13, Jun, 23

Upcoming MTG MagicCon Features Massive $100,000 Open Event!

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Today, thanks to the latest Weekly MTG, players finally got to see some information on MagicCon: Las Vegas. Set to take place from the 22nd to the 24th of September, MagicCon: Las Vegas features a wide variety of events for all types of MTG players. Some well-received events from past MagicCons such as the Command Zone will be returning alongside some big new things to look forward to. Let’s break down what to expect.

What is a MagicCon?

Beginning with Magic 30, MagicCon is a series of festivals held in celebration of Magic’s 30th anniversary. Each MagicCon features a handful of events that are consistent at each location. Every MagicCon, for example, features a Command Zone and a Secret Lair Showdown event. Both of these events will be returning to MagicCon: Las Vegas as well.

Anyone looking to attend a MagicCon event will need to buy a badge. These badges present access to the festival, and different badges are available depending on what you are looking to do and purchase.

While there was some controversy surrounding some of the first MagicCons available, Wizards of the Coast has done a reasonable job responding to certain complaints. For example, there were some apparent issues with the Command Zone. Not only was space limited at Magic 30, but players at MagicCon: Philadelphia had to pay to get into the Command Zone.

Thankfully, this was changed for MagicCon: Minneapolis, where the Command Zone was made free to enter. Following this trend, MagicCon: Las Vegas’ Commander Zone will also be free for MTG players to enter, so long as they have a badge.

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Arcane Signet

As mentioned, badges are required to make full use of the MagicCon experience. Badges range from $20 to $828, depending on what you are looking to do. For anyone looking to attend MagicCon: Las Vegas for a single day, you can get a badge for $30. All badges come with a cool foil Arcane Signet promo card as an added bonus. If you plan to play the whole weekend, badges are available at $65.

From there, there are multiple options to upgrade your badge to include different Magic-related items along with your entry to MagicCon: Las Vegas. For example, Premium Badges come with additional Wilds of Eldraine booster packs. VIP badges come with even more goodies, ranging from unique playmats and sleeves to discounts at the Official Show Store.

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Once you have a badge, there are tons of events you can enter. The Command Zone is an area for players to get together to play Commander, a great way to meet new friends. The Secret Lair Showdown is an event with four qualifier events feeding into the Sunday Secret Lair Showdown Championship. Here, players can win exclusive Secret Lair cards as prizes that are only available at these events!

There will also be a Cosplay Contest for anyone who enjoys resembling their favorite characters. Additionally, MagicCon: Las Vegas is hosting the 2023 Magic World Championship, which should be a fun event for spectators to keep up with. More information about the specific schedule of events, including Pro Tour Qualifiers, will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Exclusive MagicCon Las Vegas Limited Event

Perhaps the biggest highlight of MagicCon: Las Vegas is the massive Limited open event featuring a $100,000 prize pool. First place will walk away with a whopping $20,000, and the top eight will all earn invites to the upcoming Pro Tour!

This is a multi-day event, so badges for Friday and Saturday are required. The top 8 will be played on Sunday, but anyone who happens to make the top 8 of this event will be given a Sunday badge if they did not already have one. The Limited Open is capped at 2,000 players, so make sure to not miss your opportunity to sign up (entry fee is $160).

Day One of this event will be eight rounds of Wilds of Eldraine Sealed. Anyone with 18 match points, or the equivalent of six round wins, will move on to day two. Day two will feature two drafts of three rounds each, for a total of 14 rounds between the two days. For those unfamiliar, cards opened in this event are yours to keep, which is a nice little bonus. In the end, anyone with a record of 12-2 or better or a top-8 finish will qualify for the Pro Tour.

Most importantly, prize money is paid out to the top 128 players. Players who finish between 65th and 128th place get $300, and the payout scales up from there. This is a great opportunity for any Magic player to play in a cool high-stakes event.

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Beyond Events

While these events highlight MagicCon: Las Vegas, there are plenty of additional things to look forward to. First, there will be a Creator Arena which will allow you to meet a handful of some of your favorite MTG content creators. You may even be able to play some Arena matches there against other attendees with fully unlocked accounts. This lets you build whatever deck your heart desires to play without having to worry about purchasing additional wildcards.

Next, there will be booths for artists. For anyone who wants to get their favorite cards signed, this is the place to do it. There will be plenty of special guests to come say hello to. Importantly, while attending MagicCon: Las Vegas may sound expensive, there are available reduced-rate hotel rooms and travel discounts. This event will even utilize the New Perspectives Grant Program, which is designed to give MTG players from historically underrepresented groups assistance to attend the event. MagicCon Las Vegas should provide a fun-filled weekend for Magic Players of all ages and backgrounds.

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