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The Best Thing About MTG's Double Masters 2022 Isn't the Reprints

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Double Masters 2022 preview season is in full swing, and boy what a set it is. It’s chalked full of highly sought after reprints for a bunch of formats, especially Commander. There’s some high quality cards here, but that’s not the best thing about this set.

Top Tier Reprints

The reprints are pretty top notch. Most eternal formats get some great reprints. For Modern, we’re getting Aether Vial, Force of Negation, and Wrenn and Six to name a few.

For Legacy, Allosaurus Shephard and Green Sun’s Zenith among other cards are showing up.

Commander seems to get the most love, with most of the preconstructed commanders getting reprints, as well as a bunch of iconic and expensive staples.

But while these cards are all fine and good, it’s not the best part of this set by far.

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The Artist

The Best part about Double Masters 2022 is the art, but specifically the borderless art.

Wizards brought in some insanely talented artists to bring these iconic cards to life in a new way! For example, Richard Kane Fergusson’s version of Dragonlord Dromoka may just be one of my favorite pieces in all of Magic.

The unfortunate thing about this set though is that there is only 1 way to get these beautiful art pieces, and that’s through Collector Boosters. Collector Boosters normally come with 12 or so packs in them, but this time around, there’s only 4 in the box. And what’s worse is that there’s a normal amount of cards in each pack, 15 in total. While you do get 6 borderless cards per pack, with half being foil in some way, it stinks that there’s very limited access to some of these cards.

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What’s your favorite borderless art from the set so far? Let us know!

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