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Unexpected $75 Reprint Appears in Awesome MTG Festival in a Box

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For those who enjoy traveling to big MTG conventions, one of the biggest MagicCon events is happening in just a couple weeks. From events such as the Secret Lair Showdown to the massive $100,000 Limited Open, MagicCon Las Vegas has a lot to offer for those who attend. It will also feature the Magic World Championship, where some of the best MTG players will come to battle it out for money and glory. The event should be a lot of fun for anyone who can make it.

Of course, traveling can be quite expensive. It can also be difficult to take the time to make the trek out. As such, Wizards of the Coast has designed a product full of various MagicCon items that will be going on sale this Thursday at 9 AM Pacific Time. This collection of MagicCon merchandise is known as the Festival in a Box. This is a returning deal that has had its variety of values associated. Is the MagicCon Vegas Festival in a Box worth it? Is it better than past offers? Let’s take a look!

Festival in a Box Items

These “Festival in a Box” sales are designed to give players that cannot attend a MagicCon a handful of MTG products that they may have been able to obtain at the event. In some cases, these products are more than worth buying when on sale. This was certainly the case with the products featured in the Festival in a Box: Minneapolis 2023. In that case, the Festival in a Box showcased an Arcane Signet promo, the “Legendary Flyers” Foil edition Secret Lair drop, a Phyrexia: All Will Be One draft booster box, a draft booster box of the Brother’s War, and a Mystery Booster Convention Edition booster box.

All of this was on sale for $270. Considering that the value of these products combined was worth almost $500, this was an absolute steal. Luckily, it appears that this is indeed the case for the Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023 as well. There are some key differences between the inclusions of these two sales, so let’s take a closer look at the specific inclusions for the Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023.

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Booster Product

Perhaps the biggest inclusion in the Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023 that has been a staple for these deals is the Mystery Booster Convention Edition booster box. These boxes are still worth a decent chunk of money. While they have fallen close to $40 in value over the last six months, they are still going for over $180 on TCGplayer. Given that the entire Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023 collection is going on sale for $250, this booster box alone almost pays for everything. Luckily, though, there’s a lot more in store.

Rather than including any specific booster boxes, this particular Festival in a Box contains 24 booster packs from across 11 different sets. Most of these sets are Standard legal, but there are three Modern Horizons Two draft boosters and one Dominaria Remastered draft booster that are worth slightly more. While there is some variation between the value of a draft booster from each Standard-legal set, they are primarily worth between $3 and $4. Modern Horizons Two packs currently sit at about $6 and Dominaria Remastered draft boosters sit at about $5 on TCGplayer. After adding the value of all of these packs up, it appears the chaos draft 24 booster grab bag is worth nearly $100.

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Promo Cards

The last two items available in the Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023 sale involve specific promo cards. The first of these promo cards is Relentless Rats, with beautiful artwork from Graham Yarrington. At MagicCon Las Vegas, these promos are handed out to players who spend over $150 at the show store on site. This promo is exclusive to MagicCon Las Vegas, so it could end up holding a somewhat hefty price tag. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact price, however, and given that these promos are part of the Festival in a Box deal as well, it’s unclear if they will maintain a high price tag or not.

However, there is one series of promos that could be worth a large sum of money. The last product in the Festival in a Box is Dan Frazier’s Mox Box, which shows off a group of foil-etched, retro-framed cards from Dan Frazier himself. This Mox Box contains three cards, one of which is fairly expensive even in its cheapest form. The first card is Mox Tantalite, which is worth about $6 in traditional Modern Horizons form. Next is Sol Ring, which is worth very little traditionally, but the massive amount of play this card sees in Commander means that premium variants definitely have some interest. Saving the best for last, the heavy hitter is Mox Opal. Traditional versions of Mox Opal go for $75+, and this promo has the opportunity to go for more.

While it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what the Festival in a Box: Las Vegas products are worth, the sale seems to be a slam dunk. The Mystery Booster product, 24 draft boosters, and Mox Opal are collectively worth much more than $250 as it is, and you still get even more promos to boot! Even if prices do come down a bit after more and more people take advantage of this sale, the value is certainly there. If you enjoy collecting cards with unique and fancy treatments, your chance is right around the corner.

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