dominaria united
23, Aug, 22

Unexpected Card Errors Continue to Affect MTG's Most Recent Set

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Article at a Glance

Dominaria United is shaping up to be an exciting set. Some cards look incredibly powerful, while other Mythics look surprisingly washed down. Regardless of how powerful the text makes a card seem, it has a huge impact. Why do we mention text specifically in this article’s introduction? A rather hilarious card error was discovered amongst the premium versions of Dominaria United’s spoiler cards. We have no confirmation whether this card iteration will be available in paper, but I would love to get my hands on a full-art Llanowar Greenwidow.

Llanowar Greenwidow

Llanowar Greenwidow is not the worst creature in the world. This three mana 4/3 with Reach and Trample plays really well in Domain decks. Should Llanowar Greenwidow die or enter the graveyard through other means, Llanowar Greenwidow can bring itself back once. Eight mana may seem like a lot, but with five different basic land types, this cost can be reduced to just three.

The error on this card was first highlighted on Reddit by user Mewtwohundred. As long as you’re reading the card, it isn’t easy to miss. Two instances of the word ‘tapped’ appear beside one another, with the second ‘tapped’ being its own sentence. Redditors had a field day with this one.

A Noticeable Pattern

This Llanowar Greenwidow seems to continue a series of printing errors presented in spoiler cards present in recent sets. The two most prominent examples of this come from Rosewater’s introduction of an Unfinity card and some required errata for MTG’s most recent Commander Legends set.

When presenting this wacky Eternal Legal card, a printing error resulted in Rosewater’s Blogatog being bombarded with questions regarding Magar of the Magic Strings‘ legality. As is present in the pictures above, one of these cards is clearly marked to be Eternal Legal, while the other one is not. To recap, the presence of an Acorn Security Stamp at the bottom of an Unfinity card (usually where the Rare stamp is found), like the one in the bottom picture, indicates that a card is not Eternal Legal for various reasons. Fortunately, Rosewater cleared this misunderstanding, stating that Magar is indeed Eternal Legal. If you want to read more about this, we have covered it in more detail.

Baldur’s Gate Errata

dynaheir, invoker adept

The other serious printing error discovered in recent sets required an errata upon the release of Baldur’s Gate. At the same time, some of these errata resulted from clarity, and some impact the card’s rulings. Pictured above is the most serious of these errata, where mana abilities would cause Dynaheir, Invoker Adept to lose their ability for no gain. The ruling here is a little complex, and we’ve gone into more detail in a previous article. If your Commander pod is constantly using Baldur’s Gate cards, you may want to look into this one to ensure they aren’t unintentionally cheating!

It’s All About Communication

While these printing errors are frustrating for the player base, it isn’t anything that can’t be solved by solid communication. While Wizards of the Coast did a good job communicating errata to more vigilant players, many MTG Commander players are not engaged with digital news. Personally, I had to notify players of these Baldur’s Gate errata when drafting the set, as they directly impacted the results of some matches. When dealing with the Unfinity error, Rosewater did a fantastic job touching with the player base and clearing up the uncertainty regarding Magar’s legality. Hopefully, this will not become a deeply established issue, but as long as communication remains strong regarding them, things should be ok. Should these errors see paper printings, we will likely see some notification from MTG’s creators.

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