Commander deck. Do note that Feasting Hobbit can Devour any number of Food tokens, so it could be even bigger.

Unsurprisingly, the explosive potential behind Feasting Hobbit has driven some to try it in the Legacy format. It hasn’t seen too much play there, however. The main draw for this card is indeed Commander.

Over the last two months, Feasting Hobbit has seen a price spike from less than a dollar to $6 at its peak according to TCGplayer market values. That said, Feasting Hobbit is currently selling for $7-8 on average.

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Treebeard, Gracious Host

For any who do not remember Treebeard from the Lord of the Rings movies, it was the Ent that Mary and Pippin rode towards Isengard.

Treebeard offers a nice mix of abilities that benefit a Food strategy, but is equally strong in a deck focused on lifegain. In addition to offering Food, Treebeard can put +1/+1 counters on itself (and other Hobbits/Treefolk you control) equal to the amount of life you gain. Treebeard offers six life with the Food tokens it creates, which is sort of a 6/11 for eight mana at worst.

While Treebeard is strong in a Food deck, the card probably fits better in a generic lifegain strategy. Either way, Treebeard has been rising in price, increasing from a dollar in the middle of August to a market value of $4.50.

Sales for Treebeard are all over the place at the moment, but $3 and $6 seem to be the most common selling points. Otherwise, the most that Treebeard has sold for in recent weeks is $12.

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