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24, Aug, 22

Top 10 MTG Worst Planeswalker Cards

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Article at a Glance

Seemingly out of the blue, MTG’s worst Planeswalkers have once again become a popular topic. The usual discussion is when something perceived as incredibly powerful, like Ob Nixilis, the Adversary, gets spoiled, and the ‘Best Planeswalkers’ issue gets discussed. This time around, Dominaria United is giving us what many MTG players think is one of the worst Planeswalkers ever seen. This card will appear on our list, as it looks pretty awful. There are a few Planeswalkers that cannot see play legally. Those will not count towards this list. Here are some of the worst Planeswalker cards in all of MTG!

10. Jace, the Living Guildpact

Jace, the living guildpact

Our list starts with a card that can actually impact the game in some form. Jace, the Living Guildpact‘s mana value is also on the lower side of things on this list, so keep that in mind for future picks. Jace’s plus ability offers some card selection but does not provide card advantage. His minus ability can temporarily disarm an opponent’s threat but not outright remove it. Should you ultimate with Jace, you will likely gain an advantage, but it cannot end the game outright. Jace’s abilities do not have a massive impact on the game, but they do, at least, impact it. This is a high bar for our MTG worst Planeswalker list.

9. Chandra Nalaar

chandra nalaar
Chandra Nalaar is the victim of power creep incarnate. Most recent uncommons at five mana, like Behold the Unspeakable, do more than Chandra does. You can plus Chandra to slowly kill your opponent or use her minus to kill something scarier, but investing five mana into such underwhelming abilities simply is not worth it. The only saving grace with Chandra Nalaar is that her ultimate can swing a game in your favor and that she enters with a ton of Loyalty counters. These redeeming qualities do put her ahead of some of her compatriots.

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8. Nahiri, Storm of Stone

nahiri, storm of stone

This Planeswalker is significantly more substantial than many other cards on this list. Nahiri can give all of your creatures First Strike by existing during your turn and can help reduce equipment costs by one, which is negligible. She can remove a few things before going down, but Nahiri cannot grow her loyalty in any way and is only capable of affecting tapped creatures.

7. Sarkhan, Dragonsoul

sarkhan dragonsoul

Here begins a cycle of six mana Planeswalkers that accomplish nothing. This is due to the overwhelming number of structure decks that have printed bad Planeswalkers over time to attempt to introduce new players to the game. Sarkhan, Dragonsoul has an ultimate that actually threatens to end the game in Dragon decks. Besides having dragons in the deck, this ultimate requires no in-game setup either, making this card better than some competitors. Sarkhan’s plus ability is terrible at six mana, and his minus ability can be used in perilous situations to remove a medium threat. Sarkhan’s ultimate ability is good enough that he has a price tag despite being incredibly weak outside of a dragon deck (and only any good should he ultimate in a dragon deck)

6. Karn, Living Legacy

The whole reason why this topic is seeing a lot of debate is because of a new introduction that competes for a higher spot. Karn doesn’t do enough to warrant a four-mana investment. Sure, you can create mana rocks with him, but they can’t be used to cast non-artifact spells and enter tapped. Karn’s minus requires a mana investment to be any good, which somewhat ruins the point of having a Planeswalker. The mana investment won’t even directly impact the board state, simply letting you dig deeper into your deck for a card. Karn’s minus ability does nothing if you decide not to pay mana. Even Karn’s Ultimate cannot impact the game heavily on its own and needs setup from the player to be worth its time. These things allow Karn to contend for the best of the worst.

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5. Mu Yanling

mu yanling

The original Mu Yanling isn’t capable of doing much on her own. Sharing the cursed six mana cost that elevates this card to near unplayable, Mu Yanling’s plus ability is akin to doing nothing. The minus ability on Mu Yanling is actually useable, and her ultimate can win the game with less setup than some other cards on this list. If you want to draw some cards, however, there is very little chance that Mu Yanling will reach her ultimate before the game ends.

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4. Mu Yanling, Celestial Wind

mu yanling, celestial wind

Here’s another six-mana Planeswalker that does a lot of nothing. Unlike some lower cards on this list, Mu Yanling can impact the board state independently. That being said, all of her abilities only have temporary effects that slow your opponent down. Her ultimate can be used to end a game, but you need sufficient setup outside of Mu Yanling to make it do anything. The buff she provides is also temporary, so if you can’t win that turn, all of your advantages are gone.

3. Nissa, Nature’s Artisan

nissa, nature's artisan

Next in the six mana do nothing Planeswalker list is Nissa, Nature’s Artisan. The only redeeming quality of Nissa is that her plus ability grants a lot of Loyalty. Gaining three life at a six mana investment is disappointing, and her minus ability is also pretty underwhelming. Like many other ultimate abilities amongst the worst Planeswalkers, Nissa’s needs setup outside of herself and only grants a temporary boon.

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2. Huatli, Dinosaur Knight

huatli, dinosaur knight

Here’s a Planeswalker that would be ok if it cost half its mana value. Outside of a Dinosaur deck, Huatli doesn’t do anything. Even in a Dinosaur deck, you’re better off playing something else for six. Huatli can perpetually grow a Dinosaur and use it as a removal piece, but Huatli is not capable of doing anything on her own. Even Huatli’s ultimate provides a mediocre buff to her Dinosaur creatures that are only temporary. Even in the deck of her choice, Huatli’s underwhelming abilities make her one of the worst Planeswalker cards in the game.

1. Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded

tibalt, fiend-blooded

While many MTG players may not be able to agree on what the best Planeswalker is, there is an overwhelming consensus that this one is indeed the worst Planeswalker. Tibalt’s mana value is incredible for a Planeswalker. The issue is that his abilities are actively harmful to their owner. To give Tibalt any loyalty at all, you must throw strategy to the clouds and hope to keep the cards you want. The minus ability is only worth its hefty cost if you are incredibly behind your opponent. The ultimate on Tibalt is quite powerful, but getting there is not worth the rest of the card. Chances are Tibalt will die to the creatures that he wants to control long before he can control them.

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