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What Is Sealed In Magic: The Gathering?

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What is Sealed in Magic: The Gathering? Well, let us give you the low down on this fun format.
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There are a lot of different constructed formats in Magic: The Gathering, and while they’re all good fun, it’s important to build your skill in the game by also playing the limited formats. Limited formats offer a chance to mess around with skills you don’t always use in constructed formats, and that’s a great way to make sure you’re as good as you can be in every aspect of the game.

While Draft is generally considered the more popular of the two formats, Sealed is a huge amount of fun to play, and if you’re looking to find a fun way to begin your deckbuilding, this is a great format to pick, because that’s a big part of the experience.

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What is Sealed in Magic: The Gathering?


Sealed is a limited format where you have to build your own deck from scratch. To do this, you open six booster packs at the beginning of the event, and then construct a deck that contains at least forty cards. As with Draft, you can add in any number of Basic Lands even if you didn’t open them in your packs.

Sealed is a lot of fun because you get to build around the limitations that your packs present to you, but also because everyone has more or less the same chance of having an incredible deck. The only way to boost your chances of winning outside of playing well and getting lucky with your pulls, is the deck construction itself. This makes it a great format for people who love building decks or want to learn how to do so.

You can play Sealed at a lot of tournaments and events, but every pre-release event is usually a Sealed event too, so the chances are that you’ve already tried it out at some point, even if you didn’t realise it. It’s also a lot of fun to mess around with a mix of different packs when doing something like this, and you can organise those yourself with your friends.

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