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24, Mar, 21

Strixhaven: School of Mages Reveals Character Descriptions For 5 Students

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Before the official preview season for Strixhaven: School of Mages begins tomorrow, Wizards of the Coast has shared some interesting details about the art and lore of the upcoming Magic: The Gathering set. Earlier this week, we got our first look at the two new Planeswalker cards from Strixhaven as well as some card details and sneak peek at the new legendary professors from the Commander 2021 Decks.

Today, various media outlets have exclusively shared character details of five students, each representing one of the five colleges of the Strixhaven university that are all associated with an enemy color pair: Witherbloom (black/green), Prismari (blue/red), Silverquill (black/white), Quandrix (blue/green), and Lorehold (red/white). We’ve previously seen these students in the Strixhaven key artworks revealed last month, but this is the first time we get to know their background. Expect to see these characters featured in the Strixhaven short stories that will be published on the official MTG website.

Here are the 5 students of Strixhaven: School of Mages

Dina – Witherbloom Student

Wizards of the Coast

According to the release first shared by, Dina “is a Witherbloom mage-student, a female dryad with a wicked sense of humor that more than often edges on the darker side. She doesn’t worry or watch what she says and speaks the thoughts in her mind as they come, never giving a moment to consider whether she might be out of place with her words. Even though she is quick-witted and confident, she is attentive, making her an excellent tutor to other students. However, her teaching methods can sometimes be a little out there, like her.”

Rootha Squallheart – Prismari Student

Wizards of the Coast

Here’s the character description for Rootha Squallheart from Wizards of the Coast via Forbes:

“Rootha Squallheart is a female orc and mage student of Prismari. She is a unique and distinct individual with long vibrant coloured hair and skin tinted with red and blue hues. Her clothes are expressive and dramatic, often consisting of scarlet fire and aqua-blue water elements. The clothes mix as though she were a painted ocean of lava. Rootha is unsurprisingly artistic, but can sometimes be hot-tempered, matching the flames she wears

Rootha has trouble completing her work and handing it in on time for critique, most of her professors have little choice but to chase her down on campus to warrant a glimpse. She claims that her work is never ready – forever conscious that it isn’t quite right. In true self-critic style, Rootha commonly becomes infatuated with a great visionary idea which she spends weeks working on…only to decide she hates it causing her to destroy her creation in mere moments.

With her mother, Samara Squallheart, being a famous, talented caster, Rootha is under pressure to live up to the achievements of the rest of her family line – Rootha being the fifth generation of Prismari student in her family. She carries a heavy weight on her artistic shoulders and the constant link and expectations caused by her family can be frustrating, sometimes anger inducing. She wishes to break free from her family association and follow her own style. Her mother could wave intricate sculptures made from ice and water, but Rootha has wild magic; she is able to flash freeze water in one magnificent burst. She is learning to embrace her wild magic to push herself beyond her limits to seek recognition and fame for her own creations rather than those of her ancestors.”

Killian Lu – Silverquill Student

Wizards of the Coast

Dicebreaker first shared the character details of Killian Lu:

Killian trains in secret to address his shortcomings and only ever displays a detached professionalism for his fellow students and teachers. Whether due to his father’s constant vigil or his own desire to master both the light and dark elements of Silverquill’s trademark magic, Killian vows to only ever make a mistake once. If only he didn’t find the light so difficult to embrace.

Zimone Wola – Quandrix Student


Here’s what Mashable shared about Zimone Wola:

“Zimone Wola is a female mage-student of Quandrix College, she is a brilliant and bright prodigy who entered Strixhaven at a younger age than most. Due to her high level of intellect, she flew through her studies in school, passing endless tests of magical study that were way beyond her years. She has recently chosen her college, now becoming a second year Quandrix mage-student much to the delight of her professors, who are keen for the talented whizz to attend their classes. While part of Quandrix, she remains friends with two girls she met in first year; one who has chosen Prismari and the other who will be attending Silverquill. 

Zimone wears patterned uniforms like the rest of Quandrix; it is layered and complex, reflecting what she loves. Her goal is to crack the Vorzani Conjecture; a famous and unsolved magical theorem that students and professors at Quandrix have been trying to figure out for decades. Zimone can often be found inside the great Biblioplex – finding books to help solve the theorem. 

Her mind is her most powerful weapon which enables her intellectual expansion. Her physical magic is shown as fractals and mathematical interpretations of natures. Intellect runs in her family – her grandmother was once a Quandrix professor but due to unclear circumstances, she has not been seen at Strixhaven University for many years. Even though Zimone is smart, sometimes she can feel uncertain. She struggles to deal with unknown mysteries, particularly ones relating to her own family. Her time at Strixhaven will help her figure out who she is, but it will be the challenges she faces that will allow her to decide who she wants to be.”

Quintorius Kand – Lorehold Student

Wizards of the Coast

Here’s the character description of Quintorius Kald from PC Gamer:

“He views the accuracy of historical accounts as extremely important—the truth is also a priority to him as it enables the preservation of facts rather than myths. He is at Strixhaven University on a scholarship but supplements his remaining tuition fees through working on a dig site with a team of researchers. Quint wishes to learn about the history and past of the loxodon race through uncovering great unknowns. He studies hard with the aim to make a name for himself and his family. While being a committed student, he suffers from wanderlust, always feeling the need and desire to travel and explore. He wants to find out who he really is and believes he can do so through his expeditions of significant historical places.”

Strixhaven is set to release for tabletop on April 23, and it will be released on Magic: The Gathering Arena and Magic Online on April 15. Check out the important dates here

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