streets of new capenna prerelease
19, Apr, 22

When is the MTG Streets of New Capenna Prerelease?

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With the arrival of Magic: The Gathering’s next standard set – Streets of New Capenna – just around the corner, you’re probably wondering when prerelease will take place? If you missed the previous announcements, you might also wonder why things are different this time around.

Well, let us take you through everything there is to know including when prerelease is and what has changed versus previous set releases.

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When is the Streets of New Capenna Prerelease?

unleash the inferno streets of new capenna
Wizards of the Coast

Things are being done a little different – and many would say, better – when it comes to the Streets of New Capenna prerelease. No longer is MTG Arena the first place to get your hands on or play with the new cards.

Instead, we’re reverting somewhat to ensure that the first chance anyone has to experience a new MTG set is at their local game store. Prerelease will take place on Friday, 22 April and is now an in-store only event. Certain outlets are still offering at-home experiences but it’s no longer a widely adopted approach.

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The Covid-19 Pandemic changed the approach that Wizards of the Coast took toward each set release but now that things are a little more normal again, another change was needed.

Fans had become tired of Arena being shown preference over the paper version of the game so this decision from WotC is a big win-win situation. The one-day early access that Arena had could ruin in-person events as payers could already have experience playing and drafting with the new set.

Many of these players will still happily log on to Arena when the set is available but their old-school prerelease experience is back! Will you be heading to your LGS at prerelease or waiting that extra week to go big when Streets of New Capenna is officially released?

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