11, Sep, 23

Breakout Wilds of Eldraine Card Sees Surprising Spike, Approaching $40!

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After a week of waiting, a weekend full of tournament play with Wilds of Eldraine cards legal and available has finally occurred! This gives a much better picture of how Wilds of Eldraine could impact various competitive formats, and the impact is not small. Wilds of Eldraine has completely taken over Standard and is shaking up the metagame in Pioneer, Modern, Legacy and even Vintage!

Players are also beginning to search for cards to include in their new EDH decks, which has caused some rather odd spikes to niche cards. Let’s take a look!

Up the Beanstalk

Some players, including ourselves, had some inklings that Up the Beanstalk could become a competitive staple. The card has some crazy strong interactions with free spells like Fury, Solitude and Force of Will. Up the Beanstalk also replaces itself on entry which is very rare for this style of draw effect.

After a week of waiting, Up the Beanstalk seems to be the real deal. Popping up in Legacy and all over Modern Four-Color Elemental lists, Up the Beanstalk isn’t just raising win percentages to slower value builds, but its also going up in price!

Starting prerelease season at just 50 cents, Up the Beanstalk is up to about $2 for its nonfoil printing. Foils are going for $4+. That said, Up the Beanstalk did just win a 500+ player Modern Super Qualifier on Magic Online, so it could spike even further. Past that point, Up the Beanstalk has some obvious Commander interest.

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Questing Druid

Questing Druid is another card popping up in multiple formats. Winning a massive Standard tournament in a deck very similar to the Pia Nalaar, Consul of Revival deck in Pioneer, Questing Druid offers card advantage and a body that grows at an extremely quick pace. Questing Druid is currently seeing some Pioneer play too, but with such a ready home available, it’s only a matter of time before someone starts testing it out further.

Thanks in-part to the ban of Expressive Iteration in Legacy, Questing Druid is also seeing some experimentation there. A body that grants card advantage fits like a glove in Delver strategies, giving birth to the Temur Delver archetype.

Questing Druid’s showcase art is the one getting more sizeable spike right now, starting at around 43 cents and jumping to $2 since the beginning of the month.

Agatha’s Soul Cauldron

Agatha’s Soul Cauldron was a massive question mark coming into Wilds of Eldriane. The potential for this card to be played in Modern Yawgmoth decks was obvious, but would it actually see an impact?

After winning a Modern challenge over the weekend, the answer to that question appears to be yes. Agatha’s Soul Cauldron appears to be the better build for Yawgmoth combo at the moment. This means that anyone piloting this deck is going to want at least three of these.

To make matters even crazier, Hardened Scales, a deck making a big comeback in Modern, is also interested in the Cauldron. Players are still trying to figure out the proper build encompassing Agatha’s Soul Cauldron, but the potential has been identified. It’s only a matter of time now.

Thanks to Modern interest and some Commander interest because of how massive the infinite combo potential of the Cauldron is, Agatha’s Soul Cauldron has increased from $14.70 at the beginning of the month to $37, with sales pushing towards $40! This makes Agatha’s Soul Cauldron, when comparing cheapest variants of cards, the most expensive card in Wilds of Eldraine thanks to our next price movement.

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Beseech the Mirror

Despite spiking massively mid-week, Beseech the Mirror does seem to be coming down a bit now. That said, Beseech the Mirror did have a pretty successful weekend, winning the first Vintage Challenge the card was legal for, winning another massive Legacy tournament in the Helm of Obedience build we highlighted last week, and appearing in two decks that finished within the top 32 of the 500 player super qualifier. Beseech the Mirror is also making good on the hype in regard to it being a powerful combo enabler in the Legacy format.

While Beseech the Mirror spiked to $42 this past week, the card appears to be normalizing thanks to the official release of Wilds of Eldraine. You can currently find Beseech the Mirror for around $34 as a result, which technically puts it behind Agatha’s Soul Cauldron for the time-being. Whether things stay that way is another question.

Lucky Clover

This spike is a little strange, but very potent. Lucky Clover isn’t really seeing any competitive play, but is all over the place in Commander thanks to increased interest in Adventure-based synergies due to the release of Wilds of Eldraine.

The base version of this card hasn’t spiked much at all, but foil Lucky Clovers are incredibly expensive at the moment, spiking from 45 cents to $5 at the beginning of August. Lucky Clover’s foil variant has continued to spike since then, hitting $7.30 this week. Notably, there is only one foil printing of Lucky Clover at the moment.

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Spellstutter Sprite

Spellstutter Sprite is another expected price spike thanks to the massive Faerie theme within Wilds of Eldraine. This card once saw heavy Standard (when it was legal) and Modern play. Spellstutter Sprite still sees Pauper play and is increasing in Commander play thanks to Wilds of Eldraine, which is also why we’re seeing this price increase.

The particular copy of Spellstutter Sprite seeing a notable price increase is, once again, the Jumpstart 2022 anime art iteration of the card. Spellstutter Sprite has continually spiked from $3 in mid-August and currently has a market value on TCGplayer of $13.87. Sales for Spellstutter Sprite reach as high as $16.

The Landscape is Quickly Changing

Interestingly, just a few days after Beseech the Mirror doubled in price, another Wilds of Eldraine card suddenly surpassed its secondary market value. Players were expecting for Wilds of Eldraine cards to soften up following the official release thanks to the set’s cards becoming much more available on the market. While that does appear to be true for the most part, it’s not universal, showing just how surprising the impact of Agatha’s Soul Cauldron this weekend truly was.

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