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Test Your Big Brain MTG Knowledge With These Simple but Fun Games

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Article at a Glance

Over the past year or so, our social media timelines have been bombarded by a certain type of post. They come from people who we wouldn’t have expected them to come from. It’s the ever invasive Wordle post. Wordle has become a massive trend and it’s popularity has spawned a TON of different variants. Today we’ve got a couple of MTG Wordle style games for you to try, and they’ll test your big brain of Magic knowledge.

Commander Codex

The first game we have is called Commander Codex, which is from Archidekt. In this game, you have 6 tries to gets the Commander of the day.


The criteria that will guide your guesses are the Color Identity, Mana Value, Initial Printing, Power and Toughness, and Subtypes of the card. As you guess, you’ll get indicators if your guess was correct, had partial correctness or none at all. For some of these they’ll even tell you if you’re above or below a specific number value.

For example, I guessed Ruric Thar, the Unbowed for my first commander.


Here was the result. The Color ID box was yellow, which meant that I was partially right, in that the card has green or red in it. The mana value and power and toughness were too high, so there are arrows pointing down. The initial printing shows an up arrow, meaning that the card was a newer printing than Dragon’s Maze, and the Subtypes box is gray, which was incorrect.

Now you can “cheat” a little bit, as they give you a “view cards” button so you can see the pool of commanders that the game is pulling from. Think of it as a last ditch assist. I won’t spoil what the answer to this one was, but head over there and check it out.

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The other game that we have is called EnchantWorldle. This one is a bit more expansive as it can include ANY card in the Magic library of cards.


Here you have 20 total guesses, as indicated by the spindown dice. You’ll have a few different criteria here, in Mana Value, Colors, Rarity, Type, Subtypes and Set. You also have a sliding set symbol list at the top that will mark off certain sets as you guess. This can help determine which direction you need to go in.

If you guess and a green background shows up, you’re set. If a yellow bar pops up then you’ll know that you have a partially correct answer. For example, I guessed Righteous Authority for my first guess.


As we can see, the Mana Value has a down arrow, meaning that it’s cheaper than 5, but since it has a yellow background, I’m +/- 2 from the real value. The color section has a yellow bar indicator, meaning that the card has either Blue or White in it. Rarity has a down arrow so it’s either a common or uncommon. The Typing is an Enchantment since it’s green, but it’s not an Aura, as that’s entirely grayed out. And the Set symbol is grayed out and has a down arrow, meaning it was printed earlier than Return to Ravnica.

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These games are great if you subscribe to the word game hype, and even if you don’t, it’s a nice way to jumpstart the brain in the morning to try and recall a near endless catalog of cards.

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