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Bacon in the Command Zone - A Strange D&D Commander

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Article at a Glance

Raggadragga, Goreguts Boss, is a pig-person hybrid from Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate and there’s never been a commander quite like him. He grants a tremendous amount of stats to your creatures, which can even lead to infinite combos.

Raggadragga, Goreguts Boss

Players are already calling Raggadragga the “Mana Dork Lord”. This combines two slang terms in MTG, which I’ll define here in case you aren’t familiar with them.

In Magic: the Gathering, the term, “mana dork”, refers to a creature with typically weak stats and has an activated ability to add mana to your mana pool. One example is Elvish Mystic. These are considered mana abilities and will form the base any Raggadragga Commander deck.

Lord effects, named after Lord of Atlantis, provide stat buffs to a class of creatures. Most of these effects apply to creature types like zombies or Merfolk. But in Raggadragga’s case, he gives +2/+2 to creatures with mana abilities, such as mana dorks.

But Raggadragga does more than pump up your mana dorks. The Goreguts Boss also more or less gives your mana dorks vigilance. When they attack, Raggadragga untaps them, allowing you to still use their mana abilities in your second main phase.

Lastly, Raggadragga rewards you with even more stats if you cast big spells. This final ability can push through a ton of damage, but it also has infinite combo potential.

Best Mana Dorks for Raggadragga

There are many different types of mana dorks in the game. Some make a little bit of mana; some make a lot; some can form infinite combos. Raggadragga will want to play them all.


These are some of the most played cards in any green Commander deck as they allow for early explosive plays. But cheap mana dorks only get better with Raggadragga. You can ramp into your commander quickly, then start beating down your opponents with Raggadragga’s stat buffs.

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Better Mana Dorks

The majority of mana dorks are Elves. It’s kind of their thing. As this deck coincidentally plays a high count of Elves, Priest of Titania will make a ton of mana.

Devoted Druid is good mana dork on its own. But it is moreson known for its infinite combos with Vizier of Remedies and more recently with Luxior, Giada’s Gift.

This deck plays tons of little creatures, so it will naturally develop a rather wide board state. In those situations, Circle of Dreams Druid makes Gaea’s Cradle-amounts of mana.

Gyre Sage will steadily gain +1/+1 counters in this deck as you cast bigger creatures. The bigger it gets, the more mana it makes.

Elvish Archdruid is the slightly bigger version of Priest of Titania with the added benefit of buffing your Elves with extra stats.

By itself, Sanctum Weaver makes one mana. But almost all Commander decks play an arsenal of enchantments. As you deploy enchantments, Sanctum Weaver will net you even more mana.

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Freyalise, Maker of Mana Dorks

Freyalise, Llanowar’s Fury | Wizards of the Coast

This is the mana-dork-planeswalker. Freyalise’ first ability makes an endless stream of Elvish Mystic tokens. And she has a reasonably achievable ultimate ability that will draw you a ton of cards.

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Mana Dork Infinite Combos

All of these creatures have one thing in common: they add mana equal to their power. Raggadragga raises their stats, thus increasing their mana production. But each of these mana dorks can actually produce infinite mana using Ragga’s last ability and the following two cards:

Here’s how the combo works assuming you have Raggadragga and Marwyn in play, with Fanning the Flames in your hand.

  1. Cast Fanning the Flame where X is at least 2 and pay its buyback cost. Deal X damage to an opponent and return Fanning the Flames to your hand.
  2. Raggadragga triggers when you spend seven mana on a spell. Untap Marwyn and giver her +7/+7.
  3. Tap Marwyn for mana equal to her power.
  4. Repeat Steps 1-3. This combo results in an infinite damage, infinite mana, and an infinitely big Marwyn, the Nurturer.

You can substitute Fanning the Flames with Wurmcalling for a similar combo. But instead of dealing infinite damage, you’ll make infinite worm creature tokens with infinite power.

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Beware of These Cards

It may seem obvious to include a card like Cryptolith Rite in your Raggadragga deck since it gives all of your creatures mana abilities.

You could technically build around multiple of these abilities, like Citanul Hierophants and Ashaya, to consistently create have an army of mana dorks.

But these cards are somewhat of a trap to play. Because Raggadragga plays a high density of creatures that already have mana abilities, Cryptolith Rite and its related cards are actually redundant.

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Raggadragga Loves Animating Lands

If you can turn your lands into creatures, (A.K.A. “animate” your lands, as it’s referred to in MTG), they count as creatures with mana abilities and will receive Raggadragga’s buffs.

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