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30, Aug, 23

New $240 MTG Secret Lair Offers Insane Value!

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Article at a Glance

Since first launching in 2019, Secret Lair releases have been a much-celebrated addition to the MTG product calendar. Offering awesome art treatments, as well as reprints aplenty, each Secret Lair Drop got MTG players excited. Recently, however, this once fervent excitement has waned somewhat thanks to a series of dud drops. 

As part of the previous Summer Superdrop 2023, Wizards of the Coast released one of the worst Secret Lairs of all time. Boasting a dismal reprint value of less than one dollar, the More Adventures in Middle-earth bundle rubbed many players the wrong way. So much so, in fact, that there was a lot of resentment about the lack of value in recent drops. 

Thankfully, while the recent downturn in value displeased many players, there was hope on the horizon. This was inspired by a chat with Secret Lair’s Business Manager, Emily Floyd, who revealed there are big things in the works. Unfortunately, while promising, we’ve not seen any of these big things just yet, outside of a new funky fresh Beadle & Grimm’s release.

While we may still be waiting for new unpredictable and bigger Drops, MTG players do have a new Secret Lair to be excited about. After a brief teasing leak, the Fall Superdrop 2023 has been revealed! Featuring retro-inspired delights aplenty, this Secret Lair drop is a wonderful return to form. So much so, in fact, that even a $240 bundle is worth the money!

Offering almost twice the value, it’s safe to say this expensive bundle is worth the money. The question remains, however, whether or not the individual bundles in the Fall Superdrop 2023 are worth it. Thankfully, if you’re wondering this very question, we’ve got you covered. 

So, after a few quick caveats, let’s embark on a deep dive into the Secret Lair Fall Superdrop 2023 to see if it’s worth your hard-earned MTG card-buying cash!

First Things First

As we mentioned a mere moment ago, we do have a few things to go over before diving right into the breakdown. The first of these is that for Secret Lair releases, art matters. For particular beloved, popular, and iconic MTG cards, unique art can be a major selling point. As a result of this, even though they’re printed to demand, some Secret Lair cards can hold a massive premium over regular variants.

Unfortunately for financial fanatics, it can be rather hard to predict exactly how the art will affect the price of cards. After all, art is subjective at the end of the day, so there’s no telling what will be desirable and what won’t. Frustratingly, the same is true of foil treatments. Since they’re only slightly more expensive than non-foil variants, the price of foil Secret Lair MTG cards can be rather unorthodox. 

As if foils weren’t already confusing enough, there are also times when Secret Lair provides the first foil printing of an MTG card. In these situations, it’s impossible to predict the price this variant will sell for. When this happens we’ll be marking the card’s prospective price with a “N/A” alongside the non-foil price.

Last but not least, for the prices in this article, we’ll be looking at the cheapest possible version of each card. To determine this, we’ll be using TCGplayer’s Market Price. While Secret Lair cards will often end up more expensive than these cheapest variants, it nonetheless shows the raw reprint value. 

Now, with those caveats finally out of the way, it’s time to dive into the list properly! So, here’s the complete breakdown of the Secret Lair Fall Superdrop 2023!

Absolute Annihilation 

Absolute Annihilation Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 (Foil Price $39.99)

To kick things off, we have one of the most shouty Secret Lair drops of all time. Written in block capitals, the Absolute Annihilation drop features a smorgasbord of striking, stylized, demonic imagery. Given the aesthetic, you might be entirely unsurprised to learn that this SLD is comprised of entirely aggressive Rakdos cards.

In terms of value, the drop is propped up by Oppression and Mass Hysteria. Priced at roughly $7 and $11 a piece, these two cards are an amazing start to the drop. Unfortunately, after these two cards, prices drop significantly. Abrade and Terminate are both worth less than one dollar each. 

In total, the Absolute Annihilation Secret Lair Drop only has a reprint value of around $21. This is obviously a good deal less than the $30 price. While this is already bad, it may only get worse, as the price of Oppression is likely about to plummet. This is thanks to a new reprint of the card in the Enchanting Tales Bonus Sheet

While the non-foil value of Absolute Annihilation may not be exciting, thankfully, foil prices are much better. Here, Mass Hysteria once again leads the charge with an almost $40 foil price! Following this, Oppression adds another $20 to the value, however, this price, once again, may not last. Ultimately, it seems that the foil bundle of Absolute Annihilation is definitely the one to go for!

Card NameNon-Foil PriceFoil Price
Mass Hysteria$10.97$39.22

Now on VHS

Now on VHS Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 (Foil Price $39.99)

As the name suggests, this Secret Lair Drop turns MTG cards into 80s-inspired VHS Tape box covers. Even despite my limited nostalgia for this time period, the cards nevertheless look absolutely fantastic. Playing into B-movie horror and sci-fi monster flicks, it’s hard to overstate the visual appeal. The value of this Secret Lair Drop is pretty good too, which is always a nice bonus!

Like the SLD before it, the value of Now on VHS is propped up by just a pair of cards. The first of these is Food Chain, which costs around $17 on its own. As if one scarcely reprinted Commander favorite wasn’t enough, there’s also The First Sliver. Clocking in at an outstanding $51, this card more than pays for the drop itself! 

Unfortunately, while two cards are worth tons, the same can’t be said for Rewind and Rampant Growth. Costing less than $0.50 a piece, these cards’ value will be entirely reliant on the art. 

Thankfully, once again, foil prices for this drop are significantly better. Admittedly, not so much for Rewind and Rampant Growth, but that’s hardly the end of the world. As you might expect, The First Sliver is once again leading the charge with its $76 foil variant. Alongside this, foil copies of Food Chain are also worth a little extra, typically selling for around $20.

Card NameNon-Foil PriceFoil Price
Food Chain$17.80$20.64
Rampant Growth$0.25$1.11
The First Sliver$51.14$76.60

Magic: The Baseballing

Magic: The Baseballing Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 (Foil Price $39.99)

In a crossover we’re surprised Wizards didn’t think of earlier, MTG finally has baseball cards! Well… MTG cards that look like baseball cards, at least, and that’s close enough! With profile-focused art on the front and stats on the back, these cards look absolutely fanatic. It’s no wonder they caused a stir when they were first leaked ahead of schedule by Ultra Pro. 

Despite having arguably one of the best aesthetics from this entire Superdrop, the value isn’t so stellar. The most valuable card in the entire drop, for example, is only worth around $5.50. Thankfully, there are a few cards around this price point, as Liliana Vess and Garruk Wildspeaker are both worth a few dollars. Unfortunately, however, this doesn’t quite justify the $30 price of admission.

Once again, the foil prices for this drop are unsurprisingly better than the normal variants. Sadly for value fanatics, however, they still don’t meet the $40 asking price. Outside of Ajani Goldmane being expensive at $12 again, the drop’s cards aren’t much to write home about. Liliana Vess, for instance, only gets a bump up to $7. Garruk, on the other hand, actually falls in value, only being worth $2.50!

Ultimately, while Magic: The Baseballing may be one of the duds of this Superdrop, it’s not all bad news. After all, as we mentioned earlier, art can be a major selling point for Secret Lair releases. Since the art on these cards is absolutely amazing, these variants may well be more expensive than usual. Whether or not this will actually happen, however, remains to be seen. 

Card NameNon-Foil PriceFoil Price
Ajani Goldmane$5.51$12.83
Jace Beleren$0.49$4.02
Liliana Vess$4.91$7.39
Chandra Nalaar$0.62$1.56
Garruk Wildspeaker$3.92$2.43

Keep Partying Hard, Shred Harder Than You Previously Thought Possible

Keep Partying Hard, Shred Harder Than You Previously Thought Possible Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 (Foil Price $39.99)

At ten words long, this Secret Lair Drop is definitely in contention for the title of longest-named SLD ever released. While this is certainly quite some feat, unfortunately, the value of the drop does leave much to be desired. Before we go on about that, however, it’s worth admiring the gorgeous metal music-inspired artwork! Considering MTG has a long history of cards that sound like band names, this theme is definitely a fan favorite.

To return to talking about value once again, Keep Partying Hard, Shred Harder Than You Previously Thought Possible sadly isn’t amazing. The most valuable card, for instance, is only Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools at under four dollars. Since this is the most expensive card, this SLD definitely doesn’t pay for itself. That being said, however, there is a catch. 

Somewhat remarkably, this drop contains the first non-foil reprint of an MTG card: Vial Smasher the Fierce. Released in Commander 2016, this card has only been available as a foil before. As a result of this, there’s technically no telling how much a non-foil variant might cost. Could it be cheaper? Probably! Could it be more expensive? Also maybe! It’ll definitely be one of these two.

In terms of foil value, Keep Partying Hard, Shred Harder Than You Previously Thought Possible once again disappoints. Falling short of the $40 price tag, the reprints are only worth around $22 in total. This is largely thanks to Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools and Vial Smasher the Fierce which are both worth around $8. 

Card NameNon-Foil PriceFoil Price
Tevesh Szat, Doom of Fools$4.07$8.11
Godo, Bandit Warlord$0.61$0.69
Jeska, Thrice Reborn$3.11$6.08
Vial Smasher the FierceN/A ($7.56)$7.56

Featuring: Gary Baseman

Featuring: Gary Baseman Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 (Foil Price $39.99)

Unfortunately for finance fans in MTG, this Secret Lair drop is incredibly difficult to price. As you can see above, this is thanks to it being comprised entirely of full-art basic lands. Previously, this would have been an absolutely awesome treat, especially since the artwork by Gary Baseman is utterly delightful. Now, however, pricing these cards has become a whole lot more difficult.

Alongside almost every modern MTG set, Wizards will release a new cycle of full-art basic lands. This has sapped a lot of enthusiasm out of players who once delighted in these rare treats. Sometimes, cards with gorgeous art can break through this barrier and become beloved, however, that hardly happens every time. 

If any new set of cards is going to do it, however, a Secret Lair drop definitely has a good chance. This is especially true of Featuring: Gary Baseman since the five lands are relentlessly charming! Ultimately, however, we can only work off past precedent. Sometimes these lands will cost $22+, however, they can equally only be worth $0.30. 

As a note, since they’re difficult to predict, the prices below are based on the cheapest full-art Secret Lair lands available right now. There’s an incredibly high likelihood that this will not be reflective of the actual price, so consider this just a baseline minimum. 

Card NameNon-Foil PriceFoil Price

Buggin’ Out

Buggin' Out Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 (Foil Price $39.99)

Continuing the long tradition of Secret Lair Drops having descriptive names, Buggin’ Out is all about bugs. To go along with this reprint theme, Buggin’ Out also has rather fitting artwork. Not only is it filled with creepy crawlies, but it makes my skin crawl too! Sure, that might not be my cup of tea, but points for flavor I guess! 

As much as the art may be rather divisive, there’s no arguing with the cold hard truths of numbers. Sadly, when looking at those numbers, Buggin’ Out doesn’t initially appear that great. Led by a $8 reprint of Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest, this drop is hardly the most valuable. Thankfully, the reprints of Grist, the Hunger Tide and Noxious Revival are decent at $5 and $4 respectively. Unfortunately, however, their value still doesn’t justify the $30 cost. 

While the non-foil value may be lower than ideally liked by players, there is a saving grace; foil prices. Completely blowing the non-foil value out of the water, foil copies of Buggin’ Out cards are worth $121! This is largely thanks to Noxious Revival which has never had a foil reprint before. Only previously seen in New Phyrexia, this foil copy currently sells for $73 all on its own. While the SLD version may not reach this peak, it’s clear there’s demand for fancy foil copies of this iconic card!

Card NameNon-Foil PriceFoil Price
Eldritch Evolution$4.13$23.36
Giant Adephage$0.43$6.56
Noxious Revival$3.51$73.63
Grist, the Hunger Tide$5.18$6.56
Mazirek, Kraul Death Priest$8.30$11.45

Artist Series: Kev Walker

Artist Series: Kev Walker Secret Lair

Non-Foil Price: $29.99 (Foil Price $39.99)

Lauded as the most prolific MTG artist of all time, it’s a wonder this Secret Lair has taken so long. First contributing to Magic in 1996’s Mirage, Kev Walker has helped MTG become what it is today. Now, at long last, Walker is finally able to show off the cards they really enjoy. Choosing the cards, creating the art, and the flavor text, these cards truly celebrate Walker’s iconic style. 

Beyond just looking good, Artist Series: Kev Walker also offers the first-ever reprint of Carnage Tyrant. While this is quite the selling point, unfortunately, this card isn’t the most valuable thing in existence. Selling for around $6.50, Carnage Tyrant is good, but it hardly breaks the bank. 

Priced at a little under $6.50, It That Betrays is in competition, but it’s not quite the most expensive card in this drop as it took a financial hit after getting reprinted in Commander Masters. Since both these cards aren’t the most expensive, however, it does leave the drop’s value rather lacking. Mercifully, however, foil prices are once again here to save the day! 

Stealing the show once again, It That Betrays has the honor of being the most expensive card in the entire Superdrop. This is entirely down to its foil price, which currently clocks in at nearly $90! Having never had a foil reprint before, it’s likely this price may drop once the Secret Lair variant releases. Until then, however, this card more than justifies the Artist Series Drop’s price.

Card NameNon-Foil PriceFoil Price
Faeburrow Elder$3.26$3.59
Carnage Tyrant$6.48$10.83
Fleshbag Marauder$0.09$0.16
It That Betrays$6.31$89.24

This One Goes Out To My Everything Bundle

Last and certainly no means least, we have the big ol’ bundles available in the Fall Superdrop 2023. As you may have gathered from the prices thus far, one of the five bundles is a whole lot better than the others. This is, of course, the This One Is Dedicated To My Foils Bundle. Offering one copy of every foil card in the Superdrop, this bundle has an insane amount of value. So much so, in fact, the cards inside are almost worth double the asking price! 

While this is an incredibly exciting value prospect, ultimately, it’s definitely worth remembering that Secret Lair foils aren’t always worth the expected cost. This is thanks to them being so much more attainable, especially compared to unreprinted foil cards. As a result of this, you may find foil copies of It That Betrays to be worth much less than expected. 

Ultimately, before we get into the final breakdown, it’s worth restating that Secret Lair drops are about art, not value. Of course, the value is a nice added bonus, but that shouldn’t be the only reason you buy them. After all, even if a Secret Lair Drop looks like a sure thing, the post-launch prices may differ dramatically from expectations. 

Bundle NamePriceValue
Bugs, Bands & Blockbusters Bundle $79.99$106.24
Bugs, Bands & Blockbusters Bundle Foil Edition $105.99$242.84
This One Is For My Non-Foils Bundle $179.99$173.94
This One Is Dedicated To My Foils Bundle $239.99$457.80
This One Goes Out To My Everything Bundle $419.99$631.74

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