16, Sep, 23

These Reprinted Commander Staples Dropped to Under $2!

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From a financial perspective, one of the best things Wizards of the Coast has implemented in recent Standard sets is the Bonus Sheet. Giving Draft an exciting splash of color, the Bonus Sheets, perhaps most importantly, allows Wizards of the Coast to reprint in-demand staples in an easy-to-access way.

The issue with reprinting powerhouses in older formats in Standard sets has traditionally been that they could warp the format too much. Printing Blood Moon in Standard could just invalidate some of the more popular strategies, for example, like the new five-colored Cascade-style deck.

Since there are so many of these cards being opened, thanks to players getting something from the Enchanted Tales Bonus Sheet in every Wilds of Eldraine pack, some reprinted goodies have seen significant price drops! If you’ve been looking for one of these cards and are okay with not having the anime copies of them, here are some of the Enchanted Tales cards that have dropped in price the most!

Utopia Sprawl

Utopia Sprawl seems rather unassuming since it is now an uncommon in Wilds of Eldriane, but this Enchanted Tales card was actually worth a fair bit before its reprinting. Utopia Sprawl is one of the better ramping options in the Modern format, so it sees some play there. The card also sees play in almost every Aura and Enchantment focused Commander deck that can run it. Utopia Sprawl both ramps mana and can draw cards off of effects like Enchantress’s Prescence and Sythis, Harvest’s Hand.

For that reason, prior to Utopia Sprawl’s reprint, the card was worth about $5. You can now find copies of Utopia Sprawl for as low as 20 cents.

Premium Graveyard Hate

Back during Hogaak Summer, where Leyline of the Void was considered a mandatory maindeck, the card was worth $17! The card remains one of the best graveyard hate pieces out there thanks to coming down pre-game if you open with it in your hand. For that reason, prior to the Enchanted Tales reprint, Leyline of the Void maintained a price of $7ish. You can now find Leyline of the Void for $1.50.

Rest in Peace has a similar story. Capable of a very similar effect to Leyline of the Void, Rest in Peace was worth about $7.90 prior to the card’s reprint announcement in Wilds of Eldraine. Now, you can find Enchanted Tales copies of the card for less than a dollar.

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Polluted Bonds

Of all the price drops caused by Enchanted Tales reprintings, Polluted Bonds may be the biggest one. Originally only printed in Shadowmoor, Polluted Bonds didn’t see a ton of play. It did, however, see play in the Commander format thanks to the card’s ability to drain players for a ton of life over the course of a game, especially if Landfall decks are at the table.

The Alara block was heavily shortprinted, meaning that supply for exclusive printings to these sets are much smaller than usual. This means that any interest in players playing exclusive printings from this era will cause the cards to spike heavily in price. For that reason, Polluted Bonds commonly demanded a $25 price tag.

Now that Polluted Bonds has seen its first reprint in Wilds of Eldraine, demand for the card appears to be sated instantly. While Shadowmoor Polluted Bonds can still be somewhat expensive, you can find Enchanted Tales copies for somewhere between $1-2 at the time of writing this article.

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Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarm is a Commander card primarily played to create a series of different infinite combos. Its not too difficult to take advantage of the card’s ability to untap all your creatures every time a creature enters the battlefield with some setup.

Perhaps the easiest way to abuse this card is by utilizing Kiki-Jiki, Mirror-Breaker. As long as you have another nonlegendary creature in play, Kiki-Jiki taps to copy it. The copy will enter, untapping all of your creatures with Intruder Alarm, including Kiki-Jiki. Kiki-Jiki can then create another token and repeat the loop. All Tokens created by Kiki-Jiki have Haste, allowing you to win the game with infinite attackers on the spot.

With all that in mind, Intruder Alarm commonly fetched a price just over $10 prior to the Enchanted Tales release. You can now find Intruder Alarm for just $1.

Phyrexian Unlife

Phyrexian Unlife isn’t really a Commander staple, but the card still had secondary market value thanks to being part of an annoying combo. It’s kind of infinite but, instead of killing an opponent, it makes it so you cannot take any damage.

Phyrexian Unlife basically grants the player an extra ten life. Your life going to zero cannot kill you. In exchange, once you hit zero life, you’ll start taking damage in Poison Counters. Once you hit ten Poison, you lose the game.

If you get this down with a card like Solemnity, you simply will be unable to gain Poison Counters. This means you can’t take damage.

A year ago, Phyrexian Unlife was worth $4. It’s now not even worth a dollar.

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Oppression is kind of a nasty card to be playing in a game of casual Commander. Regardless, discard-oriented decks love it. The effect is rather simple- any player who casts a spell must discard a card. This creates topdeck situations quickly, generally favoring you since you likely have a contingency plan to break parity.

Oppression was rather consistently worth $15 prior to the reprint in Enchanted Tales. Between its printings in Urza’s Saga and Seventh Edition and The List, there have not been very accessible reprints of Oppression up to this point. As a result, the card is now worth less than a dollar thanks to the reprinting.

There are far more cards that saw price reductions thanks to the Enchanted Tales bonus sheet, but these are some of the biggest reductions to cards that dropped to under $2. Blood Moon, Omniscience, Fiery Emancipation and more also saw massive drops, but still hold price tags slightly above the $2 mark.

If any of the reprints provided by the Enchanted Tales Bonus Sheet interest you, I would consider giving it a try.

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