26, Jun, 22

The Best Printing in MTG's Double Masters 2022 is a Common

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Article at a Glance

Double Masters 2022 has Portal Three Kingdoms reprints, a slew of expensive Commander cards, and beautiful Textured full-art treatments from some of MTG’s most memorable artists. Even though the set’s financial value looks questionable, one format has come out on top with flying colors. No matter what your opinion is on MTG’s newest set, this is incredible for Pauper players.

Return of a Mono-Red Menace

monastery swiftspear
Monastery Swiftspear has been terrorizing Pioneer and Modern players for a long time. Now the one mana Haste and Prowess creature make its way into Pauper. The card will fit beautifully in any Izzet Ninja of the Deep Hours Tempo shells out there and may create new archetypes alone. Mono Red does exist in Pauper, and I’m sure Monastery Swiftspear will find a place somewhere within it. Honestly, this feels like best card printing in the whole set.

Izzet Gets a Boost

izzet charm

Izzet Charm also gets its first Common reprint in Double Masters 2022. This card is incredibly versatile. When combined with the already legal Faithless Looting, this card could see interest in Delve strategies. In a pinch, Izzet Charm can be used as removal or a counterspell, making it one of the most exciting Pauper reprints in the set.

The Double Downgrade

dark-dweller oracle

Downshifted from a Rare, Dark-Dweller Oracle is a great value engine with the power level Pauper offers. This card can potentially synergize with some of Pauper’s current top-tier strategies but doesn’t seem like an easy fit into any of them. I’m sure there will be some experimentation with this card, but unless there’s a significant change in the metagame, it may not do much.

As there are a lot of other thrilling new Commons that Double Masters 2022 has to offer, I wouldn’t be surprised if the most impactful Common isn’t on this list. Honestly, it seems like Pauper is the only format coming out of this set entirely ahead. There’s a lot of marketplace drama for everyone else, but Pauper doesn’t care about that too much. All they get is some new sweet toys to play with that are relatively inexpensive.

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